243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women

234 Exclusive Designs Of Small Tattoos For Girls

The popularity of tattoos is no shrinking violet nowadays.

Everyone likes to adorn their bodies in a beautifully artistic way. The attraction of girls towards tattoos has grown statistically and visibly nowadays. Well, after all, tattoos can give one a more appealing appearance and invite attention that one may seek.

Well, tattoos just don’t have a physically attractive appeal, they are the unique stories carved on the skins and worn as adornments by the people.

It’s a part of someone’s identity.

For some, it might depict their feelings, holding a special value for them or a melancholy that lingers in their heart.

It could embed a name, around which your world revolves, or could be a symbol of your wanderlust to explore the world. It could be anything because tattoos are self-expression, it’s you!

For example, a dainty tattoo of “Daddy’s princess” written on a girl’s wrist shows the fundamental love a daughter has for her father, or a mere symbol of “Om” on one’s neck screams their love and devotion for Lord Mahadev.

There can be different reasons to choose different designs, some prefer the big and complex ones while some like to go with small and cute tattoos.

According to studies, the choice of a particular tattoo design is based on one’s past experiences in life.

Placement For Small Tattoos

The placement speaks volumes about the person, especially when it comes to girls.

Like presumably, a girl with a cute and small tattoo on her wrist would like to maintain a dainty appearance.

Hands & Arms:

Besides, hands are always a safe space if you’re a ‘small tattoos for girls with meaning’ kind of.

The wrist is a go-to option to choose when it comes to getting small hand tattoo designs for girls because as pretty as it looks. small tattoos hand designs look really cute and delicate. If hands are not your thing then you can go for small tattoos on arm as well.


Some women choose big or small tattoos for their legs. Well, tattoos on legs can be an intimate affair for a woman, as it defines her choice of revelation to one or not.

Also, for ankles and feet, there can be quite cute and small tattoo ideas for women. Dainty and small tattoos ankle can be a perfect statement for any woman.


Tattoos on the back are said to symbolize the foundation of lives. Talking about the designs, the back gives a more leveled surface for intricate small tattoo designs for girls.

Also, getting a back tattoo is always bold. A girl with an evident and unique tattoo design on her back would want to flaunt it every time the wind flutters her hair.


Stomach tattoos for women can act as a perfect concealer for stretch marks or any other scars or if you find your belly unusually unattractive. It generally doesn’t hold much meaning but does give a sexy appeal to your body.


Neck tattoos, sound risky, no? Well, they symbolize that risk and adventure, the person is willing to make.

We all remember when Deepika Padukone got a neck tattoo of her then-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s initials.

Well, that turned out to be pretty much of a risk. Anyway, small tattoos on neck are getting their popularity among females and truly look chic.


Hands down, cutesy and small finger tattoos are the most beautiful ones as well as simple tattoo designs for girls.

They look like little trinkets you wear as a symbol of the love, passion, and affection you carry with you.

Small Tattoos Meaningful Ideas

Entrenched enough, all tattoos look pretty. But when some sort of emotion or meaning associates itself with the ink, the beauty magnifies. Therefore, small tattoos with meaning make a really great option, especially for those who have a slightly higher emotional quotient.

Like, a Star tattoo can represent someone’s desire to reach for the stars, their ambitions, and dreams, which adds significant value to the stars inked on the person’s body.

Tattoos like a cross symbol hold a sacred place in Christian culture. It might depict the person’s faith and belief in His God and how proudly he wears it on his sleeve.

Triangles are a sacred symbol. Besides its cute little design that makes it an adorable, small tattoo for girls to choose from, it could represent the stability and divine power or spirituality of your diva.

Crown tattoos for females are evergreen. Because you’re never too old bring out the queen in you and be the boss lady. A Crown tattoo on a girl very well defines her fierceness. It is in fact one of the best tattoos that symbolize strength.

‘Little hearts’ hold a special sentiment for girls. These small and cute tattoos for girls show their love, care, and affection for someone close to their heart. So why not make this someone feel special by literally wearing your heart on your sleeve?

Butterfly tattoos can represent the transformation and change in a woman’s life, not to mention, that butterflies are the symbol of beauty and transformation. Also, its versatile and cutesy designs serve as an ideal small tattoo for girls.

Heartbeat represents life so getting it inked might say for one that they’re alive and living it. They usually come in small designs and have the versatility of associating themselves with anything. Anything that you think is of vital importance to you.

Speaking of meaningful tattoos, simple name tattoos tell suffice about a person.

The name tattoos can be a lot more intimate and close to a person as you might not get inked your name only, it can be of anyone you love or holds great relevance with your life or the person you cherish the most, anyone.

These are versatile, unique, small tattoo designs for girls or anyone as they can be tattooed in any size and calligraphy.

In the context of the expressiveness of tattoos, what can give a better impression than a sun sign or a zodiac sign of a person to suppose about?

We know, zodiac small tattoos designs aren’t for everyone, but for those who believe firmly in them, they can serve as really cool and significant tattoo designs. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its characteristics, strengths, and qualities.

It is said that zodiac signs have a significant effect on the drive of a person’s nature, which makes these zodiac symbols quite right for a person to manifest themselves.

Besides, there are special traits and qualities in every person on this planet which make them unique, which makes them ‘them’.

Tattoo Custom Stickers: A Painless Option

If you can’t stand the pain of getting a tattoo, you can make these tattoo designs a reality and turn them into unique and delicate tattoo stickers to stick on your body.

You can ask a tattoo artist to convert your desired tattoo design into a personalized custom sticker which in turn can be used anytime. This would save you the pain, lifetime commitment as well as cost of getting a permanent tattoo.

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women

You might get a tattoo maybe because it was looking pretty or cool to you. And you may end up loving it or you might regret getting it later.

There’s a possibility that you’re not with the person anymore you endured the pain and inked their memory and now you hate the thing on your body because it makes you sad.

Tattoos can also be used to conceal the scars of the body by one or to portray the ones on the heart by the other. 

It’s time to paint those insecurities and flaunt the flaws beyond belief, beyond grief. Your tattoos are a part of your body, a part of you. Don’t be afraid of wearing them.

And it is said, “You are never too old to have a small ink on you”.

So, here’s a list of 243 small tattoos cute for you.

Which design are you going to get tattooed? Tell us in the comment section!

Back & Neck Small Tattoo Ideas

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 1
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 2
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 3
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 4

Leg Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 5
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 6
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 7
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 8

Small Tattoos Meaningful

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 9
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 10
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 11

Writing Small Tattoos Simple

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 12
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 13
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 14
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 15

Cute and Best Small Tattoos On Wrist & Fingers

243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 16
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 17
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 18
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 19
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 20
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 21
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 22
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 23
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 24
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 25
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 26
243 Exclusive Ideas For Small Tattoos Women 27


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