The Right Time To Buy Maternity Dresses

The Right Time To Buy Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy is an exciting yet different journey for every woman. You cannot wait to bring your newborn into the world and, at the same time, get excited by their growth inside your tummy. As your child grows in your womb, your clothes will stop fitting you, requiring you to buy maternity outfits.

While your child’s growth starts after conception, you may have to wait weeks before realizing a significant body change on the outside. This change necessitates adjustments, including your dress code, to ensure your comfort.

A common concern among women, especially first-time moms, is when they should start buying maternity clothes, with some buying either too early or too late into the trimesters. There is no good or bad time to buy maternity dresses, but we advise on the best investment time in the sections below.

First Trimester

The Right Time To Buy Maternity Dresses

Most mothers prefer to keep their pregnancy a secret during the first trimester. Some are coming to terms with the news, while others don’t know how to relay the information. As such, most will wear regular clothes as they still fit properly.

The first trimester is characterized by bloating and some minor tummy growth. You will slowly outgrow your pants with the waistbands feeling tight.

If you experience this, you might want to switch to maternity leggings if you are not yet ready for maternity pants and dresses. You can pair your leggings with maternity tops for a comfortable yet low-key pregnancy.

Delaying your investment in maternity clothes during the first semester as a first-time mom allows you time to understand your body changes.

Second Trimester

The Right Time To Buy Maternity Dresses

The second trimester is characterized by significant growth around your tummy and bust areas. Most women can no longer “hide” their pregnancy and even decide to go vocal about it. During this trimester, you will outgrow your clothes and bra, and switching to maternity dresses will be almost inevitable.

Your tight regular clothes will not hurt your baby but will make you uncomfortable. Among the pointers to investing in maternity wear include:

  • Excessive bloating throughout the day
  • The bra feels tight below the bust
  • Your bump peeks out of your shirt
  • Inability to button down your shirts all the way
  • You need to unbutton your pants and skirts to feel comfortable

Third Trimester

While every mom will embrace a different dressing code throughout their pregnancy, wearing a maternity dress during the third trimester is unavoidable for most women. Your child’s growth is at its peak, and comfort is your priority.

With all the changes in your body, you can remain stylish by wearing statement maternity dresses as you show up for your baby moon or baby shower.

What To Consider When Buying Maternity Dresses

The Right Time To Buy Maternity Dresses

With every pregnancy being different, your choice of maternity clothing should be based on comfort and preference. Some ladies will stick to their regular clothes, especially if their wardrobes have maxi dresses and free-fitting garments, while others will shop for maternity dresses as soon as they feel bloated.

Whatever type you are, you should factor in the following when settling on a maternity dress:

Body Changes

Pregnancy comes with significant weight gain and curves. Given their sensitivity, most women will be unsettled by these changes, not to mention the insensitive comments from families and friends. You can sail past these by fighting off the fear, embracing your body, and making a conscious decision on your wardrobe changes.


While you may need to wear maternity dresses, you should prioritize your comfort by selecting the right fabric and quality. As much as possible, buy clothes made of soft material such as cotton, given your skin sensitivity during pregnancy.


Online stores provide an easier way to access maternity clothes. However, if you doubt your appearance in these clothes, it is worth trying them on before purchase. Fortunately, most online brands have free delivery and return policy, and you should not shy from returning an outfit that doesn’t match your preference.

Also, while you predict continuous growth throughout pregnancy, avoid oversized maternity dresses if you want to maintain style and confidence.


Pregnancy is an exciting journey if backed by comfort. While some women will get through with just unbuttoning their pants and getting a bigger size bra, your case may be different, requiring an investment in maternity wear.

The best place to start is to monitor your growth towards the end of the first trimester and settle for comfortable outfits. The right fabric and fit also count to avoid skin irritations from sweating. Still, maternity clothes are not mandatory but are ideal if you want comfort during pregnancy.


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