The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose & Stack Bracelets

The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose & Stack Bracelets

Nowadays, the trend has drastically shifted towards stackable bracelets, these are the most fashionable accessory in the market, why?  The only reason being their versatility. These babies can be worn with anything and everything, can be styled however you wish to, isn’t that incredible?

We are often confused while selecting what jewellery to pair with an outfit and here is how these ‘stackable bracelets’ come to our rescue! You really do not need anything but these bracelets for a statement look.

To make it easier for you lovely people on choosing as well as styling these bracelets, I have curated the ultimate guide on how to choose bracelets to help you through it!

Let’s get started.

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How To Choose Bracelets


How To Choose & Stack Bracelets

As you all know, the market is flooded with different types of bracelets for girls, the variety is huge and so are the prices.

There has been a spike in the popularity of charm bracelets, which no doubt look extremely chic but there are other types of bracelets and cuffs available as well.

The great thing about charm bracelets is that you can add as many charms as you want to, people usually travel places with such bracelets and buy new charms from different countries they visit as a souvenir which they rock on their hand.

This is not all, there are charm bracelets that already have cute little charms attached but at the same time offer a minimalistic look.

Apart from charm bracelets, there are beaded bracelets which look so cool when stacked together! The best part is the different shades and designs these come in, I have seen beads with a blue, black, grey marble finish and yellow bright ones as well!

Tribal bracelets are also rocking the market nowadays, with antique finish and impeccable designs they not only look trendy but also are super lightweight!

What you need to remember while browsing through these options are your personality and preference, we’ll talk more about this in the next step.

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The Process Of Selection

How To Choose Bracelets

The process of selecting bracelets especially for them to stack together should be thorough, even though all of these stacked together would do you good still we need to make sure what vibe you are looking for and this comes with what personality do you have and your preferences.

Now, I personally feel that I vibe with simpler bracelets, not too heavy (as shown in the picture), so I go easy with the charm bracelets and I usually do not wear beaded ones.

I prefer charm bracelets over beaded ones because they provide the minimalism as well as the comfort because of them being lightweight and loose.

In fact, why only stick to bracelets? Wider your perspective by trying out statement cuffs to stack with the bracelets!

Apart from the selection of bracelets, we also need to know if we are looking to go with other jewellery or not.

For example, would you like to wear rings with it or a watch or some other accessory like a pair of earrings or a necklace, this would help you to understand what level of contrast will you be happy with or the colour you need to match your bracelets with and the exciting thing is that this isn’t limited to jewellery, every other accessory, whether it is a clutch or a pair of shoes, you need to make sure the contrast is stark or just not there at all!

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Stacking Those Pretty Bracelets

choose bracelets

Proceeding forward to the main attraction of this blog! The most important step is to actually know how to stack these babies and slay in them!

While stacking bracelets, you need to understand the vibe you are going for, is it casual? Is it chic? Is it formal? Or is it romantic? Every vibe has a particular way of dressing.

For example, the bracelets you stack on yourself for a shopping trip will be very different from the bracelets you would wear to an office party, so understanding the vibe is an important aspect of this step.

How To Choose Bracelets

So, let’s talk about a casual vibe, for such an occasion stacking up a couple of beautiful beaded bracelets with one or two charm bracelets will be satisfactory.

Now, you also need to dress the part! You can’t stack bracelets with anything (I know you can but just for my sake, agree!). To look the part, I would suggest wearing a summer dress or a cute sleeveless top with a pair of jeans, nothing too much but enough to signal the bracelets that you care!

How To Choose Bracelets

We talked about the casual vibe, let’s talk about the party vibe or often known as ‘the chic’ vibe. As we already know that we obviously can’t wear beaded bracelets to a party, we’ll be switching to tribal bracelets! Pair a couple of these bracelets with a cute little black dress and a pair of high heels, voila, you are all ready to slay!

How To Choose Bracelets

The mood is romantic now, what to do? Well, I say, go heavy with the beaded bracelets, try to go with pastel shade bracelets and for a statement look, wear a cuff or a watch!

I do believe that if romance was to be a shade, it would definitely be one of the pastels. I am not undermining red shades, I just believe that red is more significant for passion.

So, grab a midi or a long skirt and pair it with a light colour top, do not forget to wear a red lip!

This is all for the ultimate guide on choosing and styling stackables! I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed while writing it. Do let me know your favourite way of styling stackables in the comment section below. Toodles.


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