Mens Jewellery: 7 Latest Watches and Bracelets Designs

Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio

It’s 2020 that we’re in and given the modern times we are living in, mens jewellery is something that we’ve come to accept.

Today, men wearing jewellery is no more regarded with a frown or appeared to be symbolic of being a queer, rather it is much accepted and widely appreciated for its style.

These accessories are as much a man’s prerogative as what it is for a woman.

These jewellery are symbolic of energy, attitude as well as charm. Mens jewellery has a massive range and you can find anything from a dapper and classy piece to a natty and kicky style.

There are myriads of designs to choose from when it comes to mens jewellery and from what we get with the wide range of options available, it is only natural that you might get a bit confused as to what you should go for!

Well, it’s your luck today, as you’ve stumbled on the right page. We have prepared a list of mens jewellery options for you, the metrosexual men to choose from.

One pointer we’d like to give before we take you to the world of mens jewellery is that the ultimate choice is yours and no one can be a better judge of what matches with your personality than you, yourself and so trust your instincts and get set on the journey of exploring the mens jewellery.

A Range That’ll Fit Your 3P’s- Price, Personality and Perception!


Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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A gentleman’s timepiece says much about him.

Undoubtedly, watches are amongst the most relatable pieces when it comes to mens jewellery. Beyond just being timekeepers, watches represent a man’s style and social status.

You need to WATCH OUT for the Watch Category!

Men’s watches have spread out to a simple utility time showing piece, rather the watches available today can do much more- take pictures, connect calls, send messages, store pictures and much more. You have the sport, dive, analogue, digital and even hybrid watches available today.

To avoid confusion, let’s cover some basics first, men usually prefer metallic straps as they give them a more powerful look as compared to the regular leather straps.

The metallic watches can be anything ranging from steel, silver and gold, the thick and heavy watches exude a proud sense of masculinity and the magnificent dials with Roman numerals adds to it.

For helping you make a better decision, we have divided these mens jewellery into three broad categories-


Mens Jewellery: 7 Latest Watches and Bracelets Designs 1
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Casual watches can be used for your everyday purposes or for completing your routine look. They are commonly worn by young men who have just graduated or are still in college.

These watches usually serve the utility purpose and are not attention grabbers like the formal and luxury watches. If you don’t want to attract attention and want a piece that serves its basic utility of showing you the time, then well, this is what you should go for!

The casual watches make for a perfect mens jewellery as they are both affordable and cool and they make for an excellent gifting choice, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the person to whom you are giving the gift.


Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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As opposed to the casual watches, the formal or dress watches are suitable for business wear, formals or well, for a black-tie event.

They are slim enough to be hidden under the sleeve and yet, we assure you they will somehow find a way to show themselves, even from beneath the sleeves.

These formal watches add an ounce of elegance to your look and make your attire appear suaver.

They are considered to be elegant as even though they don’t draw much attention, they are just sufficient to grab and hold the attention.

Usually, these mens jewellery only has the hours and minute hand, though it’s not to see that you won’t find the second’s hand ticking or the date and time on display in some of them but if you’re planning on going with a traditional look then opt for the one with only hours and minutes hand.

Stick to the classic black, white and metal band with no ornaments on the dial and you’re good to go! The dress watches are usually worn by CXO’s, Lawyers and Bankers who enjoy leading a minimalist and stylish life.


When wearing this dress watch, ensure your belt and shoes match with the watch!


Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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The fashion or luxury watches are the ones you get from a prominent brand who have a strong reputation in the fashion world. Usually, these brands have a license to get their watches manufactured and assembled by other companies.

The focus of these luxury watches is on the aesthetics and branding aspect and more often than not, you’’ see that they have a prominent logo.

These watches are brought for premium prices given their brand recognition. Some of the prominent brands in the fashion watches category are- Emporio Armani, Swiss, Gucci and Guess.

Other than the brand name, the luxury watches can also be defined by the kind of material that is used in making them like- gold, silver, diamond or any other precious metals.

These jewels add value to the watch and the nitty-gritty involved in crafting the watch are what makes it a luxury for a few privileged ones.

More than just being mens jewellery, watches are essentials in a wardrobe and they are suitable for all situations- going for an interview, having an important meeting scheduled, wondering how long it is before halftime- You Just Have to Wear a Watch!


  • Want to get over your habit of being glued to your phone and mindlessly scrolling through social media, when all you wanted was to check the time, USE A WATCH
  • Use SMARTWATCH to keep track of your exercise while at the same time be in touch with the important work emails and texts.

Chain Bracelets

Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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The modern men demand everything ranging from style, substance and quality.

Even though from the very beginning of this blog, we’ve been pioneering on the fact that mens jewellery has been widely adopted yet there is still a percentage of men who are still wary of mens jewellery.

They are reluctant to wear these mens jewellery as they feel it takes them far off from their comfort zone. Well, if you too feel the same then we have the perfect solution for you, the answer to your problem is wearing a bracelet!

After watches, bracelets are the next mens jewellery that men feel comfortable with.

These inspirational pieces help men to express themselves and connect with their inner style and feeling about fashion. The ones with a simple and minimalistic design are ideal for men and these bracelets can be worn along with watches to complete their ensemble.

Words that should never be associated with these mens jewellery bracelets include string bracelets, bangles and friendship bands!

The mens jewellery bracelets are ideal for men who steer and veer towards the side of simplicity. So, this means that they usually tend to go for either a brushed metal band with a unique engraving or a simple chain link or even in some cases a combination of the two.


If you’re planning on wearing these mens jewellery bracelets on the same wrist as your watch, then go for a subtle piece and live by the quote-

The Subtler, The Better!

If you are a t-shirt and jeans guy who always has earplugs glued in, listening to country music and have an affinity for leather and silver jewellery, then you must check out these bracelets and up your style game.


  • Thinking about wearing formal outfits, go for LEATHER BRACELETS
  • Going for a casual outfit, pair the outfit with a BEADED BRACELET
  • Have to match something with the business wear, try METAL BRACELETS

Feel as if you need a little more to get the styling game on for mens jewellery?

Don’t worry, go down further, we’ll help you get the style statement right for mens jewellery!

Bracelets give a relaxed, laidback and playful vibe and they never make you feel out of place or overdone!

Let’s cover some different versions of these mens jewellery to help you ooze out cool and make you stand apart from the crowd!

Beaded Bracelets

Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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Looking for a fresh addition to your casual style? Opt for the mens jewellery – beaded bracelets. One thing you can always follow when it comes to these mens jewellery is to go for some natural shades so that you can wear them with a variety of clothes.

You can also pair these beaded bracelets with denim, just ensure the beads aren’t too big that they start giving a messy look.

Anchor Bracelets

Mens Jewellery: Trending Watches and Bracelets Designs-ZeroKaata Studio
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These mens jewellery adds a playful element to men’s attire. These bracelets come in a vast range of styles and colours.

The only point you have to note for these mens jewellery is that the anchor is not too big to look gaudy!

So, if you’re looking for mens jewellery to brighten up your outfit and add a fun element to your daily attire then go for these aesthetic anchor bracelets.

The best way to have fun with these mens jewellery is to experiment with your style, go anything from vermillion reds, emerald greens and cobalt blues!

We hope that the above-given ideas were useful for you.

Share what you are adding in your cart with us in the comments.


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