53 Bold & Edgy Mens Hairstyles For Curly Hair

53 Irresistible Curly Hairstyle For Men

Hairstyles form an integral part of every human on this planet.

Maintaining a hairstyle by the looks and personality of an individual has become a necessity as time passes by.

People love to have long hair and flex their long hair in different hairstyles that not only add confidence but also add an extraordinary look.

Especially, men are too fond of their hair and this is the only thing that they care the most about.

Now, when talking about different types of hairstyles, males are generally fond of curly hair.

Having curly hair is a blessing as it opens doors for a variety of curly hairstyle for men.

Curls have become a trend in recent times. Taking the trend into consideration, here is a list of mens hairstyles for curly hair that every man with curly hair should at least try for once.

1. Curly Fringe

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://haircutinspiration.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Textured-Crop-Natural-curls.jpg

This style looks flawless thanks to a tousled head and a strong swoop.

Wait no longer if you’re seeking the greatest haircut for medium curly hair that will make you stand out!

These medium curly hairstyles are designed to take center stage at all times.

These curls give you a sense of movement that you won’t experience from any other method. It is one of the best and easiest men curly hairstyle.

2. Shake and Go Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://manlycurls.com/blog_new/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/curly-hairstyles-for-men-long-hair-hanging-locks.jpg

My go-to curly medium-length hairdo is the Shake and Go.

You simply shake your curls and let them lay on your hair in a freestyle fashion, as the name suggests, before leaving the door open.

This hairstyle is suitable for any guy who wants to grow his curls to a medium length and suits men with three curly hair types. It is one of the most preferred curly hairstyle for men.

3. Side Part Hairstyle

curly hairstyle male
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/14/39/61/143961c40170d69088a850b3167d6162.jpg

For guys, the side part is a classic hairstyle under the category of curly hairstyle male.

The side part is a haircut that most men have grown up with since it’s a favorite among mothers who prefer to dress up their children in suits and formal clothes that makes them appear to be 40 years old.

Regardless, the side part is a fairly simple hairstyle to execute: comb your hair to the side, beginning at either the right or left temple.

The hair should be combed straight to the parted line or at an angle to it. For guys with wavy or coiled hair and hair that is short to medium length, the side part is a terrific traditional style.

4. Ivy League Hairstyle

male curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Curly-Ivy-League-Hairstyle.jpg

The Ivy League is a haircut that leaves your hair in a relatively static shape. The Ivy League haircut is a short hairstyle with tapered sides and a top that is lengthened backward with a hair clipper.

The forelock (the hair on the front of the head) will be significantly longer than the crown or vertex as a result of this (hair on the back of the top of the head).

The Ivy League hairstyle resembles a wedge when viewed from the side. For males with curly hair of any sort, the Ivy League haircut is a great alternative.

5. Recon Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://menshairblog.com/sitiotres/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/The-recon-haircut-as-a-military-hairstyle-for-afro-curls.jpg

My favorite short curly hairstyle for men is the Recon haircut, which is a military haircut. Except for a little rectangle of hair on the top of your head, the Recon has all of his hair shaved or clipped with no guard. This section of hair is about 4 inches broad and 8 inches long, and it’s known as the landing strip in military jargon. The Recon haircut looks best on coiled and kinky curly hair, but it may be done on any of the three curly hair types.

6. Afro Hairstyle

men curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b3/b4/08/b3b40871eb8f2b3faef8fec44f09ca68–hair-cuts.jpg

The Afro is a hairstyle that suits afro-textured hair, and afro-textured hair is also described as kinky curly hair in my hair type reference.

However, an Afro hairstyle can also be accomplished with coiled or even wavy hair, and in this instance, the hairstyle is referred to as a Jewfro or Whitefro.

The purpose of the Afro, which is a medium-length to long-length curly hairstyle, is to generate as much upward volume as possible, which is something that kinky curly hair organically achieves.

It is one of the most preferred long curly hairstyle for man.

7. Jim Morrison Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://manlycurls.com/blog_new/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/jim-morrison-214×300.jpg

The Jim Morrison hairstyle was a legendary 1970s hairdo popularized by Jim Morrison of The Doors, but it was also adopted by a slew of other rock artists at the time.

