Art Of Illusion Dressing! How To Look Slimmer In Prom Dresses

Art Of Illusion Dressing! How To Look Slimmer In Prom Dresses

Hola, curvy chics! It’s time to go on a spree on prom as today we are going to break the code for your sexier and slimmer look.

No one loves the idea of sweating hard in the gym or defying the delicious food to flaunt a perfect shape on prom. After all, there is something blissful in carrying natural skin without apologies.

If you have been thinking the same, congratulations! Your wait is over. We are here with a happy secret, that is, the art of illusion dressing.

Illusion prom dresses are now a prime part of fashion rage in 2021. They perfectly live up to the general rule that says, ‘Real beauty is not how you look, but how you carry yourself.’ As they are meant to save the bacon of curvy fashionistas by tricking the eyes of bystanders, they deserve our attention.

Let’s stick to the idea and find out how to create an illusion of slimmer and leaner in stylish prom gowns.

The Silhouette Should Be The Prime Element Of Fashion Game

Art Of Illusion Dressing! How To Look Slimmer In Prom Dresses

By silhouette, we mean the shape around the outside of your outfit. You should always look for short or long prom dresses that stay snug to your waist and hips. That way, you can achieve a flattering figure and a fetching feminine statement.

For extra delights, you can opt for the darker and richer shades like black, blue, pine green, and others. The slinky fit silhouette and dark color are two seamless solutions to create an optical illusion of a leaner appearance in your long or short prom dresses.

Try To Keep It Simple And Monochromatic

Art Of Illusion Dressing! How To Look Slimmer In Prom Dresses

Monochromatic or solid designer prom dresses glide over curves and balance your body proportions. Make sure that your best-loved solid prom outfit is simple and comprise no added features such as borders, belts, or flare. Remember, the more simple your dress is, the more you will look slimmer.

Surprisingly, there are several designer collections where you can find your savior monochrome styles. Jovani prom dresses, Alyce Paris prom dresses, and Mac Duggal prom dresses are some picture-perfect examples of what we are talking about.

Plump For Thinner Fabric

Art Of Illusion Dressing! How To Look Slimmer In Prom Dresses

Thicker fabric like organza, detailed lace, and tweed are great for skinny girls, but curvy chics can find it hard flaunting them flawlessly. That’s where lighter fabric such as georgette, chiffon, and crepe enters the scene.

Whether you have set your heart on the assortment of jazzy Jovani prom dresses, alluring Alyce Paris prom dresses, or others, there is always something light and comfortable for plus-size fashionistas.

Closing Words

Illusion dressing is a magic trick for plus size women who desire to show off their curves unapologetically.

Now that you know how to create an illusion of your dreamy slimmer hourglass shape, lose no time and start shopping for voguish prom dresses with a free mind.

Make sure to carry your prom look with confidence for bonus beauty.

Slay The Way You Want!


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