6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in An Automatic Watch Today

6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in An Automatic Watch Today

The way men and women groomed themselves, carried accessories, or, for that matter, chose an automatic watch in the yesteryears has witnessed a substantial change over the last few decades.

Earlier, an automatic watch would be purchased for performance and functionality, whereas now, it has become more of a collector’s hobby. Back in the day, automatic watches were crucial for different professions and industries. Today it is more about preserving craftsmanship. 

There is hardly any difference between those who wear an automatic wristwatch and those who don’t. Ever since high-tech smartphones found their way into our daily lives, many of us dropped the idea of wearing a watch or an automatic watch, for that matter.

It is no rocket science to understand why most of us don’t wear a watch at all. Nevertheless, watches are more than just a means of knowing the time, especially automatic watches. 

What Is An Automatic Watch?

If you are intrigued by the emphasis on automatic watches, you are correct in being so.

An automatic watch is fitted with a rotor and moves mechanically. When you begin to move your watch along with your wrist, the rotor starts rotating.

It is also called ‘Self-winding’ as the movement winds itself without you having to incorporate the mainspring manually. 

6 Reasons To Invest In An Automatic Watch Today

6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in An Automatic Watch Today

Automatic Watches Equates To Quality Craftsmanship

Crafting an automatic watch requires much more time than any quartz or battery-operated watch. It is monumentally expensive. It is craftsmanship and a matter of genius that holds an automatic watch in the hall of timelessness. 

Matter Of Convenience & Practicality

Since automatic watches are not dependent on batteries, there is never an issue of running out of power as it is any other watch. An automatic watch is a clear contrast to all the digital watches that require frequent changing. If your automatic watch stops working, you can make use of its manual-winding function

Automatic Watches Are Never Out-Of-Style

6 Reasons Why You Must Invest in An Automatic Watch Today

We are in an age where batteries are used to power our lives. But, while most of us have transitioned into battery-operated smartwatches, the craftsmanship of automatic watches lives on and never goes out of trend. Depending on the movement, an automatic watch requires the synchronization of hundreds of small, delicate parts. And when you begin to fathom just how much research and development goes into making a mechanical movement or assembling it, you appreciate it more. 

Expression Of Your Personality

A lot is expressed about the person who wears an automatic watch. It reflects on how much you value and appreciate craftsmanship and quality. A possession such as an automatic timepiece becomes an extension of your personality. 

Automatic Watches Last For Generations

With occasional maintenance, automatic watches can last for generations. Since objects that last longer have great value and more outstanding quality, an automatic watch can be counted as one of them. There is something truly remarkable about automatic watches that makes the appreciation much more than just what it is. Its longevity, its indefinite lifespan, makes it like Frankenstein – it can come back to life after years of resting with just a movement of the wrist. 

A Smart Investment

Investing in an automatic watch can be compared to buying a piece of jewellery with real gems and has no expiration date. No matter what you buy, the value of your product will only depreciate unless it is gold, bitcoin, or an automatic watch. An automatic watch has a vintage appeal and will always continue to have it.

Key Takeaways

Each type of watch movement, be it manual, quartz or automatic, have their own set of benefits. But the luxury segment belongs to automatic watches. They are often costly, and they can also be found within a price range that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket on certain stores of repute, such as Titan. So, what are you waiting for?

Elevate your collection with a vintage automatic watch.


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