Luxury By ZeroKaata: New Label, New Story!

Luxury By ZeroKaata: New Label, New Story!

A brand’s story is often overlooked by people and sometimes, the brand itself.

But if you ask me, sharing your story with your audience is as important as driving a successful marketing campaign or achieving a sales target.


Because your story tells who you are.

It helps you to connect with your customers on a deeper level, which is why, today I am going to share our story behind launching a new label: Luxury By ZeroKaata.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name in Sanskriti Khanna. I head content and Marketing for ZeroKaata.  

Through this blog, I’m going to walk you through the journey of starting a new luxury label.

Before we start, here’s a gist of what exactly is this new label all about!

What Is Luxury By ZeroKaata?

Luxury By ZeroKaata showcases premium jewellery designs that exhibit nothing but elegance and royalty.    

It revolves around exclusivity, premium quality, and uniqueness. By offering extra-ordinary jewellery designs, we seek to exceed our customers’ desires.

Why A Luxury Label?

We want to cater the entirety of “Jewellery”.

After establishing our roots in the fashion jewellery industry, we realized that it was time for us to spread our roots to the luxury segment; hence, a new luxury label.

And it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the support and guidance provided by our Founder & CEO, Gaurav Gambhir.

Gaurav headed the Research and Supply Chain team.

Sharing his experience, Gaurav says “A strong supply-chain is the backbone of any e-commerce brand, especially if you’re creating a luxury label. Each and every design from your collection should be able to deliver the experience that creates loyalty; otherwise, your label will end up being just a name that no one will remember after a few months.

Therefore, we made sure that our entire luxury collection showcases styles that are capable of converting desire into want.”

What Are We Offering?

Exclusivity, Premium Quality and Experience

Exquisite and Exclusive!

These 2 words define our brand: Luxury By ZeroKaata.

Our entire collection showcases state-of-art designs that provide value to the customers in terms of exclusive designs and a luxury experience in terms of quality and craftsmanship.  

If you haven’t checked out our collection yet then have a look here:

The Roadmap Ahead

Since our inception, we have been continually working to improve our customer experience. Our success so far has been achieved through creativity and our commitment to our customers.

Therefore, the roadmap ahead includes teamwork to make “Luxury By ZeroKaata” an iconic luxury jewellery brand in the world by establishing and eventually dominating marketplace presence.



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