5 Wardrobe Designs for Grade-A Hoarders

5 Wardrobe Designs for Grade-A Hoarders

Bedroom wardrobes are more than just serving the purpose of stacking your clothes.

Whenever we feel like putting something carefully in a secluded place where we know it won’t be damaged, what is the first place that pops in our head? Wardrobe, of course.

From clothes to jewellery, to things we wanted to hide from everyone when we were young, the first place that we think of is our wardrobe.

As all of these things are quite important to us, our room wardrobe, by default, becomes our safe spot.

Are you planning to invest in a wardrobe but finding it hard to choose the perfect wardrobe design that perfectly fits your room’s layout?

If yes then you’re in the right place. We have 5 great wardrobe interior design options for you.

However, it is essential to be well-researched and carefully choose the one that matches the room’s design and goes well with our style and personality.

Prior research and knowledge will help you choose the right wardrobe design seamlessly and in no time.

Before finalizing the wardrobe design, here are a few tips for you that you can keep in mind.

7 Tips To Pick a Great Wardrobe Design

1. The space that is available in your bedroom. This will help you choose the size of the wardrobe.

2. How do you want the door of the wardrobe – sliding door, swing door, or no door at all.

3. Number of shelves, drawers, whether you want a locker or not, etc. you are looking for in your wardrobe design

4. The structure of the wardrobe you are looking for – whether it is a ceiling to floor or freestanding wall, etc.

5. Are you looking for a wardrobe that comes with a mirror?

6. The material for your wardrobe you are looking for – wooden, metal plywood, glass, etc.

7. The budget you have in mind for the wardrobe

5 Wardrobe Designs for Grade-A Hoarders
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You now know the questions to keep in mind while choosing the wardrobe design you are looking for.

Moving forward, let us now see a few wardrobe designs for all the grade-A hoarders.

5 Great Wardrobe Design Options For You

Something Aesthetic Yet Trendy

The leading designing companies nowadays offer modern wardrobe designs with open ledges and seating wardrobes that will catch the attention of the viewer and for sure make them envy your choices.

A key feature of such wardrobes is that they come with white as one of the main colors, which for sure easily blends in with the color of your floor and walls.

Modern Yet Traditional Wooden Look

Have you ever thought about modern yet traditional looks complementing each other, especially in a wardrobe design?

If you are looking for something like this, then a modern wooden wardrobe design is just for you.

Trending wooden designs include a dark wooden color that will provide ample space and enhance your room’s look.

Glamorous Style

No doubt, glamourous things steal our attention quicker than anything. The shine and gloss they bring with them is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

If this is the right choice for you, then a spacious full-length wardrobe design with glam lights is the perfect pick for you.

Contemporary Style

Indeed, we love a design that is contemporary, right? So why not choose a contemporary wardrobe design that gives your room a makeover?

Contemporary styles are trending these days.

Something With Ample Space?

We love shopping, and we are sure that you love it too! But are you facing a shortage of space to make space for all your favorite clothes? How about if we give a wardrobe design that comes with ample space, enough to keep everything?

You can go for a modern spacious wardrobe design with a central mirror. Such wardrobes come with a spectacular design with a mirror in the center as an additional feature.

So, not just ample space but for all those who love getting ready in front of the mirror, this design has made it all easier for you.

Make the Right Choice

Choosing the right wardrobe design can be a tedious task, but it can be easy and won’t take much of your time with the right knowledge and research.

Apart from the design, make sure that you choose the best and most durable quality to ensure that you wouldn’t have to invest in a wardrobe again and again.

So, if you are looking for the best wardrobe designs, you can start by searching – the ‘sliding wardrobe designs catalog’ or ‘wardrobe interior design.’

You can also check out renowned interior designing companies in India like Livspace.

They have a wide range of the best wardrobe designs for all types of personalities and room layouts.

Moreover, their designers have immense knowledge and will help you with choosing the best one for you!

So, visit their official website today and get your hands on the best wardrobe designs in India.


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