126 Bold & Beautiful Tattoos For Women On Back

Back Tattoo Women: The Ultimate List + A Complete Guide

Tattoos have been part of human civilization for millennia, and are trending now more than ever, especially among us millennials!

Even if you don’t belong to the millennial generation, a tattoo is a nice choice to check off your bucket list.

For millennia, tattoos have been a form of self-expression and a statement of affiliation. It’s become so widespread that it’s like a rite of passage!

Most of us are apprehensive about our first ones, especially when we consider how long they will last. Of course, there are certain seasonal variations, but the best thing to do is choose the proper design.

The age of thorns and roses has given way to quirky and deeply personal styles that often serve as internal messaging. There is also a high aesthetic value that goes along with it. From delicate filigree designs to elaborate compound images, the right tattoo can create a very alluring image.

Have you ever considered the similarities between tattoos and real estate? Remember that it’s all about “Location, Location, Location!” in both circumstances.

Choosing where to put that lovely design is a big decision, and we have a suggestion for you: Tattoos For Women On Back.

Back Tattoos For Women: A Steady Trend

The elaborate women’s back tattoos that have been sported for decades have not dimed in popularity since it first came to our collective attention.

Some of the more delicate designs such as mandalas, and illusion designs have increased in popularity in recent years. This new design trend is actually a reason why back tattoos are a favorite option for many.

You may wear it as a permanent accessory for yourself, whether you’re the eccentric one with a small butterfly on her neck or the hippy at heart with a flowering vine down your back.

If you’re concerned that it will detract from your professional appearance, don’t worry; your shirt will conceal the secret until you’re ready to party in your new top!

There is a design to suit every want you may have.

So, if you’ve ever thought of hopping on to the back tattoo bandwagon, now is definitely the time! (and our list of back tattoo women will definitely help you to select a great design for yourself).

Tattoos For Women On Back: Pain, Care, and Recovery

Areas That Hurt More

Tattoos that aren’t near joint areas are a lot easier to tolerate when you are actually getting inked, which is why areas near the back of your shoulder i.e upper back tattoos for women can be a good choice.

When you feel your tolerance for pain and discomfort is limited, back tattoos might be a good or bad location for ladies, entirely contingent upon where you place them. It is also a great location to get more elaborate designs if it suits your style. Although you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that all areas of your back are equally tolerable.

The dip of your spine, and the arch of your shoulder blades, especially if you tend to be on the slimmer side, can hurt more. The reason is simply that being near the spinal cord puts the needles in close proximity to a greater number of nerves. Ouch! The aesthetic value of a spine tattoo (or one along the shoulder blade) is undeniable.

The sensitive joints and regions near the spine and shoulder are significant obstacles to overcome for that lovely pattern you choose. If your pattern is small and delicate, you may be able to complete it in one sitting; therefore, if patience is not really your thing then you might want to get inked with small tattoos.

A back tattoo for women who would like a spine tattoo but aren’t convinced they can tolerate a lengthy procedure could be a thin series of geometric symbols or calligraphic writing that runs down your spine.

Of course, you can also try a temporary tattoo on the back too.

Care and Recovery:

The most essential thing to remember is that, despite its attractive appearance, your new tattoo is still an open wound. The tattoo location may become infected or fade if not properly cared for. As a result, keep it covered, and clean, and attempt to keep it from scabbing over. If it becomes infected at any point, get medical attention.

After your back tattoo has been completed, it is treated with antimicrobials before being wrapped. It’s a good idea to keep it covered for a few hours or a day. Once the coverings have been removed, scrub the area carefully with soap and water, then apply the antimicrobial lotion or cream that the tattoo parlor sent you home with. You’ll have to do this a few times a day until the wound heals.

Ink Fading

While tattoos are permanent, they do not always stay in the same state.

The ink will fade and be removed over time.

If you don’t take care of your new tattoo, the ink will fade faster and the colors will bleed.

The ink will age and fade with time, although the rate may vary depending on the area and the colors utilized.

Tattoos on your extremities, for example, will fade faster than those on your shoulder. You may always get the tattoo redone to make it seem brand new again.


Most of us make decisions based on a budget, so it’s reasonable to question how much your new tattoo design would set you back.

A little to medium-sized tattoo that is only a couple of inches long can cost anywhere from $50 to $300. Larger, more sophisticated patterns that are created over several sittings might cost several thousand dollars.

A little, attractive tattoo in a minimalist design will be a terrific budget-friendly solution.

Just remember that sacrificing on the scale of your design is a better choice than offering the artist’s ability when it comes to inking you.

The Procedures: Getting A Tattoo On Back & Tattoo Removal

A good choice of design and artist also means that you’re less likely to have it removed later on.

While it is a perfectly fine choice to have it removed, the permanent laser removal procedure can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

The permanent laser removal procedure, done over multiple sessions, essentially breaks down the ink which is then absorbed by underlying blood vessels and disposed of, in much the same manner as all other waste in the human body.

You’d be accurate if you assumed that certain tattoos are easier to erase than others. Larger designs, of course, will require more sessions to erase. You might be shocked to learn that having numerous colors, especially milder colors, may necessitate several sessions since the removal procedure is more difficult when the contrast between the ink and your skin is minimal.

The light absorption ability of the ink and its contrast with the skin are what allow the lasers to differentially break down the ink. For exactly the same reason, ink of different colors has different levels of ease of removal!

The tattoo’s dissolution is aided by age and its proximity to a larger number of blood vessels. Near a blood vessel-rich location, such as the neck, an already fading pattern would be swiftly broken down and absorbed by the underlying vessels. The common back tattoo women sport along the spine is easier to erase than say your extremities.

Back Tattoo Removal Cost:

Tattoo removal is a costly procedure that costs around $500 on average. Prices vary widely based on factors such as the size and color of your tattoo.

The greater the pattern and the brighter the colors, the greater the hole in your pocket will be!

Now that you know the basics, check out our design inspirations for back tattoos for girls.

126 Unique and Sexy Back Tattoos For Women

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