The Jim Morrison haircut is nothing more than a Bob cut with messy layers, as expertly sported by Mr. Morrison himself, and I couldn’t help but name it after a man who could wet any lady he wanted with his hair alone.

It is one of the most unique curly hairstyle for men.

8. Hanging Locks Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/c4/2c/6f/c42c6fcc880f2b538cd935d360b1950f–dreadlock-hairstyles-for-men-dreadlock-styles-for-men.jpg

After seeing it on Spanish artist David Bisbal, I came up with the name “Hanging Locks.”

This is a long curly hairstyle for man in which all of the hair on the top of the head is cut to a length of 8 to 10 inches, while the hair on the sides and back are trimmed to a length of 2 inches.

The hair is left to dangle and hang down naturally or with the added weight of styling cream, giving the hairstyle a much more compact look.

9. Long Shoulder Length Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/39/ad/68/39ad680b6864758d94b97084272d70cb.jpg

The hairstyle Long Shoulder Length is a difficult one to pull off.

It’s appropriate for all three varieties of curly hair, although it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 years to develop. This hairdo is longer than the traditional shoulder length, and most men finish growing their manes at shoulder length.

The hairstyle Beyond Shoulder Length is normally grown until it reaches chest-length or mid-back length, which takes a long time.

It is one of the most preferred curly hairstyle for men when it comes to bachelor out there.

10. Crew Cut Hairstyle

male curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://menshairstyletips.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/1-Short-Curly-Crew-Cut-Haircut.jpg

For curly-haired men who desire a short, clean hairstyle with just enough length to show off their natural curl, the crew cut is the king of taper haircuts.

Curls with a texture that starts at the scalp will love the textured crew. The textured crew cut, like many shortcuts, requires little upkeep.

Simply use your No-Poo Original and One Condition Original on wash day to keep it clean. If you’re going out for the night, spritz on some High Shine to keep your curls from frizzing and to make them shine.

11. Side Swept Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://menhairstylist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/two-toned-bangs-short-curly-hairstyles-for-men.jpg

The Side Swept is a curly-haired man’s hairstyle for curls that are loose in shape; these curls are Type I curls, as I’ve labeled them in my curly hair type guide.

Your hair should remain relatively flat in the Side Swept hairstyle; that is, your curly hair should not have volume and will barely protrude out from the scalp when fashioned in this manner.

The Side Swept is an easy-to-do curly hairstyle for men that is a lovely traditional hairdo.

12. Undercut Hairstyle

men curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/08/d6/c0/08d6c0fb8847c8bdd342be7161a11313.jpg

Although the Undercut is technically a haircut, it only looks excellent when the hair is left with plenty of volumes rather than flattened. This is because it entails trimming half of the hair mass on your scalp and generating sharp edges.

As a result, the Undercut is a haircut that is best suited to styling the back of your hair with your fingers and/or tousling the hair a little to create a messy look; the final shape achieved with an Undercut is one with sharp edges and lots of hair volume, allowing the Undercut to be considered both a haircut and a hairstyle.

13. Quiff Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/56/67/18/566718934bf458f014bbc1f7c21bdcee.jpg

In comparison to classic quiff men’s haircuts, the curly quiff appears more sophisticated and distinctive.

It can be slicked, brushed, sloppy, or spiked in a variety of ways. To create a more stunning contrast, pair your drink with the buzzed cut sides and rear. It is one of the best curly hairstyle for men in 2022.

14. Cropped Hairstyle

curly hairstyle male
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ae/6e/d9/ae6ed9b64cb4d44adec429291e97034c.jpg

Cropped short curly haircuts are one of the wavy hair guys rock that allows you to show off your hair texture. If you want to show off your curls, go for a cut short curly hairdo.

These haircuts draw attention to the top of your head while yet allowing your tight curls to stand out. You can get the sides faded and match the look with a surgical line on the side to add a touch of elegance.

15. Rocker Locks Hairstyle

male curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://maximonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Photo-by-Hust-Wilson-on-Unsplash-scaled.jpg

The majority of men’s haircuts mirror their inner personalities.

Rocker locks are your best bet if you like to flaunt your proclivity for the rocker side. Even though it’s a sophisticated cut, it’ll give you a civilized look.

