The Ultimate List Of Trending Engagement Rings Styles

Tiffany engagement ring

We suppose congratulations are in order as getting engaged is easily amongst the most exciting events in one’s life.

It is you taking the first step towards a new life, preparing for a lifelong union that will surely be filled with some very happy, memorable, and challenging moments!

Considered to be a prized possession, engagement rings are what is said to unify the eternal bond of two souls who are deeply in love!


Blissfully in Love and Soon to Be Engaged?

Assuming that the horizon is near, you must start exploring options to get your hands on the perfect ring!

Every couple has a unique way of handling the process of engagement ring shopping.

While we see some couples visiting the shops together initially at least, to narrow down their favourite styles, others might shop individually, or with a trusted friend or confidant, so that they can keep the mystery intact.

Then there come some couples who decide on the full ring and centre stone combination together!

They do so to ensure that everything turns out to be exactly as they envisioned, and there is no room for surprises. Eventually, it is just up to you and your partner to decide which way you want to go.

Diamond Rings- Capture the Special Moment!

Through our research, we have seen that most couples choose diamond rings to commemorate their promise.

Diamonds are usually associated with an expensive engagement ring, however, the pricing is highly dependent on availability and diamond options.

tiffany engagement ring
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Some of the reasons for choosing a diamond ring are:

  • The auspicious symbolism of the gem, Diamond.
  • Diamonds are considered to be eternal and they are unparalleled in strength, these beautiful and timeless gems represent the ideal quality that is needed in marriage.

Proposing with engagement rings has been a practice for decades, the rings are more than just jewellery pieces, they have symbolic and emotional meaning behind them as well.

And when you think of engagement rings, the first name that pops in your head is TIFFANY!

“Tiffany blue” represents the delicate and quaint looking blue packages of Tiffany. The pastel shade of the blue box has developed a strong association with the prestigious company which is famous for its exquisite jewellery and immaculate brand image.

Tiffany Engagement Rings :

tiffany engagement ring
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Every girl indeed desires a Tiffany ring. Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837. They are considered as the world’s premier jewellery and specialty retailer and are given the credit of being a symbol of true love.

Their rings are all crafted to perfection, and every woman yearns to be bedazzled with the Tiffany engagement ring.

We understand the importance of having your dreams for your engagement and marriage embodied in the diamond ring you choose and so even though there is no right answer on how you should shop, we thought of still making the process a tad bit easier for you.

Listed below are some of our favourite Tiffany engagement rings to make the purchasing process as easy as it can be.

These will ensure that all your wishes for your dream engagement ring are fulfilled!

Harmony Rings List :

Half Cut Round Diamond Ring

Harmony Rings are sure to leave onlookers with starry eyes. The focus of these rings is the hand-cut round diamond.

The sparkling stone here is mounted by a tapered platinum setting and the wedding band is designed in the same elegant tapered setting.

harmony rings
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These Tiffany Harmony Ring 1 carat pair perfectly with a coordinating wedding band in the same way that music and lyrics effortlessly blend. They have a  delicate four-pronged setting which ensures that the diamond shines brilliantly.

Tiffany Harmony Ring-Rose Gold

tiffany harmony rings
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Tiffany has broadened its iconic bridal range with the launch of its collection of rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands, these pieces are symbolic of how a marriage should be filled with harmonious companionship and love!

Not a Flash-in-the-pan FAD!

The Tiffany Harmony Ring- Rose Gold has a vintage feel to it and is flattering against all skin tones

Tiffany Harmony Ring With Pink Diamond

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This lovely design is another example of how Tiffany understands the needs and desires of couples who are on the verge of making the most important relationship decisions.

The Tiffany Harmony Ring with Pink Diamonds are extremely special and rare to find, they contain a round white diamond in the centre along with 3 pink diamonds on either side.

The intricate design of pink side stone accents, makes the brilliant white diamond appear much larger than its size and make the ring more appealing. 

Tiffany True Rings

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These minimal and sophisticated rings have a graphic and geometric detail. They are marked with a discreet T-shaped detail in the setting.

The above-shown diamond ring has a refined 18k yellow gold band along with a rare fancy yellow diamond.

Titled ‘Tiffany True’, this Tiffany engagement ring has clean lines and striking details. The prongs blend into the diamond showcasing innovative design.

Tiffany Soleste Rings

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The Tiffany Soleste engagement rings cast light in every direction just like the sun’s rays radiate outward. The light mirrors throughout the design, resulting in an unrivaled display of brilliance.

Let your light shine!

The “Soleste” collection engagement ring is centred with one diamond set and it is surrounded by a double halo of diamonds.

The unique point of this ring is that it is surrounded by a double halo of diamonds. The centre stone is 1.28 Carats and it has flawless clarity.

Tiffany Novo Rings

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The centre star of the Tiffany Novo Ring gives it a starry glitter of the brilliant-cut diamond because of its unique faceting.

