The “ULTIMATE LIST” Of Trending Jewellery For Haldi

jewellery for haldi

To all the brides-to-be,

Listen up, ladies!

We can help you to look “super gorgeous” on your Haldi Ceremony.

If you’re thinking this is just another blog listing 5-6 jewellery styles then you’re wrong!

Let me tell you, this blog lists all possible types of jewellery styles that you can invest in for your Haldi look.

It talks about how you can create the BEST HALDI LOOK with different styles of Jewellery For Haldi available in the market.

After all, we understand that the wedding is the most important day in any woman’s life. Therefore, every occasion, be it Haldi, Mehandi, or the big day, has to be just perfect.

Right, Ladies?

So, what are you waiting for?

Go on, give it a read!

Jewellery For Haldi

If you want to go with the trend then there are 2-3 options for you. You can wear gotta patti jewellery, chunky tribal jewellery and last but not least floral jewellery (my personal favorite).

In fact, floral jewellery for Haldi is the most famous and trending style these days. Even celebrities such as Bipasha Basu and Kishwar Merchant have worn floral jewellery on their wedding occasions.

So, if you really want to nail the trend then you can definitely choose Floral jewellery for Haldi.

However, you should check out all the options first before finalizing anything.

Here’s a list of different styles of trending jewellery for Haldi for you!

Flower Jewellery For Haldi:

Like I mentioned earlier, floral jewellery is the hottest trend right now. It looks beautiful and most importantly, it’s very lightweight hence easy to carry.

So, if you’ve picked a heavy outfit for your Haldi ceremony then you should definitely pair floral jewellery with it. It will keep you comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Here are different types of floral jewellery styles that you can wear.

Chunky Floral Earrings:

Chunky Floral Earrings


If you want to go heavy on earrings then chunky floral earrings are your best option. They will give an extravagant feel to your look without making you uncomfortable.

Check out this bride for instance. Isn’t she looking absolutely gorgeous in those chunky floral earrings?

Floral Hathphool:

floral hathfool


A must-have jewellery style for every bride-to-be, floral hathphool will make your “Mehendi wale hath” look even more gorgeous.

The kind of variety available in floral hathphool will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose anything from a minimal hathphool with just one finger ring to the one that comes with multiple strands and finger rings.

Whatever style you choose, carry it with confidence and you’re all set to slay!

Floral Nath:

floral nath


Floral naths are gaining major attention these days. It seems as if this style of jewellery has become the new crush of every bride to be.

So, go on and wear it on your Haldi.

Floral Tiara:

jewellery for haldi


Earlier, Tiaras were worn on birthday and bachelorette parties only but nowadays almost every bride can be seen wearing it in at least one of her wedding ceremonies.

Take Bipasha Basu for example,

She wore a pink floral tiara on her Mehandi ceremony.

Take some inspiration from her and add this style to your wedding jewellery list if you haven’t already.

Floral Passa and Matha Patti

flower jewellery for haldi


Matha patti or Passa? This is a type of question that every bride-to-be struggles with.

If I have to pick one then I’d probably go with a matha patti instead of a passa. It’s just what I like more.

Similarly, you have to decide for yourself and if you’re confused then I have a suggestion for you.

Wear both… Not at a time of course!

I meant: wear each style on different wedding occasions. For example, wear the passa on your mehandi and the matha patti on your Haldi.

Problem Solved!

Floral Choker Necklace:

jewellery for haldi


Just like any other jewellery style, there are literally hundreds of designs available in this style of floral jewellery for Haldi as well.

You can choose anything from a heavy floral choker with multiple floral strands and tassels to a minimal choker necklace adorned with fewer insets.

Have a look at the picture for instance. This bride chose a heavy choker necklace with strings of pearls and flowers. The important thing to notice here is that she went light on earrings and head jewellery.

You too can create such a look.

Go heavy on one type of jewellery and keep the other styles low-key.

Floral Anklets

flower anklets

Image: floral anklets


Look how gorgeous these anklets look!

Styles like this qualify for the “Jaw-dropping” tag!

