A Complete Guide: Traditional Dress In Punjab

Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab

The colorful state of Punjab is amongst the oldest states having the richest cultures.

The people there have a cheery nature and high spirits and the best way to describe them is by getting to know about their rich culture and heritage.

To get a closer look at them and to understand who they are, today, we’ll be covering Punjab traditional dress for men and women and will also talk about the traditional jewellery of Punjab.

Scroll down to get your hands on a list of the traditional dresses of Punjab!

Traditional Dress Of Punjabi Women


Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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Essentially phulkari refers to ‘flower craft’, its origin and relation with Punjab can be dated to the 15th century. It is representative of the floral heritage of Punjab and is symbolic of the clothing desires of the women of Punjab. This traditional dress for Punjab contains some bright colors which are embroidered stunningly.

This Punjabi traditional dress is adorned by women of all ages and classes. Phulkari can also be woven on various other clothing items like- shawls, kurtas, lehengas, and even dupattas. The intricacies involved along with the eye-catching blends make it suitable for all occasions and their beautiful looks make them rank amongst the most loved items when it comes to the traditional dress in Punjab.

Patiala Salwar

Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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Patiala Salwar has its roots in Patiala and this furled-up traditional Dress of Punjab involves baggy and pleated trousers. This traditional dress of Punjab was initially only donned by men, however, later it became a part of women’s attire as well. It is now usually worn by Punjabi women more!

Patiala salwar is usually worn along with a Kurti and a chunni, the draping here is done at the back. The traditional dress of Punjab involves various modern designs, while still keeping the traditional element alive and this helps it to get the harmony of traditional and modern right! Patiala Salwar other than being extremely fashionable is also super comfortable to wear thereby making for a preferred traditional dress in Punjab.

Punjabi Ghagra

Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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Punjabi ghagra is a traditional Dress of Punjab that has upped its style to cover the modern elements and to make it look hip and cool as per the trending styles. This traditional Dress in Punjab consists of a four-piece outfit, even though this dress has its roots in Punjab, nowadays, you’ll find that it’s more prevalent in Haryana and some parts of Himachal Pradesh.

This traditional dress of Punjab is considered to add a sense of richness to one’s attire and looks very feminine. The ghagra is usually worn during the famous folk dance, ‘Giddha’ where women twirl around to some awesome beats while singing folk songs that are reminiscent of their culture.


punjab dress name and punjabi traditional dress female
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We cannot complete the women’s section here without covering the pretty parandas!

These braided hair accessories consist of jewellery and colorful threads. In earlier days, parandi were symbolic of love and were usually gifted to brides from their husbands.

In early days, parandis were adorned by women to enhance their beauty and to make their hair seem longer. These accessories are tied to the long lush hair of women and you can today find them in various colours and sizes!

Traditional Dress Of Punjabi Men

The Jama

punjabi traditional dress male
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The traditional dress of Punjab that was worn during the Mughal regime by men is known as jama. It’s a flared-up piece of cloth that is tight from the torso.

Adorned by men, this long piece flares up like a skirt at the ankle or the knees.

The jama is usually paired with a turban to reflect the royalty and it goes very well with the majestic nature of the kings. Originally meant for men, now, you’ll also find women wearing jama along with tight-fitting pajamas.

This traditional dress of Punjab is characterized by the long sleeves that are tied under the armpits. The Punjab traditional dress allows freedom of movement thereby making them feel extremely comfortable.

Kurta Pyjama

punjabi culture dress for men and punjabi traditional dress male
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Kurta Pyjama, the popular traditional dress of Punjabi includes a long shirt and baggy pants. Kurta usually has slashes on both sides and they have long sleeves. Whereas the loose baggy pants (or pajamas) have a drawstring that helps tie them. The kurta is often also worn along with jeans, dhoti, or lungi.

This traditional dress of Punjab is a hit in festivals and is available in various styles and designs. It is also worn as casual everyday wear and can have the variations of having collars and buttons on the kurta, the length is generally below the knees. For a formal look, you can pair the kurta with a short embroidered cotton jacket.


Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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Pagri is worn by Sikh men as headwear. It is also known as pag and it is based on cloth winding. Other than the traditional dress of Punjab, a turban is also worn by men, the turban is available in many different colors.

The headdress has a lot of significance in the lives of Punjabis. The turban is also known as dastar and it is used by Sikhs to manage their long hair. Golden temple is famous for the ritual of ‘Dastar Bandhi’ which involves the tying of the first turban. Here the young child wears his turban for the first time in the presence of his family members.

Now that we have covered the traditional dress of Punjab, let’s move on to getting the accessories right! When it comes to the traditional jewellery of Punjab, one can go for some solid Pearls, Polkis, and Kundans for heavy functions, and terracotta or oxidized necklace sets can be used for the casual trendy look.

 Apart from the traditional jewellery of Punjab, for routine wear, one can carry a printed cotton handbag or even an embroidered tote to get the chic look right. These bags can have some small Indian motifs, the best way to go about it is by matching colors and designs of these bags with your outfit!

Let’s take a closer look at some pieces of the traditional jewellery of Punjab –

Traditional Jewellery Of Punjab


Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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A head ornament popularly won by princes and kings in the early days was known as Sarpech.

Breaking the word down, sar refers to head or front and pech refers to screw, so by the term sarpech, we can gather that it refers to a piece that is screwed on the front of the turban.

The basic structure of this traditional jewellery of Punjab consists of a single sheet of metal along with some gemstones which are set in its hollow construction.

Nowadays, this traditional jewellery of Punjab is mostly worn during weddings by men.


Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab
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One of the most essential traditional jewellery of Punjab which is worn by nearly all brides at their weddings is Kalira’s or Kalire’s.

These umbrella-shaped hangings are representative of eternal love and happiness for the newlywed bride and groom. It is believed that the coconut-like shape symbolizes a prayer that their home shall never run out of food, whereas the metal in this traditional jewellery of Punjab signifies prosperity and wealth.

These pretty hangings are usually tied on the bride’s hands by her friends, sisters, or cousins to wish her good luck for the new beginnings.


Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab

Jhumkis are amongst the most ancient types of jewellery.

They are loved by one and all give their stylish and pretty nature. These traditional jewellery of Punjab are still the list toppers when it comes to women selecting their jewellery because of their contemporary and modern trendy look.

This traditional jewellery of Punjab includes some pretty designs which have intricate motifs, some jaw-dropping patterns, and awe-inspiring designs.

There is a huge variety when it comes to traditional jhumkis, they are inclusive – gold jhumkas, hoop jhumkas, diamond jhumkas, crystal, and even pearl jhumkis.

Satlada Haar

Traditional Jewellery & Traditional Dress In Punjab

Lastly, for any function and especially for weddings, the look is not complete without a heavy necklace!

These traditional jewellery of Punjab are an all-time essential for Punjabi’s when dressing up in their Indian avatars. One such traditional jewellery of Punjab, which is much loved and is often worn by brides is the satlada haar.

This seven-layered piece consists of some unique gems and diamonds. They are said to illuminate feminism with their intricate craft and delicate design. They are a perfect mixture of antique, historic, and vogue!


If you’re planning your wedding and thinking of going for some traditional jewellery of Punjab, then we’d suggest you surely check out the satlada haar. We’re sure it won’t disappoint!

We hope that you like the above-given list and found the answers you were looking for when it comes to the traditional jewellery of Punjab and traditional clothes of Punjab.

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