It sits in an elegant four-prong setting with bead-set round diamonds along with a platinum band which gives it a timeless and feminine feel.

These rings have clean and contemporary lines which give it a distinctly romantic sensibility with a modern edge.

Tiffany Setting Ring

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A true design masterpiece, the Tiffany Setting ring is amongst the world’s most classic engagement rings.

This solitaire piece is simply called ‘Tiffany Setting’ because it is that iconic.

This ring is flawlessly engineered and its six-prong setting virtually disappears which allows the brilliant diamond to float above the band and into the light.

Tiffany Lucida Ring

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The patented mixed cut of the Lucida diamond is what makes us love this expensive engagement ring. Unique visual patterns are created by the diamond here, this is because the square-shaped diamond utilizes the emerald-cut on the crown part and the brilliant-cut diamonds on the pavilion part.

It sits handsomely in a four-prong setting and it melds into a block of smooth platinum or 18 Karat gold band.

PS- If you brides-to-be are looking for the complete set, then Lucida is the choice for you as these diamonds are available to make the complete set of- pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Understand that these rings are a work of art and so a lot of time is spent to craft it.

This setting undergoes authentic, time-tested techniques for crafting the piece that beautifully represents YOU and this is what all those generic galleries can never promise!

Bench jewellers will handle the refining, polishing, filing, forging and more! You name it, and they would have been already doing it, for creation of your ring!

The tailor-made services that they offer will ensure that your precious jewel is secure.

How Are Tiffany Rings Crafted?

Bench jewellers take their role in crafting your ring for the special day very seriously. They value the importance of real human artistry. They are very rare and usually, you can only access them through high-end jewellers.

In a world of ‘clicking’, sought out for Personal Touch through INNOVATION!

Tiffany managed to make the virtual experience more personalized with the launch of the engagement ring finder app.

This application paved the way for Tiffany and provided customers with a convenient way of choosing ring styles and carat weights.

It allowed users to take hand-selfies which allowed them to virtually ‘try on’ the Tiffany rings.

The innovative app was well-received and thus it generated a considerable hype through word-of-mouth, this also helped that Tiffany maintain a strong media presence.

Other than this, Tiffany has designed its online purchasing process to ease user experiences, and it ensures that it responds to online inquiries and trends.

This helps it set a unique image for itself in the industry and it also sets it apart from its competitors!

Don’t confine yourself to physical stores. EXPLORE!

If you want the engagement ring of your dreams then you have to go to these jewellers!

So, have a literal hand in the creation and be in charge of the creative process all the whole way through.

Dazzle everyone with this customized piece that no one would ever be able to own!

Still Confused? Check Out “Celeb-Rings” For Inspiration

If you are still unsure of whether or not you should go for these pretty Tiffany Engagement Rings then we have some of your favourite celebrities with their Tiffany Loops. Their expensive engagement rings will surely leave you awe-struck and gushing and will help you make up your mind!

Priyanka Chopra

PRIYANKA CHOPRA engagement ring
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According to reports, Nick Jonas had the entire Tiffany & Co. store shut down to pick out the ring!

They selected a cushion-cut diamond set that had a silver band, and it was surrounded by smaller tapered baguettes.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o engagement ring
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Actress Lupita Nyong’o was seen accessorizing her orange gown and makeup with Tiffany’s diamond earrings with red spinels.

On top of that, she also went a step ahead and added an array of colourful Tiffany & Co. rings.

Lily Collins

LILY COLLINS engagement ring
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Actress Lily Collins wore a goth princess gown along with delicate Tiffany & Co. diamond stud earrings, as well as, diamond rings. She stood out from the crowd with her princess-like styling prowess.

Lady Gaga

LADY GAGA engagement ring
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Wearing 2 million worth of jewellery from Tiffany & Co., Lady Gaga completely owned the show at the 2019 Met Gala.

Her accessories consisted of a geometric choker that featured princess-cut diamonds of over 28 total carats! She also paired them with an 18k yellow gold butterfly wings from the 2019 Tiffany Blue Book Collection and five Tiffany & Co. rings

Reese Witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON engagement ring
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Spotted wearing a diamond and blue sapphire bracelet, and diamond rings, Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous in the blue and black gown. She made her red carpet debut in these stunning jewels at Met Gala!


Before setting a proposal date or fixing your mind on a particular timeline, make sure that you add an extra buffer, preferably a week or two before you need the ring to propose!

This will help you avoid unnecessary stress and will give you time to make any last-minute changes that you may want.

Always avoid Unnecessary Stress!

Remember to consider the number of shopping trips you plan to make, both as a couple and individually, in the timeline.

It is crucial that you do not rush at this stage, this will help you in giving yourself the time needed to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Let us know your thoughts and questions about these styles in the comments below and don’t forget to share your favourite Tiffany rings with us!

Happy Shopping!


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