9 Essentials You Need For a Rave Festival

9 Essentials You Need For a Rave Festival

A rave festival is a lifetime experience, from the venue to the people you meet and, above all, the memorable experiences. With thousands of attendees in any rave festival, it is important to remain safe and care for others. Staying safe requires knowing the essentials to bring to your rave festival.

Whether you are a first-time raver or want a reminder of the essentials to carry, we got you. Read the sections below if you are unsure what to carry or how to prepare for your rave festival.

1. Towel

Whether or not you plan to shower over the weekend, carrying a towel is a good idea for any rave with a water park. You can cover yourself with your towel as you navigate the environs in your rave bodysuits or lay on it as you busk beside the lake.

2. Rave Wear

The ultimate outfit in any rave is the rave bodysuit. Rave festivals allow individuals to display different cultures and their acceptance through outfits.  Some people will go all out and invest in expensive outfits, while others will tone them down with a few accessories from their respective cultures.

Whatever your choice, sound planning is necessary if you want to fit well into the festival.

3. Face Mask

9 Essentials You Need For a Rave Festival

Face masks in rave festivals are ideal for both aesthetic and mystery. Wearing one that matches your rave bodysuit will complete your outfit. With this mask, you can remain brave and anonymous on your first rave.

With raves happening outdoors, given the large crowds in attendance, finding yourself in the middle of unknown crowds and uncomfortable is possible. Some ravers may even smoke, and if you are not a smoker, this could ruin your experience trying to tolerate the smoke. Wearing a face mask under such circumstances will shield you from unpleasant experiences.

A streetwear-style facemask is especially useful where there is intense smoking as it will block most of the smoke and dust released by the dancing crowd.

4. Pockets and Packs

The most practical way to rock during a rave is to wear rave bodysuits with a pocket option. This way, your essentials will be available at your fingertips. Wearing clothes with pockets also saves you the anxiety when your friends disappear in the crowd with your items.

If you want bigger space, you can go for fanny packs as your second best solution for your rave essentials. You can strap these packs on your waist and keep your belongings safe as you showcase your moves on the dancefloor.

5. Sunscreen

9 Essentials You Need For a Rave Festival

Wearing rave bodysuits throughout the weekend will expose most of your skin to the scorching sun. While you cannot carry your whole skincare routine products, grabbing sunscreen in your fanny pack is ideal, and you can apply after every two hours. This way, you will avoid painful sunburns the next day.

6. Sneakers

Chances are that you will spend most of your day standing at the rave festival, and comfort should be your priority. Pairing your rave wear with a pair of shoes such as a multicolored sneaker is ideal, as you do not need to worry about being trampled on or getting mud.

However, avoid open-toe shoes as people jumping around you may not spare your feet.

7. Hydration Pack

Drinking water, for most people, is not a priority when out on a rave, but you should stay hydrated as long as you are under the sun. This is because while you may not feel it, your body loses a lot of water. Since water may not be easily accessible, carrying a hydration pack will save you from passing out due to dehydration.

8. Reflective Attire

An ideal rave attire should be reflective to spice up the rave environment characterized by light shows and fireworks. You can choose an all-reflective outfit or highlight some parts of your cloth. Reflective materials add a creative statement to your rave outfit and will pop the culture you are showcasing with every firework.

9. Antibacterial Wipes and Sanitizer

9 Essentials You Need For a Rave Festival

During a rave festival, you will be around hundreds of people, and accessing a hand washing station can be challenging. Thus, a hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipe will come in handy when you want to eat. Antibacterial wipes will also be useful after bathroom visits.

Plan Early for the Rave Festival

Good rave planning sums up a good festival experience. By packing all your essentials, you can go all out for a comfortable and fun experience. With the above list compiled for you,  why not grab your outfit and head out for the next rave festival in your state?


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