The Complete Guide: How To Pick Bridal Jewellery For Your Lehenga

The Complete Guide: How To Pick Bridal Jewellery For Your Lehenga

The bride is the centre of attraction in a wedding, and with all eyes on her, she must be dressed to the T. Top to bottom, her bridal look consisting of the outfit, jewellery, makeup, everything should be right for D-Day.

You must plan everything and select each piece of bridal jewellery carefully. Ensure that you are mindful of the bridal lehenga for wedding and an overall personality in mind when buying or purchasing bridal jewellery for rent.

Buying your bridal jewellery may not be the first thing on your wedding to-do list, but you shouldn’t put it as the last one either! 

This is because you have a whole sea of options available, and it can get extremely taxing to hunt down just the right set to wear on your special day. It is the day you have always dreamt of, and so you cannot just delegate the responsibilities to someone else!

We understand how big the occasion is for you, and the considerable investment you put in, and so we have listed some tips that can be used by a bride to make the jewellery shopping a tad-bit easy for you!

However, before giving the tips, to achieve the stunning look for the D-day we have some Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow when you shop for your bridal jewellery set gold.

Wedding Jewellery Shopping: Dos and Don’ts

Do Research On What’s Trending

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A wee bit of research helps you to understand the latest jewellery trends and will help you figure out what kind of baubles will best suit your outfit. Once you have looked out for what’s trending, find the best bridal wear stores in your city, select your lehenga before you go on a lookout for your dream wedding jewellery set.

Do Start Early

You have to start shopping for your wedding set jewellery for at least 3 months before. Last-minute worrying won’t do you any good and will just make you more frantic! Starting early will also enable you to explore many options.

Do Check Your Family Heirloom

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Heirloom pieces of jewellery are the ‘IT’ thing these days! So, before looking elsewhere, start at home, dust off the old royal chest box and see if your mommy or grannies antique piece is just the right one for you.

Maybe you cannot use it as it is, but with a few changes here and there, it’ll surely turn out to be as good as new. 

Do Decide On A Budget

Be smart and make sure that you set a budget first, this will ensure that you don’t end up spending all your money in one place.

This way you will not only cut down on that extra and unnecessary expense but will also be able to splurge lavishly on other aspects of your wedding instead.

Do Buy Your Wedding Lehenga First

Shop for the bridal lehenga for the wedding first as it would be easier to match your jewels with the colour texture and neckline of your outfit. 

One common question that a lot of brides have is whether they should buy the bridal lehenga or the jewellery first. Well, the answer is each to their own, you can go either way. 

We believe that it is always lehenga first and we have some tips for you that might help sway you in our direction:

1. The Condition Of Planned Ensemble

If you don’t have the whole ensemble planned in your head then you should go with the obvious rule- Try the outfit first! Remember that by the whole ensemble we mean everything from your lehenga, your blouse design, cut, hairdo, jewellery, makeup and footwear. If you are unsure about even a single component, then buy the lehenga first and worry about the other things later!

2. Why Restrict Your Options?

Your lehenga is the first thing that people notice about your bridal attire. Bridal lehenga is something you’ve dreamt of, since childhood and so it’s not fair if you have to restrict yourself when it comes to finding your dream lehenga. 

Therefore, it is better that you opt for buying the lehenga first, this will ensure that you have a wide range of options to complement your outfit with the perfect jewellery.

3. For The ‘Outfits’ Person

If like us, you too are an outfits’ person, then you just have to buy your wedding lehenga first. 

This is also useful for brides who want to go for simple and minimalist designs and still want their outfits to shine. 

The wedding lehengas are far from being light and so, a lot of hunting is required to get your hands on the right outfit that will match your style. 

Say, even if you find the dreamy light lehenga, it’ll be difficult to pair the jewellery that you had earlier brought with it. So, just go with the simple rule and buy the lehenga first! 

Do Choose Timeless Pieces & Go For Customizations

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Go for those timeless, classic pieces that you will be able to wear after your wedding as well. Experiment a bit, try interchangeable wedding pieces so that you will get more wearability out of them. 

Example: A long neck piece that can also act as a Kamar bandh. If you fail to find the right pieces to match your style, then go for customizations. This will charge you a few extra bucks but they’ll be worth the money spent. 

‘Add a little Sparkle to your Special Day and Shine like the Diva, we know you are!’

Do Keep Your Hairstyle In Mind

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Be clear about the kind of hairstyle you will be donning on the wedding day and then accordingly choose your earrings. If you are going to wear your hair down then pick long chandelier earrings. Whereas, for a bun, you can go for medium length earrings.

Also, do wear Hair Accessories, even a small beaded hairpin will do the trick and add to your charm!

Do Understand Your Face Shape

You have to consider your face shape and skin tone while jewellery shopping.

Example: For a round-shaped face, you need a long necklace and chandelier earrings and shorter necklaces with danglers or drop would be suitable for a heart-shaped face.

Don’t Compromise On Personal Style

As it is, you have enough to stress about on the big day, and so it won’t do you any good if you feel uneasy and fidgety throughout the day.

