7 Bollywood Inspired Men’s Hairstyles

7 Bollywood Inspired Men's Hairstyles

We love everything about Bollywood and given that you’re here on this blog, we’ll say, so do you! Bollywood has a significant influence on defining the ‘IT’ thing or the new fad!

And if we’re talking about men’s hairstyles, then it’s a given that we have to cover the Bollywood heroes!

Today, we’ll cover some uber-cool men’s hairstyle that will surely leave you inspired for the next time you go for a haircut.

Though every Bollywood actor has a super unique styling when it comes to men’s haircut but to get you started we’ll only go for our top 7 men’s hairstyles, in no particular order.

Before you scroll down to get inspiration for men’s haircuts from your favourite hero, we’d like to cover some points!

  • The men’s hairstyles that we’ll share are ideal if you’re going for a short men’s haircut
  • Even though there is a considerable influence of Bollywood on Desi culture, especially men’s hairstyle, we’d want you to go for something which resonates with who you are.
  • Lastly, we’d like to say that we’ve made this blog so that next time you have the best reference, instructions and styling tips when you ask your barber that you’d like to go for that ‘Shahrukh’ vaala men’s hairstyle. (or any other actor for that matter)!

Take a look at the 7 Bollywood men’s hairstyles that will help you achieve the dashing look, we are sure these men’s haircuts will help you attain the stylish look regardless of whether you’re a  fan or not!

Shahrukh Khan

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Shahrukh Khan- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://en.wikipedia.org/]

The King of Bollywood popularly referred to as King Khan or Don has a great sense of men’s hairstyle and what works for him further is the great head of hair he has.

His men’s haircut adds charm to his personality and it compliments his overall facial look.

The actor is not afraid of experimenting with his men’s hairstyle and you too can see it in some of his famous Bollywood movies like- Don, Asokha, and many more.

He has maintained a routine look for his day-to-day hairstyle and that stayed more or less the same over the years.

His men’s haircut usually involves a full look and dark volume. He usually prefers a slight side parting look and sometimes he goes for the classic men’s hairstyle of all hair pushed back over the top, the remaining hair is allowed to naturally fall to frame his face.

His men’s hairstyle involves long hair that covers most of his neckline. His sideburns tend to meet the ears midway, however, his hair near the ears are slightly trimmed.

King Khan’s public look is more bent towards a greasy and oily look which showcases that he tends to nourish his hair with hair oil.

This men’s hairstyle is the right option for you, if you have a good volume of hair,  the next time you go to a barber for men’s haircut ask him to do a light trim and keep the sides and back proportionate.

You can use hair products or even water to style and maintain this awesome men’s hairstyle.

Ranveer Singh

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Ranveer Singh- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://in.bookmyshow.com/]

If there’s one word that we can use to describe Ranveer Singh, then it has to be bizarre.

Known for his quirks, the Bollywood actor is synonymous with the words wit, laughter and fun. Like his personality, his men’s hairstyles too are out there and are usually loud.

His thick hair is his biggest strength that enables him to pull off all the quirky men’s hairstyles.

On routine days, when he is not gearing up for a film role, his hair is seen to be of high volume on top. These top hair are styled upwards to show a thick dense look. The sides are slightly thinned down to reveal his ears, he often uses gel and other hair products to get his on-point look.

Other than that, the actor sometimes opts for an olden long hair look, this style requires him to use hair products and he goes for the good old flat and eccentric look.

If you’re planning to copy the exact men’s hairstyle of your ideal Ranveer Singh, then another aspect you should look into is the beard.

Ranveer often matches his men’s hairstyle with his beard. He either opts for the classic trim or the neatly styled bear to complete his look.

Ranbir Kapoor

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Ranbir Kapoor- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://fridaymoviezblog.wordpress.com/]

If we’re talking about Ranveer, then there’s no chance in the world that we’d miss out on Ranbir. The name-alike, Ranbir Kapoor hails from the famous Kapoor family. Popularly called as RK junior, the actor is known for his young looks, can-do attitude and boyish charms.

The actor though usually sticks to his classy young look but on more instances than one, he has changed his men’s hairstyle for something unique to him and has opted for long hair.

In today’s blog, we’ll focus on his regular look, which involves a tidy and neat men’s hairstyle.

He usually combs his hair towards the left and the front portion above his forehead.

