#ZeroKaataForLGBTQ: Life Story Of Dhruv Dhody

#ZeroKaataForLGBTQ: Life Story Of Dhruv Dhody

As a part of “ZeroKaata For LGBTQ Initiative”, Dhruv Dhody talks about their journey of self-discovery.

Before you scroll down to the video, here’s a little bit about Dhruv and our initiative.

What Is ZeroKaata For LGBTQ?

ZeroKaata For LGBTQ focuses exclusively on acknowledging and empowering the queer community of India.

While our country’s LGBTQ community is no longer as invisible as it once was, there are a lot of challenges and social hurdles that every queer individual has to face, and our initiative “ZeroKaata For LGBTQ”, is an attempt to shed light on such stories; thereby, creating awareness among people and encouraging more people to accept everyone without any discrimination.

As a part of this initiative, we have shared heart-touching stories of 5 individuals, who were brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and fight for a world free of all forms of inequality and discrimination.

You can have a look at all the videos here: @zerokaata

Who Is Dhruv Dhody?

Born and raised in a Punjabi family, Dhruv is one of the most vibrant and sweetest personalities I’ve ever come across in my life.

Working as a chief architect in networking at Huawei, Bangalore, Dhruv is a saree and jewellery enthusiast, who is de-genderizing fashion in their own unique way.

Like any other queer kid, Dhruv also had to face a lot of challenges in their teen years but it didn’t stop them from expressing their true self.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dhruv’s journey.

Before we jump onto the video, I just want to take a moment to thank Dhruv Dhody for being a part of “ZeroKaata For LGBTQ” and for trusting us with their story.


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