Shave your sides and neck while leaving the top stripe of hair somewhat long to obtain the rocker lock look. It is one of the simplest curly hairstyle for men. This haircut won’t look too savage because of your layered curly hair.

16. Tapered Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i2.wp.com/therighthairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/16-natural-line-up-haircut.jpg?resize=500%2C517&ssl=1

Tapers can be used to improve long curly hairstyles in a variety of ways.

This haircut appears reasonable and smooth because of the gentle transition from short hair on the sides and back to long hair on top.

A taper fades or undercuts on the sides and a line up along the hairline can add contrast. It is one of the best and most difficult men curly hairstyle to make.

17. Choppy Curls Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/59/c3/9b/59c39b677012f7f4ff391741a650dd35.jpg

If you don’t want anything fancy and just want a simple yet elegant haircut to control your wild man curl, then keep your hair short all over your head.

If you want to emphasize your hair texture, even more, leave the top area a little longer than the rest. This will help to draw attention to your curly hairstyle for men.

18. Short Side and Long Top Curly Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/

One of the best curly hairstyle for men is the short sides long top.

It gives you the option of leaving as much hair on top as you desire. Just make sure there’s a clear contrast between the hair on top and the hair on the sides and back.

We’ve lost count of the number of variations on this haircut, which range from short curly hair with bangs and taper to curly long hair undercut fade.

19. An Angular Fringe Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://thehairstylish.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/short-sides-long-top-hairstyle-for-curly-hair.png

Men with curly hair can obtain a dramatic and crisp style by opting for an angled fringe haircut.

With various hair textures, the fringe haircut appears heavier, but with the appropriate styling, it may be made to look lighter. Apply some hair styling products and tousle the curls with your hands to give your hairdo an airy and relaxed sensation.

A mid fade will look fantastic with this ‘do. It is one of the most preferred male curly hairstyle in western countries.

20. Short Curls

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://menshaircuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/short-curly-hairstyles-for-men-messy-brunette.jpg

Even short curly haircuts look abundant and delineated when you have such a defined hair structure.

Short curly hairstyle for men, on the other hand, are a guaranteed strategy to manage the obsession of your ringlets, as we previously stated.

Get a two-level detached curly undercut on the sides to make the appearance even edgier, which can only be pulled off by the most daring fashionistas.

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21. Longer Band Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/c5/7c/cb/c57ccb5ed8fa6893777cd264f4aa54cf.jpg

An elongated curly undercut bang is the way to go if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that allows you to show off your curls.

Because there isn’t much hair on the head, a long beard might be used to accent the cut. It is one of the most classic curly hairstyle for men.

Especially, this hairstyle goes very well with a long and dark beard.

22. Curly Skin Fade

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://content.latest-hairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/best-mens-curly-hair-fade-haircuts.jpg

Complement your curls with a skin fade to make them the focal point of your complete look.

Nothing pulls attention from your defined hair texture because it removes all of the hair from the sides and back. Apply a medium hold, matte finish hair styling product for further impact.

It is one of the best suited curly hairstyle for men who are looking for something funky.

23. Tousled Top With Short Sides

long curly hairstyle for man

The male curly hairstyle that has a long top and short sides is always a good choice.

It allows them to keep their kinks under control while maintaining a dapper and tidy image. Furthermore, choosing it gives you a plethora of style possibilities.

If you want your hair to look casual and relaxed, tousle the top with a hand covered in hair pomade or wax, for example.

24. Fancy Curls With Tapered Design

curly hairstyle male
Image Courtesy: https://i1.wp.com/myhublist.com/

This curly hairstyle for men is designed for men who are extremely fashion conscious. However, if you take the risk, you can be sure that it will not go unnoticed.

Furthermore, if you have oily or spiral curls, it looks much more dramatic. Combine the curly top with tapered sides embellished with a hair pattern for a unique look.

25. Textured Curls With Undercut

curly hairstyle male
Image Courtesy: https://thetrendhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/curly-top-with-fade-hairstyle.jpg

Another fantastic approach to emphasize your curls is to get an undercut on the sides and back.

You may easily obtain a dramatic and contrasty look with minimal styling by doing so. You may also give your curls a textured trim and a smidgeon of hair product to make them stand out even more.