This men’s haircut involves his sideburns going down to his earlobes. The actor usually opts for a tapered men’s haircut that goes upwards on the sides.

Other than that, he often opts for a mild spiky hair effect as well, you too can achieve it with just the use of your fingers. Lastly, ask your barber to go for a short, tapered and squared look at the back to complete this look.

Hrithik Roshan

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Hritik Roshan- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.iwmbuzz.com/]

Greek God-like looks, to die for physique and an amazing dancer, YES! We are talking about the wonderful actor, Hrithik Roshan.

He is known to be amongst the most handsome men in Bollywood. The actor has opted for different hairstyles for his different roles in films, however, his men’s hairstyle has not varied much.

He usually keeps his hair long, though he also goes for a neatly trimmed look from time to time, where he removes the sides and thins the volume down.

Usually, it is the top portion of his hair that tends to hold a good volume. It is combed towards the left, slightly upwards to display the volume.

Further, to get the thick men’s haircut look right, the sides are kept above the ears.

If you are an ardent fan, wanting to copy the Hritik men’s hairstyle, then you can also let the back and sides grow, to get the curly hair effect.

It’ll work well with the thick volume hair on top and use some spray and gel to keep the men’s hairstyle in place.

Shahid Kapoor

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Shadid Kapoor- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.filmibeat.com/]

An actor that has surprised everyone with his distinctive performance and unique style is Shahid Kapoor.

His men’s haircut has progressed over the years and at present, he carries the men’s hairstyle of having shorter sides with high volume hair.

He is also spotted with his hair styled halfway up to his head along with the upper hair being styled and gelled upwards.

Apart from that, he styles his back hair such that his neckline is visible and he opts for a slight taper towards the end.

The upper portion along with having high volume also have a feathered men’s haircut. Usually, the actor combines this modern men’s hairstyle with a trimmed beard.

If you’re planning on going for this awesome men’s hairstyle, then you have to just let the upper hair grow long while continuing to maintain short sides and a tapered look on the back.

Remember to just regularly cut and keep the sides in trim, you can also use hair products for better results. If you aren’t comfortable with using hair products then you can just use water and leave your hair to dry naturally.

John Abraham

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By John Abraham- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.indiatvnews.com/]

One actor known for his great physique and model-like looks is John Abraham. Before his stint in Bollywood, he had a successful career in modelling.

He has changed his men’s hairstyle to a short and neat look as compared to his earlier long hair days.

His men’s haircut involves hair having less volume appearance-wise, they are short on the sides, whereas the hair on top is longer and well-groomed.

This men’s haircut has a ruffled appearance which makes it not too neat and neither too messy.

It has just the perfect ratio of neatness and messy to get the look right. He usually styles his hair very naturally to look as if not a lot of effort has been put into it.

Apart from this, short sideburns also form a part of his look along with a little stubble or beard.

If you’re planning on getting the ‘John Abraham’ look right, then one pointer for you is to allow your hair to grow to the neckline and opt for a tapered and squared offcut.

Don’t be shy in using hair products like hair spray and gel to keep the hair in place and remember to consider your face shape before you opt for this men’s hairstyle.

Sidharth Malhotra

Men's Hairstyle Inspired By Sidharth Malhotra- ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.networthlist.org/]

The hottest dude in town, Siddharth Malhotra has a unique and super charming style.

Like many newcomers in the industry, Sidharth Malhotra too started his journey with modelling at just the age of 18 years and later entered movies with Karan Johar’s film- ‘Student of the year’.

Today, he is a well-fitted celebrity of Bollywood and has an ardent fan following in not just India, but worldwide.

The actor is considered to be extremely desirable because of the various personalities and unique men’s hairstyles that he adopts in movies.

The hot hunk has some of the most amazing and inspiring hairstyles, which form an ideal men’s haircut for both his fans and others.

If you too are a fan of his wet and sexy men’s hairstyle, then follow the pointers- after shampooing and conditioning, towel-dry your hair.

Take some hair gel or cream in your hands and rub it gently to your hair in an upwards left direction. Make sure that you apply the hair product that you’re using evenly.

PS- Just in case, you don’t style them perfectly in the first go, doesn’t mean you have to worry. Just use some water and restyle your hair!

We hope that you liked the amazing men’s hairstyles that were used by the 7 Bollywood actors.

Share the hairstyle that you like the most with us in the comments.

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