Slay with Scandinavia – with Nabeela

Slay with Scandinavia

Slay with Scandinavia with Nabeela is a unique proposition initiated by Zerokaata in association with Nabeela, a Scandinavian travel and fashion Influencer on Social Media.

It showcases Nabeela exploring the streets of Scandinavian countries, especially Norway in stylishly curated looks comprising of outfits teamed with stunning jewellery offered by Zerokaata.

Nabeela is exploring the cultural, compact and amusing city of Oslo, capital of Norway, donning chic, light and statement pieces from the Zerokaata jewellery collection.

The Nordic culture followed in Scandinavia is all about leading a minimalistic lifestyle which is evident through the home décor, furniture and also their fashion trends.

Scandinavians believe in modesty, purity and calm. Scandinavian minimalism is all about buying little, buying quality and each item having an impact. Nordic homes are never cluttered.

It comes from the concept of letting the objects do the talking by placing them in clean surfaces with adequate space. They also stress the importance of light to enter the house and thus have huge windows and bright palettes to enable it.

Not only do they follow minimalism in their homes but other aspects of life as well, like food consumption and fashion. When it comes to Nordic minimalism in fashion and jewellery it is all about pastel colours, greys, clean and sleek designs.

“Buy less and Buy Better”

The Aim of Slay with Scandinavia- with Nabeela

Slay with Scandinavia- with Nabeela by ZeroKaata is about supporting every woman who wishes to travel across the world comfortably without compromising on style. Thus, Zerokaata is launching a range of designer and stackable jewellery that is styled by our creative director Nabeela.

Zerokaata along with influencer Social media is offering a variety of minimalistic yet fashionable pieces that will give a subtle touch of charm to your look instead of going overboard with jazzy jewellery.

We aim to incorporate the Scandinavian minimalistic style in jewellery for young Indian women who are now shifting from the practice of wearing flashy and excessive jewellery to simple and elegant pieces.

Our range of jewellery caters to the new fashion trend of minimalistic and dainty adornments.

We also believe this trend should be accessible to all and therefore, we have kept an affordable price range for all of our jewellery styles.

“Less is More”

Who is Nabeela?

Slay with Scandinavia

As mentioned before, Nabeela is an enthusiastic travel and fashion Influencer on Social Media who has travelled more than 60 countries and loves exploring new destinations while witnessing the essence, culture and people of these places. You will often see her publishing fresh, authentic, travel photographs on her social media.

Being a solo female traveller, she is an example of empowerment and role model to women travel enthusiast around the world. Her style and fashion sense are an inspiration to young women who like to adorn accessories without appearing overdone.

A list of a few aspects that will describe her taste in fashion the best:

Loves to wear whites and pastels

Nubeela Slay with Scandinavia

“Women Favour Pastels, Men Favour Darks”

Nabeela prefers donning classic and timeless shades of pastels. Seeing her in this beautiful pastel dress, we know why she loves to dress in a subtle yet stylish pastels. The influencer on Social Media is often seen in breezy pastel shades which sets a happy mood and also goes with the trend of this season.

Prefers flats over heels


“Women’s Feet Don’t Deserve to Be in Mourning”

The influencer on Social Media prefers to wear fabulous and comfortable flats instead of stilettos that create shock waves. For someone who is always on the go, choosing supportive footwear is a practical and smart choice. Given the existence of a range of flat sole shoes available to women, it is only sensible for Nabeela to choose flats for her travel wardrobe.

Believes in travelling without make-up


“Minimalism All the way”

Make-up doesn’t quite make it to Nabeel

a’s travelling list. If you see her close-up photo you can see she has minimum to no make-up on and yet she manages to look as gorgeous. Her sweet smile and killer expressions are enough to make her bare-face look glow.

Something that you must have learned by now about travel and fashion influencer Social Media, Nabeela is that she prefers fashion to be minimalistic, convenient and effortless. This is the reason for our collaboration with her.

She is a true believer of keeping it simple! She has styled some of our chunky statement pieces with the most flattering approach. She has incorporated chokers, tribal baubles, stackable bracelets and rings in her back-packing look.

Tips on Styling Minimalistic Jewellery like Nabeela

The key to- non-busy, simplistic style is to pick a theme, colour or body part and focus on it. You can choose all silver or gold jewellery and stack a couple of bracelets on one arm and add a few rings on the opposite hand or add a statement necklace and balance it out.

You can also opt for one statement piece, like an oversized earring or a chunky choker, and call it a day. No matter what you decide to wear, it should complement your attire and mood.

Stock up on stackable statement jewellery by Zerokaata and feel free to take styling inspiration from Nabeela.

Let us know how you feel about this new collaboration in the comments section.


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