Go for your true style, instead of blindly following trends. Don’t invest in the ‘new flashy thing’, if you know you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. 

Don’t Forget Your Neckline

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You must choose your neckpiece as per your bridal blouse design and neckline.

For a high neckline, you can go for chained elongated necklaces and you can wear heavy choker sets if you plan to wear a deep neck.

Don’t Overdo

Even though there’s no such thing as too many accessories when it comes to a bride and you can completely go OTT with your accessories, but if you have even a little doubt in your mind of whether you’d be able to pull the look together, then it is advisable to play safe and go light on jewellery.

Don’t Carry Clutches & Don’t wear a Watch

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You shouldn’t feel the need to carry a clutch, because you’ll have ten people to take care of all your necessary stuff.

However, if you still want to carry one, pick a lightweight potli bag. Second, don’t wear watches as anyway your hands will all be covered with bridal chooda and bangles, and you are more likely to end up damaging the watch if you end up wearing it.

Don’t Forget To Check For Hallmarks

Whenever you buy your jewellery, always remember to check if it is hallmarked or not and do ask for a cash memo, in case you wish to make an exchange or return in future.

Don’t Fet Fixated On One Thing, Keep An Open Mind

If you have a certain piece in your mind and you are unable to find it anywhere, then move on, don’t keep stressing about it!

Be flexible and try other jewellery pieces, chances are that you’ll end up finding something better.

However, if you still think you want the one, you have in mind, then simply ask your jeweller to make something similar for you.

The Right Mix & Match

Now that you are clear about what is to be done and what is to be avoided, we move on to the most essential part which is how do you achieve the right combination!

It is important that both your bridal lehenga for wedding and your bridal lehenga blouse design match with your jewellery.

We understand how daunting the above task is but like we said before we are here to make your life easy. 

Just follow the suggestions mentioned below and achieve your Fairytale Wedding!

Bridal Lehenga for Wedding and Jewellery Combination

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It’s Your Wedding, You’re Allowed To Go OTT!

Strike the perfect balance between your heavy jewellery and heavy lehenga. Because you’ll be dressed in one of the heaviest outfits on your wedding day, it only makes sense to top off the look with a heavy piece of jewellery. 

The Perfect Contrast

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Show that you are no stranger to experimenting!

If you want to make the onlookers jaw-drop, then you have to go for this eccentric and beautiful style. Up your bridal look by playing with your looks and colours. The contrasting look of these pieces of jewellery with bridal lehenga blouse design will help you achieve the trendy contemporary look.

The Multi-Coloured Jewellery 

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For the new-age brides!

The new age brides firmly believe in the concept of ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ The multi-coloured jewellery is slowly becoming the most sought-after pieces of jewellery. 

If you don’t want to go for the bridal jewellery set gold then you can opt for these stunning options. With so many options available, you can go for anything from faux Polki necklace to the multicoloured Basra pearls.

Diamonds Are Forever

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Nothing beats the shine of a diamond!

Diamonds have for long been considered as a girl’s best friend and what kind of wedding is with the best friend! 

They are perfect for adding a charmless appeal to your look.

Further, if you are wearing a heavy bridal lehenga blouse design then you can go for a little minimal yet evergreen piece of jewellery.

Along with helping you avoid the OTT look, it will help you achieve an awe-inspiring bridal look. 


Pair the diamond set with exquisite gemstone-counterparts- rubies, emeralds and sapphires to get the magnificent look right.

The Matching Bridal Blouse Design & Jewellery

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The tried and tested match game.

There’s no harm in playing safe on your wedding, after all, we understand that you cannot afford for anything to look amiss on your special day.

Opt for the traditional way of getting matching your bridal lehenga for the wedding with the jewellery to achieve the classy and elegant bridal look.

We suggest that you should up the matching game by going with different hues for the same colour.

This means that all you need to do is buy jewellery matching with your bridal blouse design, just remember that the jewellery has a darker hue.

You can also go for matching the colour of your jewellery with the colour of the dupatta.


Planning on buying a piece of stone-studded jewellery for lehenga? Make sure that the colour of the stones matches the colour of your lehenga. 

White Jewellery For Lehenga

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For the trendsetters!

If you are not afraid of trying something bold and unique, then we have the perfect option for you. Go for a piece of all-white jewellery, this will help in making your lehenga look more striking and will also provide for a supremely stunning bridal look. 

However, if you don’t want to go for a piece of all-white jewellery initially, then try changing the settings for the pheras and leave everyone mesmerized with your unique style.

Make Your Jewellery The Exclamation Point Of Your Outfit!

Your special day demands special attention, just selecting your bridal outfits and makeup will not cover for this day. 

You must also master the art of pairing the right jewellery with your ensemble.

If you found the blog helpful, then make sure to hit the like button and let us know how you aced your bridal look in the comments below.

So, these were the tips and tricks to make a perfect bridal jewellery set collection for the most important day of your life. 

Do you know any other trick or hack that you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below!


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