Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat and Its Making Process

Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat” and how is it made!
Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat” and how is it made!

Gujarat is well known for its diverse culture, traditional silver jewellery, and vibrant outfits. The richness of its culture and tradition finds the most aesthetic expression through its traditional jewellery styles.

Gujarat jewellery styles represent a perfect blend of both modern and ancient traditions that have shaped this state and just like the diversified geographical aspect of Gujarat; its traditional jewellery comes in a remarkable variety.

Everything from chunky silver bangles and armlets to traditional silver earrings, nose pins or nathinis, pendants or rani haar necklaces and anklets are crafted by the local Artisans.

Made with utmost precision, Gujrat jewellery forms a vital part of every woman’s wardrobe.

This is how each and every piece is crafted by the Artisans in Gujarat!

Making Process of Gujrat Jewellery

Step 1:

The metal sheet is marked with a compass and cut according to the size and design by the artisan. This process is done with the help of a metal sheet cutter.

Jewellery of Gujarat

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Step 2:

The silver wire is made soft using a hand gas burner and then bent to the desired shape.

gujrat jewellery

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Step 3:

This shaped wire is then placed on the silver sheet (the one used in step 1). The wire is heated so that it gets fused with the sheet.

gujarat jewellery

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Step 4:

If there are gaps between the sheet and the wire, the entire arrangement is dipped in a solution made by mixing water and water-soluble flux paste.

Step 5:

The sheet is then decorated with the actual design elements (made with silver wires).

jewellery of gujrat

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Step 6:

The unwanted area in the sheet is then removed by the Artisan. The sharp edges are smoothened using a filer.

jewellery of gujrat

Step 7:

Once all of the above steps are done, artisans work on the detailing part of the jewellery piece followed by the soldering of the clasps.

Gujrat Jewellery

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Step 8:

The piece is then polished and washed by the tamarind water followed by enameling. This step is done to give a neat look to the jewellery piece.

jewellery of gujrat

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Such craftsmanship is done in the areas of Porbandar, Jamnagar, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad and Kutch district. Bhuj, Anjar, and Mundra are the main centers of silver jewellery trading in the Kutch district.

Famous Gujarati Jewellery Styles

Styles worn by Gujarati women are generally heavy and intricately crafted.

The most common jewellery styles adorned by the women include earrings, necklaces, waist chains, mangalsutra, tassel key rings, armlets/bangles and nathini/nose-pins. 

Here’s a list of traditional Gujarati jewellery names and everything you need to know about them.

Earrings (Known as Bali in Gujarati)

In Gujarat, women usually wear traditional silver earrings such as a pair of mirror jhumkas, silver stud earrings (known as Ghudsaal in Gujarati) adorned with intricate work, silver danglers with cut work, silver earrings studded with gemstones and floral work.

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Silver Armlet (Known as Bajuband in Gujarati)

A silver armlet is worn on the upper arm. Usually made with oxidized or German silver, it is worn by both men and women in the rural areas of Gujarat.

Do you know why do they use oxidized silver to make the armlets?

Oxidized silver is used because it is cheaper than pure silver metal and doesn’t cut a hole in the pockets of the people.

In some areas, men and women also wear big bangles/kadas (known as Patla bangles).

These bangles are crafted in Meenakari work and are adorned with gemstones, pearls, kundan, etc.

Nath or Nose Pin (Known as Kil in Gujarati)

Nathini, famous among Gujarati as well as Rajasthani women consists of a big golden ring and a chain that can be tied to the hair.

This nathini is often adorned with a precious/semi-precious gemstone such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond, etc.

Nose pin (known as Kil) is usually made with silver metal. While some women prefer a small stud, some like to wear a big nose pin adorned with floral work.

Waist Belt (Known as Kandora)

This is a type of Gujarati jewellery that is usually worn by the women on a festive occasion or a wedding. Made with silver, it elevates the overall appeal of a woman’s look.

