108 Powerful Tattoos That Symbolizes Strength (Men & Women)

90 Undiscovered Tattoos That Symbolize Strength

Tattoo art has become a popular art form to express yourself.

Whether it be getting one influenced by a celebrity, a meaningful song by your favorite artist, or a loved one – There is no limit to the infinite design possibilities.

Tattoos tell a deep and meaningful story that is personal to the individual that has them.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, why not get one based on strength?


Tattoos that represent struggle and strength are not just confined to physical strength but also include emotional strength and perseverance.

The meaning of strength is subjective and varies from person to person. So, what could be a strength tattoo symbol to you, might not be for someone else. For this reason, symbolic strength tattoos are so unique and personal.


These are some of the popular symbols of strength tattoos.

We will also be showing you unique tattoos that symbolize strength later in this blog!


A lotus flower grows in muddy swamps and slow-moving streams. Despite its surroundings, it remains unchanged and blooms into a beautiful flower. The lotus is a representation of constantly persevering and rising above the struggles of life.


The eagle is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and courage. They are also related to the United States because they are a symbol of freedom and power. Eagles were a symbol of masculinity in ancient Greece.


The dragon is a very sacred symbol in Chinese culture. They represent wisdom, power, endurance, and good luck.


The wolf is a common symbol of strength tattoos, especially among men. Wolf strength tattoo means loyalty, independence, and strength.


The “king of the jungle” represents royalty, strength, and confidence. Therefore, it is one of the best choices when it comes to tattoos meaning strength.

The Butterfly Tattoos That Symbol Strength

These creatures are much more than just pretty and cute. They signify transformation, freedom, and strength. A perfect strength symbol tattoo symbol for women who have been through life-changing and cathartic experiences.


Deciding on a tattoo design is only half the job done. The location of your tattoo is crucial because it will be the deciding factor in how powerful your tattoo will look.

Detailed and huge tattoo designs will look better in areas with more space such as the upper back, biceps, and forearms.

Small and dainty tattoo designs will look great in smaller areas such as hands, wrists, and ankles.

Once you have created a list of placements for your tattoos that symbolizes strength, you can ask for some insight from your tattoo artist. They will be able to tell you if the tattoo can be placed there or not and even give you placement suggestions.

Your pain tolerance is also an essential factor. To help you with the placement of tattoo strength ideas, we have listed down different body parts and their pain threshold.


Symbols for strength tattoos on the forearm cause low to medium levels of pain because of fewer nerve endings. The forearms also have thick skin and a lot of muscles.

Wrists, Hands, Fingers, Toes, and Feet

These areas have several nerve endings with very thin skin. Due to this, tattoos on these areas will be very painful.


Symbols Strength tattoos on the upper and lower back will cause low-medium to medium levels of pain. This is because the skin is thick and has few nerve endings. Tattoos on the spine and shoulder blades will cause high levels of pain.

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Neck & Head

The neck and head are very sensitive due to a lack of flesh and an abundance of nerves. Consequentially, the tattoos here will be highly painful.

Outer Biceps

If this is your first time getting a tattoo or if you have low pain tolerance, the outer biceps are great for your strength tattoo. The outer bicep has a lot of muscle and very few nerve endings. Tattoos on the outer biceps will cause low to low-medium levels of pain.


This area of the body contains high levels of fat and muscles. Tattoos on the calves will cause low to low-medium levels of pain.

Outer Shoulders

The outer part of the shoulders contains thick skin and a small number of nerve endings. Tattoos here will cause low to low-medium levels of pain.


Cost is a very critical component that is often neglected during the tattoo planning process. The cost of tattoos will differ based on the placement of the tattoo, the tattoo artist’s level of proficiency, and the location of the tattoo shop.

But, there are a few general factors regarding the cost of a tattoo such as the size of the tattoo and how detailed the design is.

All tattoo shops have a minimum cost. This is so that the tattoo artist is adequately compensated for the time they invest in each client. Based on the size, small and clean tattoos with minimum details will cost about $50-$200, differing based on your geographic location.

The experience and the number of clients a tattoo artist has will also impact the price. You can expect a higher price range with an experienced tattoo artist.

Some tattoo artists also charge on an hourly basis. Full sleeve, full back, and full leg tattoos that mean strength cost anywhere from around $2,000-$6,000 just for the outlining. Full-color tattoos will take about $200 more. These placements require a lot of time and labor. These tattoos typically take two to three months to finish.

Large metro areas have a higher minimum rate. Anywhere from around $60-$150 for simple outline symbols for strength tattoos.


Now that you have a basic idea about the placement and cost of tattoos, let’s dive deep into the list of tattoos that mean strength that we have curated just for you.

We have 108 unique tattoos that symbolizes strength (54 strength tattoos female and male each).


strength symbol tattoos for females
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symbol for strength tattoo
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tattoos about strength
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symbol of strength tattoo
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tattoos representing strength
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tattoo symbols for strength


tattoo for strength
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symbols of strength and courage tattoos
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unique tattoos that symbolize strength
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symbolic tattoos that symbolize strength
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strong symbol tattoo
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strength tattoo symbols


Which of these designs did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. To, U. Sreenidhi,
    You’ve written about this particular topic so beautifully and each and everything is so pinpoint and informative. You’re the best blogger I’ve ever come across. Keep it up, dear.

    • You can get inked with a “raven in a cage” tattoo.
      Ravens are usually associated with bad omen which can represent negativity for you and a cage can be represented as a means to store that negativity.
      Hope, this helps! 🙂

  2. What is the tattoo in the 3rd box of men, the upper middle that looks like a circle with kanji or Chinese lettering at the bottom

    • Hey,
      It’s an ENSO symbolic tattoo. The almost completed circle shows there is emptiness both within and outside the circle and is designed to shows the vastness of the universe and its ultimate power.

  3. I would love for you to help me out with an idea for my next tattoo. So I could have lost my daughter when I was pregnant with her, and she held on for dear life. With that being said, I wanted to get a tattoo that would represent/symbolize “strength”. Please help!

    • Hey,
      You can go for a tattoo showcasing holding hands. It would symbolize your bond with your daughter as well as her will to hold on to life.
      It will look beautiful.
      Tattoo Inspiration


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