We Bet You Didn’t Know About This About Meenakari Jewellery


When we say ‘Meenakari’ what props in your mind?

I am sure you picture royal jewellery with prominent red-green-white designs enameled on various jewellery items …right?

So, to tell you clearly, if you have seen the magnanimous bollywood epic- Jodha Akbar you must have witnessed the opulent jewellery worn by Jodha aka Aishwarya Rai…That stunning jewellery is an example of meenakari work.

For the technical part, if you ask

What is Meenakari jewellery?

Well, simply put, it is the art of ornamenting and enameling various types of metals (gold, silver) with bright colors in dramatic motifs of flowers, leaves, birds, etc.

meenakari earrings

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This art of Meenakari work originated in Persia. It was at the turn of the 16th century during the Mughal era when Raja Man Singh of Amber introduced the art to India through Rajasthan.

Initially, meenakari was done at the back of precious polki jewellery but as time passed by, this became a jewellery style of its own.

Do you know the origin of the word Meena? It is the feminine form of Minoo in Persian, referring to the azure (blue) color of heaven.

That’s the reason blue remains the prominent colour in the enamaling however other colors are also used like red, green, white.

meenakari earrings

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This amazing artistic style of jewellery is a versatile form that can be flaunted with indo-westerns as well as authentic traditional weaves like cotton or silk sarees as well.

So do tell us your thoughts on meenakari jewellery and let us know if you wear the earrings with saree or suit?



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