So, what are you thinking for?

Go ahead and sway everyone off their feet with your Haldi look.  

Gota Patti Jewellery:

gotta patti jewellery

Another beautiful type of jewellery that you can invest in for your Haldi ceremony!

Gota patti jewellery will add a vibrant yet subtle appeal to your look without making you uncomfortable (because it’s very lightweight).

Scroll down to have a look at all the gorgeous Gota Patti jewellery options available for the brides.

Gota Patti Choker Necklace

gotta patti choker necklace

Image: Gotta Patti Choker


Gota patti chokers are also in trend these days.

Look at this gorgeous gota patti choker adorned with small pearls and beads. Pink tassels and ghunghroos are giving it a quirky look.

You too can adorn such a quirky and colorful jewellery style on your Haldi ceremony.

Try to pick vibrant colors and if you have planned for a heavy outfit then go easy on jewellery.

Gota Patti Earrings

gotta patti earrings

Image: Gotta Patti earrings


I’m so in love with these gorgeous gota patti earrings.

These earrings are a perfect combination of both gota patti and floral jewellery. You too can go for such a combination.

Also, have a look at the matha patti and her makeup. The way she paired her jewellery with her makeup is amazing.

Gota Patti Head Jewellery

Gota Patti Head Jewellery


This gota patti passa is looking draw-your-jaws gorgeous

You too can choose such vibrant pieces for your Haldi ceremony. You can even choose contrasting color. For example, if your outfit is pink then you can pair contrasting colored jewellery with it (say silver or a lighter shade of pink).

Such combinations look really good.

Gota Patti Rings

Gota Patti Rings


If you want to adorn a subtle yet high on impact look on your Haldi ceremony then have a look at this bride. Her jewellery, especially her gota patti ring is definitely bookmark-worthy.

And do you know what the best part is?

She seems so comfortable in her look. Isn’t that what every bride wants?

A look that is not only jaw-dropping but also comfortable.  

Gota Patti Hathphool

Gota Patti Hathphool


Another super gorgeous yet comfortable style of Gota patti jewellery that you can opt for instead of regular floral jewellery.

Gota patti hathphool are available in a variety of vibrant colors and designs. You can even go for the ones that have both gota patti and mirror work.

Such styles will lend a quirky vibe to your look.

Ghunghroo Jewellery

Ghunghroo Jewellery

Let’s admit it! Choosing Flower jewellery for Haldi has become predictable.

But if you want to look drop-dead gorgeous yet Hatke on your Haldi then you can take ghunghroo jewellery into consideration.   

Check out this bride for instance.

Isn’t she looking beautiful in that ghunghroo anklet?

I’ve bookmarked this picture, have you?

Tassel Jewellery:

tassel jewellery


Tassel jewellery looks fab! Period.

There’s nothing more that I would like to mention for this style!

Kundan Jewellery:

kundan jewellery


If you’re bored of seeing the same old floral jewellery on almost every bride then you should try Kudan jewellery.

Kundan jewellery is heavier than floral and gota patti jewellery but it looks super pretty and drop-dead gorgeous!

Pom Pom Jewellery:

pom pom jewellery


Pompoms in wedding decorations, clothes, shoes as well as jewellery have been trending off late.  Pompom jewellery looks so colourful and do you know what the best thing is?

From mathapattis to vibrant haathphool, quirky earrings, kamarbandhs, armlets, and chokers, pom pom jewellery has literally hundreds of designs and styles to choose from.

Chunky Silver Jewellery:

chunky silver jewellery


If you want to adorn a Hatle Look on your Haldi then you can definitely go for chunky silver jewellery.

Look at this bride for instance, everything from her statement necklace to that gorgeous matha patti looks just perfect.

And the way she has complemented her look with that Gajra is commendable.

You too can create such a look with silver jewellery for Haldi. However, just make sure that you don’t overdo the jewellery. Keep it subtle yet gorgeous.

So, ladies, these were some of the most gorgeous wedding jewellery styles that you can wear on your Haldi.

Which of these styles did you like the most?

Tell us in the comments below!


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