How to Dress For a Wedding Function that Makes Everyone say WOW!

How to Dress For a Wedding Function that Makes Everyone say WOW!

When we are officially invited to the ceremony, the first thought is: what should I wear?

Choosing the right clothing is not always an easy task, you need the right look. In this case, the watchwords are elegance and sobriety, especially if the ceremony takes place in the church.

It is also important to give personality to our look to give a touch of glamor, perhaps with the right accessory, but always with discretion.

If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, we reveal some rules to follow and the mistakes not to make to be impeccable guests.

How To Dress For A Wedding: The Perfect Look For The Guests

Now let us see what the best choices are to make to be an invited model. Choosing the right clothing for a wedding means following the rules, to which you can then combine a little flair and imagination, but always without exaggerating and keeping in mind the type of ceremony we will participate in.

1. Think about your comfort and choose the dress based on the location of the ceremony

The dress you choose will have to be comfortable because you will have to wear it for many hours, so wear something that is in your style by adding elements that make it elegant. Also, pay attention to fabrics: in summer it is better to light clothes in natural and non-synthetic material to avoid suffering from the heat, always carry a shrug with you for the evening.

Another important element in deciding how to dress for the wedding is the location. It is essential to understand which dress, accessories, and shoes to wear.

If the ceremony will take place in a garden or on a beach, for example, stiletto heels are to be avoided, and perhaps we will not choose the long dress for clothing. If, on the other hand, the wedding will take place in a villa or on a terrace, the attire will be more formal.

2. Dress, skirt, pants, or jumpsuit? To you the choice

It is not said that at weddings you should only wear clothes, the choice is in fact much more varied there are cigarette or palazzo trousers, skirts but also elegant suits or jumpsuits.

Follow your nature also in this choice. Whichever outfit you choose, do not forget to click tons of pictures for a keepsake.

Always back them up on a device like Photostick to ensure you do not delete them by mistake. This Photo stick review will tell you more about how to use this device.


If the wedding takes place in the morning, floral patterns or more lively colors are also good: fuchsia, orange, yellow. If the ceremony is religious, remember to cover your shoulders in church with a stole or a jacket.

Dresses with a tight bodice and balloon or wide skirt are also very elegant. If you are invited to a wedding that takes place in the evening, the long dress is almost a must, avoiding black and preferring midnight blue if the ceremony requires formal clothing, perhaps with the addition of stoles and jewels, but always without exaggerate.

For an informal ceremony we can also indulge in a dress that highlights the shapes, with a lean and defined body, well even the necklines that must not be too wide as well as the dress, which can be snug but without wrapping too much. Yes, also to sequins. But remember not to steal the show from the bride, who must remain the real protagonist of the ceremony.

Trousers or jumpsuits

You can choose the trousers in palazzo style but also in a cigarette style, combining them with soft silk blouses or short jackets: for the day, go for a Chanel pink or turquoise while for the evening blue is always recommended. You can give a touch of elegance with a particular belt, but never too flashy. Another alternative is jumpsuits (elegant jumpsuits), choose soft materials with a palace line, but no too wide necklines.


The most elegant formal skirts are the longest ones, long or, at most, just above the knee. Therefore, the short skirt that would be in bad taste should be excluded. Always combine it with a silk top with a jacket or a soft silk shirt.

3. Colors

As for the colors, pastel colors, floral prints, pearl gray and powder pink, but also orange, emerald green, yellow, lilac and ocher are allowed at weddings. Black and white pairing is also allowed. For the evening, if you prefer a dark suit, midnight blue is recommended.

4. The shoes

Shoes can become the element that gives particularity to your wedding look. A single-color dress can be embellished with glittery shoes, jeweled sandals, the important thing is that you play well with all the elements to create something harmonious.

Heels are worn at weddings, while wedges and flat shoes are to be avoided. What is certain is that if you have never worn high heels, you should not try them at a wedding, so it is better to put on a more comfortable heel.

If the shoes are new, wear them a few days before so as not to find yourself in the evening, after the ceremony, with sore feet. Do not forget to bring spare shoes, especially if you wear very high heels.

5. The accessories

The accessories must always be chosen according to the ceremony dress we have chosen: if the dress is simple and one color, we can enrich it with more eye-catching accessories and a more particular design.

If the dress has sequins or flowers, then it will be better to opt for more sober jewelry and accessories. Gloves are also allowed: short in summer and up to the elbow in winter, but to be removed in church during the celebration of the wedding.

Choose small bags, earring, clutches, or small shoulder straps: the important thing is that it is mini.

Those who intend to wear a hat will have to choose a quality one to keep for the whole ceremony.


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