This is one of the most preferred curly hairstyle for men.

26. Messy Curly Quiff

curly hairstyle male

You will surely be the center of attention wherever you go and whatever you wear with this haircut.

A sloppy curly quiff is an unusual twist on a classic hairdo. To get the look, get a quiff upfront and style the rear of your head haphazardly.

This is one of the most preferred and easiest curly hairstyles for men.

27. Curly Comb Over

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://ath2.unileverservices.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/06/curly-combover-prada-min.jpg

The comb-over is traditionally thought to be a nice, classy hairstyle for a man with thick, straight hair. However, this does not rule out the curly comb-over as a viable option or a desirable aesthetic.

A comb-over or side part hairstyle becomes more intriguing and natural with the volume and texture provided by your thick curly hair.

The comb over fade is popular among guys with curly hair because it allows them to simply train and style their hair to part.

Simply apply a dollop of strong-hold pomade or hair wax to your hair and comb it to the side along your natural part line to achieve the effect.

28. Wavy Fringe

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://hairmotive.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/hairstyles-for-men-wavy-hair.jpg

For males with curly wavy hair, the wavy fringe is a fresh, edgy haircut.

The longer hair in the front of the head, which generates waves on your forehead, is the distinguishing element of the fringe hairstyle.

For a natural, matte finish, texture, and style that wavy fringe with light hair wax products.

29. Beachy Wavy Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/f4/7e/60/f47e60ab0c3300c7f961d0d29fc056f2.jpg

Beachy men’s curls are more difficult to achieve, but they’re worth it if you want to seem like a modern-day rock god. As you may expect, having healthy, naturally shiny hair is a must.

To get those waves or curls flowing and protect the hair from drying out, use products like sea salt hairspray. The end effect is a haircut that wonderfully balances untidy and purposeful.

30. Wavy Undercut

men curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/36/1c/ab/361cab159f970a9a69a07bbb2db56d73.jpg

The curly hairstyle for men i.e. wavy undercut, which is currently more popular than ever, surrounds an island of killer locks with a short-length cut.

Create a pompadour or quiff at the crown, or take your way with your wavy men’s hair based on its natural characteristics. If you can pull this off, every time you go out the door, you’ll get the perfect kind of stares.

No one can disagree with this wavy haircut for males.

31. Slick Back Hairstyle

men curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://allimages.sgp1.digitaloceanspaces.com/topbesthaircom/2022/01/1641323418_704_23-Awesome-Slicked-Back-Hairstyles-for-Stylish-Guys.jpg

A curly hairstyle for men can be both stylish and dapper!

With this hair texture, the slick back style, for example, takes on a new meaning. Furthermore, because you have curly hair, you won’t lose volume when slicking it back because it retains ampleness and fullness.

To keep your ringlets in place, all you’ll need is a hairstyle product with a firm grip.

32. Tangled Curly Style

male curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/18/47/c3/1847c3dfbef9d118a88d61f0345e8077.jpg

Keep in mind that your hairdo should speak for itself. As a result, if you want to create a big fashion statement, you should carefully consider how you will style your hair.

Flaunt your tangled curly hairstyles to add volume and definition to your hair. Your hair will have more flow and texture as a result of this.

Complement your messy hair men’s style with a double line-up for maximum assertiveness.

33. Long Messy Curls

men curly hairstyle

If you don’t want to go for an extremely complicated curly hairstyle for men, simply let your hair grow long and you’ll have a prominent and eye-catching appearance.

It does not necessitate a great deal of styling or upkeep. Simply define your curls with a glob of hairstyling products and let them fall naturally.

34. Asymmetrical Curly Fringe

male curly hairstyle
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/61/c9/aa/61c9aaec8ac78d4cf1727b0d5ebfe855.jpg

Regardless of how contentious it may sound, an uneven fringe can help to make your face appear more proportionate.

Because of its uneven shape, it will be easy to conceal or draw attention away from any potential flaws, while the curly texture lends an edgy vibe to your hairstyle.

This is also one of the most preferred and easiest curly hairstyles for men.

35. Long Messy Waves

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/dd/b2/18/ddb21859053229cbf3579b4fa1651b99.jpg

Messy waves are one of the most popular long curly hairstyle for man.