Necklace (Known as Rani Haar)

This is a traditional style worn by the brides of Gujarat. It comes with a royal appeal that is just perfect to accentuate the bride’s look with a statement yet subtle charm.

Mathapatti (Known as Damini)

This is also worn by a bride at her wedding. A traditional Damini consists of a maang tikka (worn on the forehead) and side strings that are tied to the hair.

Earrings with Hair Chains (Known as Kundan Batti)

A pair of traditional Kundan Batti consists of hair chains that pass over the crown of the head. It is one of the most worn earrings styles by the Gujarati women.

Jewellery Styles Worn on Festive Occasions (Dandiya Night)

Dandiya is the most popular dance of Gujarat. Originated in Gujarat, it holds a significant place in Navratri celebrations.

The attire for Dandiya consists of chaniya-choli with bandhani dupattas for women and traditional kedias for men.

The Jewellery Of Gujarat that is worn by the women usually consist of chunky oxidized necklaces, bangles/kadas, heavy silver jhumkas adorned with colourful stones and tassels, colourful maang tikka sets, etc. 

Since the Dandiya night is celebrated on a large ground with hundreds of people, it is very important for each and every woman to look her best on this day.

The traditional clothes and jewellery adorned by Gujarat women on a Dandiya night are seen as a symbol of pride in the society.

 Therefore, it is very crucial for every woman/girl to create a jaw-dropping Dandiya look.

Talking about which, check out our list of 5 gorgeous Gujarati jewellery styles that will look just perfect with your Dandiya look.

Colorful Oxidized Silver Earrings

Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat and Its Making Process 1

Nothing’s better than a pair of colourful oxidized earrings or jhumkas to style your Dandiya outfit.

It lends a perfect style statement to any outfit and you can even skip on other accessories if you wear a pair of statement jhumkas with your Dandiya outfit.

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Tribal Maang Tikka

gujarat jewellery

With the rise in the demand for unique looks, everyone is constantly looking for ways to create jaw-dropping OOTDs that are not just flattering in appeal but also have been rarely worn by others, especially on the festive occasions such as a Dandiya night.

If you’re also looking to style your Dandiya outfit in the most unique way then we have a great suggestion for you.

Style with a tribal maang tikka and nothing else! So, go ahead and invest in a colourful tribal maang tikkas (trust us, you will thank us later)

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Peacock Jhumkas

gujrat jewellery

No Dandiya look is complete without a piece of peacock jewellery. This is why it is a must-have accessory for every woman.

You can invest in a pair of peacock jhumkas or a silver necklace with a peacock pendant.

If you want to wear some hatke style then you can also adorn a silver bracelet with peacock charms.

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Statement Oxidized Silver Necklace

jewellery of gujrat

A statement necklace is one of the best accessories that you can style your Dandiya outfit with. Available in a plethora of designs, it can elevate even the drabbest of your outfits in seconds.

And when it comes to your garba look, trust us, it will only fetch you tons of compliments. So, go ahead and add this gorgeous style to your collection right away.

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Tribal Bracelets
gujrat jewellery

This is a versatile style of jewellery, the one that can be paired with your chaniya-choli on the dandiya night as well as with your work outfit.

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Colorful Meenakari Jhumkas

meenakari jhumkas

Love the handmade jewellery styles? We’ve got the most beautiful Meenakari earrings that will help you to steal glances on the Dandiya night.

Intricate Meenakari work done by the Artisans makes them the kind of finery you’d want to wear with your Dandiya outfit.

The best thing about our collection of Meenakari earrings is that you can wear it with your ethnic and fusion outfits alike.

A pair of our Meenakari jhumkas paired with a colourful chaniya-choli, a bindi and nude pout will make for a perfect Dandia night look and it will surely help you to garner tons of compliments.

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Which type of Gujarat jewellery did you like the most? Drop comments and let us know your favorite pick.

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