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It is a tough call when it comes to choosing jewellery, specifically earrings for working women…isn’t it? When a woman has a professional life, dressing up for work becomes very much an important part of career success apart from the work that you do in your designated role at office. Your personal presentation can say a lot about you in a very short amount of time. There is a quote that goes like “Dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have”, which basically means the direction in which you head professionally has a lot to do with the way you dress…well, more or less.

What is Office Jewelry?

In terms of office wear jewelry, one needs to keep in mind that office jewelry should be about restraint — by that we mean that you should aim to garnish your outfit and not embellish it. Which is why you might want to pick a few small pieces, like a ring, small earrings or a delicate necklace.

What’s more, all your pieces that you choose for your office wear jewellery need to be flexible enough to work in an office setting yet elegant enough to be eye-catching.

We know that for practical purposes, rings and necklaces are generally not the most sought after choices for women who go to office and that’s where earrings come in to play. They are one such accessory where in you can express your individuality and sense of style both at the same time. They even help you maintaining a professional appearance along with your outfit. When selecting the ideal earrings for your work outfit, the most important rule to follow is that they do not provide any distractions to your overall appearance.

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Your office and even a  business meeting is a place for your experience and professionalism to shine so the earrings you choose should compliment any outfit you are wearing and be a subtle accessory to an overall look.

Office jewellery at your doorstep

Luckily, in today’s world, you can find a wide range of fashion jewellery online and order it right to your doorstep in order to save a substantial amount of time. To give a boost to your inspiration for what jewellery to wear in office, here are five types of jewellery that women can comfortably wear without feeling that the jewellery a bit OTT. What’s more? We enlist the best jewelry stores where you can shop earrings for women online.

Stud earrings for women

These are the online marketplaces where you can easily purchase stud earrings for your office wear. Studs are very classy and they do not over power your attire at any given cost, be it for a meeting or a regular day at work, they are a perfect fit for office jewellery for women. They offer a variety of styles and shapes of earrings to be the perfect accessory for your work attire.

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Hoop Earrings for women

Small hoop earrings in either gold or silver are perfect for both casual and formal workplaces. Elegant and subtle, they can be ideal for work environments and are a beautiful way of accentuating your facial features and adding a sense of style without detracting from your professional appearance.

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Pearl Earrings For Women

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friends, but when it comes to work, they tend to be a little too eye-catching for their own good. Pearls on the other hand offer just the right balance of understated elegance and old-world classiness that can make a woman stand out without looking like she’s trying too hard. And no, it is no more a grandmother’s choice of earrings as you may think it to be. The pearl earrings have a vintage charm of their that makes a woman look elegant at work and otherwise as well. Here we share some of the best collections so far available in some of the top jewelry stores in India. 

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So ladies, now that we have shared the amazing collection of officewear earrings  spanning over different categories offered by some of the most loved online jewelry stores in India, we are sure that you will put this list to great use and shop your desired earrings, may be not just officewear earrings but even more, because their categories don’t end here, there’s still lots to offer. Do tell us if you want a detailed feature on other categories that these stores offer…We shall bring in some great feature as well.


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