Even though you spent all evening constructing it, it appears carefree and natural. Long curly hair men’s hairstyles can take a long time and work to achieve.

The end effect, however, is well worth the time and effort. You’ll need a mousse that will give your curls a smooth, shining, and spectacular look if you want one of those purposefully disheveled long hairstyles for men.

36. Windswept Wavy Bangs

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://hairmotive.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/curly-hair-side-swept-bangs-men.jpg

The name alone conjures up images of romance, and the appearance is no exception. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of windswept wavy bangs exuding manly allure.

It’s all about bringing out the style, volume, and texture of your medium-length bangs and wavy men’s hair, and then seeing where it leads you.

37. Curly Mullet Hawk

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5e/71/c4/5e71c47482ea0af5feea649269162655.jpg

Now for the most important news regarding curly hairstyle for men in 2022.

Right now, we’re going to show you a cut that combines two extremely popular styles from the past: the Mullet and the Mohawk.

This cut is known as Mullet Hawk, and it’s essentially a mohawk with very long threads throughout. However, the threads in the nape region are significantly longer, resulting in a very long Mullet with a tail-like appearance.

38. Ponytail Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man

The Ponytail Cut is ideal for men with long hair since it gives them more practicality and control.

Ponytail hairstyles are a quick and easy option for blow-drying and shaping long hair, in addition to the obvious truth that many women adore guys with ponytails.

Although the man’s ponytail is similar in style to the Samurai Coke or Top Knot, the ponytail or tied hair is loose rather than in a “ball” shape.

39. K-Pop Style Bowl Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man

In almost every curly hairstyle for men, the Cortes Hair Male in K-Pop Style has the length of an average wire, except the fringe threads, which are slightly longer.

The cut is a re-telling of the old bowl cut, which is also known as the circular cut in some places.

The K-Pop style, on the other hand, is employed with a lot of flair, colour, and texture to convey all of the modernism and modernity that this cut necessitates.

40. High Bun/Top Knot Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle for man
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/a1/71/3b/a1713b1f497ab06f72b2dc26e851ff5d.jpg

Of course, the Japanese Samurai employed the Samurai Court or Top Knot first, but later throughout history, other areas and kingdoms, such as numerous Nordic peoples, did as well.

The Coque Samurai, despite its prestige, necessitates a great deal of maintenance, so if you don’t have the patience to maintain your hair, avoid it at all costs.

The shortcut is a high bun on top of the head with lengthy strands.

41. Curly Caesar Haircut

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://coolmenshair.com/wp-content/uploads/curly-Caesar-Cut-1.jpg

Look no farther than a curly Caesar for a classic and timeless look that will fit your hair type.

The short horizontal bangs and an even length throughout define the cut; the side, back, and top are all nearly the same length.

The Caesar looks great when it’s textured, and a curly Caesar is a great method to keep your curls looking trendy while keeping them low-maintenance.

It can be styled in a variety of ways, ranging from sloppy and uneven to more uniform. It is one of the most preferred curly hairstyle for men when one wants to flaunt their curly hair.

42. Tight Curls

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/medium-length-loose-curly-hairstyles-glenn_blackburn-819×1024.jpg

Many guys have thinner, tighter curls as a result of their genetics.

Apply a pomade or style mousse to your natural curls and work it in with your fingers. Also, start with a modest amount of hair product and gradually increase it if necessary.

It is one of the most preferred and easiest curly hairstyle for men.

43. Curly Mid Fade

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/43/55/20/4355200bd48b564174cd7b4dc21bdbb7.jpg

What’s not to love about a curly mid-fade short hairstyle?

This curly hairstyle for men provides for extra length on top, making this the ideal way to show them off. A mid fade is defined by a tapering between the temple and the ears and falls between a low fade and a high fade.

It can help you save time combing your hair and make it more manageable. To style, it, slick back your curls for a refined look that works well in more formal settings.

For a more relaxed look, keep it loose and natural.

44. Curly Low Fade

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/44/18/d6/4418d67cb002ea8157cf5892b1c8e5e9.jpg

The back and sides of the head are shaved short, and the hair falls lower on the head in a low fade.

If you have curls, this is ideal since it allows you to make them as dramatic and voluminous as you like. The curly low fade gives you a little edgy, sleek style that isn’t overpowering.

