7 Gorgeous Gold Earrings Designs For Daily Use

gold earrings designs for daily use

With the daily hustle-bustle and all of lives tussles, we often forget ourselves somewhere, and then a dreaded moment creeps upon us when we have to choose what we need to wear!

Except for some of those proactive outfit planners, us simpletons are left over to stress out about our outfit every single day!

However, all you need are just five essential pieces in your wardrobe-

  • a fitted blazer,
  • a dark and light monochrome dress,
  • a pair each of Clarks’ bellies and stilettos,
  • red and nude shade lipsticks and
  • a classic jewellery

These pieces will ensure that you are ready for anything- from a casual lunch with friends, to the first day at work, to the perfect date or even for the late Friday night party!

But there is still a little something left, even after getting our hands on the five universal pieces, we still want a little more.

This little something is our desire to refresh our look every day!

One easy way to oomph up your outfit is by pairing it with different earrings.

Along with being women’s favourite when it comes to accessories, they are also an irreplaceable part when it comes to styling.

After all, you should always wear earrings at the very least!

In addition to enhancing your appearance; earrings will also help in adding character and originality to your routine wardrobe.

You will definitely enjoy the new look, but here’s the trouble, this adds on to the pile of another decision that needs to be made.

We can see that you’re close to pressing the red panic button now! But don’t worry, we have you covered with gold earrings designs for daily use.

Scrolling down further, you’ll find our specially curated list of everyday gold earrings designs for daily use, these sleek designs are sure to go with everything in your closet!

Gold Earrings Designs For Daily Use

Tri-Colour Gold Earrings

Tri-Colour Gold Earrings design for daily use

[Image Courtesy: https://bit.ly/3fJ8LtA]

Give Mondays a boost of energy with these stylish earrings.

The tri-coloured gold earrings have a minimalistic and chic look; and are extremely lightweight.

The best part about these pieces is that they are comfortable to wear and this makes them a perfect gold earrings designs for daily use.

When Life gives you Monday, Dip it in Glitter and Sparkle all day!

The above-shown stud earring has a polished love knot design and the use of 14kt of white, yellow and rose gold further helps in enhancing its classy look.

These sparkly studs are the perfect addition to your jewellery box if you have sensitive ears or if you want to go for something subtle and elegant.

Clover Studs

clover studs earrings design for daily use

[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/64950419613754345/?nic_v1=1aHu6%2FpKiG2Ih6P%2BjfWRSHPRcThyHo2F3izQq1EAzsAlT9Y%2B9uWK61KpwUtnLbqDEc]

Seize the day, on Tuesday with a pair of classy clover studs. The four leaves in these earrings represent hope, faith, love and luck, which is more or less everything one ever wishes for.

Considered to be a universal symbol of good luck, the four-leaf clover earrings are perfect for all occasions given its simple and neat design.

Pair it with a Lil’ gloss and make it terrific Tuesday!

The piece shown above is made of 18kt rose gold and has straight stems with a butterfly backing to secure it in its place.

These studs are long-lasting and durable. and are a perfect solution for those who have sensitive ears.

These charming pieces look great either way, whether you wear them alone or with multiple earrings.

Star-Shaped Jacket Earrings

Star-Shaped Jacket gold earrings design for daily use

[Image Courtesy: https://www.triumjewelry.com/en/earrings/star-ear-jacket-gold]

Make your look ridiculously amazing, and have a wonderful Wednesday with the jacket earrings that wrap around the other piece of jewellery.

These gorgeous pieces add a new twist to the look of a solitaire pendant or stud earrings. They are subtle, though eye-grabbing and make any look more trendy and attractive.

Bring your sunshine!

They are a great option to alter the look of a basic outfit and they can be perfectly combined with other jewellery pieces such as a delicate bracelet or necklace.

You can use these gold earrings designs for daily use, depending on whether you want to go for a casual or daring look. However, one thing is sure, regardless of the design, these earrings will always look very sleek and on point.

Crescent Drop Gold Earrings

gold earrings design for daily use

[Image Courtesy: https://www.triumjewelry.com/en/earrings/star-ear-jacket-gold]

Thursday or how we like to call it, Friday Eve is meant to be celebrated because you are close to the weekend! 

Add a timeless pair of short drop earrings to make it a trendy Thursday!

This beautiful piece of jewellery helps you achieve an elegant look and bring softness to your face.

Smile, Sparkle, Shine!

Drop Earrings look wonderfully delicate and every woman must keep at least one pair of these in her treasure box.

They are the ultimate style staples for your slightly dressy days when you want to stand out but not get all eyes on you.

They can take you from a busy day at work to an impromptu night out with colleagues or friends.

If you are wearing one of these, you won’t have to worry about wearing any other jewellery.

Half Hoop Earring

half hoop earrings design

[Image Courtesy: https://www.shopstyle.com/g/women/adina/14k-yellow-gold-diamond-small-j-hoop-earrings/798266400]

Ensure you make Friday be the Fridayest Friday that ever Fridayed with a fashionable pair of half hoop earrings.

These earrings form a J or a C shape when seen from the side and hence are often known as J-Hoop or C-Hoop Earrings.

They are a perfect combo to achieve the simple yet stylish look and give a casual vibe to your outfit.

‘Half the hoop, All of the Attitude’

These earrings add an offbeat, modern take on the classic style.

They are lightweight and make excellent statement pieces.

Half hoops look great with maxi dresses and jumpsuits, and they also complement the formal look of blazers and shirts.

These playful earrings make a great addition to our list of gold earrings designs for daily use.

Gold Heart Danglers

gold heart danglers

[Image Courtesy: https://www.pngadgil.com/products/gold-gold-earrings-gold-drops/png-jewellery/elegant-gold-earrings/pid-14606239.aspx]

Say hello to the weekend with a stunning pair of danglers that go on and on and also last for so long!

These marvellous pieces instantly spice up your look and are perfect or days when you want to go a little OTT!

They are a go-to for a clubbing night, a cocktail party or even a best friend’s bachelorette.


The above-shown piece is simple, winsome and just irresistible; and is a perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries.

Danglers are similar to drop but are longer with obviously the pretty dangling element. They perfectly combine with all kinds of hairstyles, whether you go for high buns, side buns, ponytail or even in open hairdos.

Pair these earrings with your bodycon dresses, gowns or a lacy off-shoulder number and you are all ready to steal the thunder!

Small Huggie-Hoops

small huggie hoop earrings gold design

[Image Courtesy: https://www.zoelev.com/14k-gold-small-thick-hoop-earrings/png-jewellery/elegant-gold-earrings/pid-14606239.aspx]

Let the weekend therapy begin and pamper yourself, ‘coz it’s Sunday!

Unwind and spend the day preparing for the coming week and go for everyone’s favourite option, hoops with a huggie style hook for comfortable wear.

These earrings fit snugly around your earlobe and can easily become your everyday favourite, given their small size and easy-breezy look.

Girls just wanna have fun jewellery

Huggie-hoops give you the freedom to style your hair in whichever way you want- whether it’s a cute ponytail or beach waves or an easy-going look and they go with everything – from your dungarees to your dresses!

These modern and playful pieces fit snugly around your earlobe and add a bit of bling to your everyday look.

We hope you liked the list, and are now ready with your everyday plan when it comes to accessorizing!

Share your favourite go-to style of gold earrings designs for daily use with us in the comments and click on the like button, if you found this blog helpful.


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