This is an excellent choice for a man who wants an appearance that works in a variety of situations. It also requires little style, however regular touch-ups with your barber may be necessary.

45. Curly Man Braids

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/30/34/45/3034458898cc06043eb8c8de70dce5c1.jpg

Man braids are edgy and versatile, and they can be styled in a variety of ways to fit your personality, as well as the length and texture of your hair.

This curly hairstyle for men appeals to males because it is so textured, and combining it with a braid offers an interesting contrast.

Man braids can also help you save time by preventing hair breakage, locking in moisture, and preventing frizzy hair.

46. Curly Curtains Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/cf/2f/99/cf2f99a2ec6a652440306455a08400f3.jpg

A long fringe parted in the middle or on the side defines this curly hairstyle for men.

It’s a style that’s had a comeback in popularity recently, and it can be tailored to your hair length and thickness.

Curly-haired curtains are a great choice since they may complement your natural texture and look sophisticated and masculine when paired with a fading.

You only need to wash your hair and add a curly product or texturizing spray to achieve this look.

47. Curly Bowl Cut

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Curly-Bowl-Cut.jpg

The bowl cut has made a comeback, and it’s better than ever. While clean, precise bowl cuts were popular in the 1990s, today’s bowl cut is textured and a little bit sloppy.

As a result, gentlemen with curly hair are ideal for this look. Simply request a low undercut with a lengthy length on top that sits evenly in line with your bangs from your barber to achieve the look.

Then, to achieve a casual and carefree vintage look, simply emphasize your natural texture.

48. Curly Hard Part Hairstyle

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/medium-curly-hair-side-part-haircut-eddie_rtb-1024×1024.jpg

Consider a hard part if you want to give your curly hair more definition and sharpness.

A hard part, which is made by shaving a line into the hair, can be used to distinguish between different hair portions.

As a result, it gives off a crisp look that complements the relaxed look of textured curls.

If you like to separate your hair to one side and want to change things up, try one with your next haircut.

49. Curly Burst Fade

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://www.styleinterest.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/39230418-brust-fade-haircuts-.jpg

Hair taper around the ear and the back of the head provides a rounded, semi-circular appearance in the burst fade haircut.

This curly hairstyle for men is an adaptable style that works well with a variety of textures, including curly hair.

When you have curly hair, the beauty of this fade is that it can create a bit of contrast.

It can also assist to bring out the natural beauty of your hair while also giving you a more polished and masculine appearance.

50. Curly Mullet Hairstyle (Without a Hawk)

curly hairstyle for men
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The mullet was one of the most fashionable curly hairstyle for men in the 1980s, and it remains popular with brave men today.

The top and sides are short, but the back is longer, providing an eye-catching form and an easy-going appearance.

The mullet is a contentious style that requires a lot of confidence to pull off, but it’s also quite flexible.

It goes well with a variety of textures, especially curly hair. The volume of the curls minimizes the length difference between the front and back, making it appear less dramatic.

51. Curly Blowout

curly hairstyle for men
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A blowout haircut can give you the appearance of being caught in the wind.

The style is created by blow-drying your hair with heat after it has been washed, giving it volume and an unstructured look.

This is a great alternative for someone who wants a sensual, carefree look that isn’t difficult to style; but, if you use this style approach frequently, your curls may get dry and frizzy.

52. The Curly Lob

curly hairstyle for men
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The Rockstar-inspired version of the popularized women’s haircut known as “the lob” is a masculine version of the popularized women’s haircut known as “the lob.”

You want to add some texture, so don’t be too precise with your design; it should look a little haphazard.

Consider grunge, but with a twist; you also want the hair to appear thicker, so use a product that accentuates your natural volume.

53. Long Glossy Curls

curly hairstyle for men
Image Courtesy: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Beach-curly-hair-men.jpg

Longer curls can be styled differently by using a product with a faint shine.

Rather than displaying drier or more textured finishes, make sure your curls have a bit more shine and are well-styled.

A low slicked back ponytail is another option to channel longer curls for dressier occasions while still making a statement.

It adds a hint of sleekness to your longer curls while still making a statement.

These were some of the most preferred and suited curly hairstyle for men that men with curly hair can go for.

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