Interior Design Style: 4 Popular Home Decor Ideas For An Accurate Renovation

Interior Design Style: 4 Popular Home Decor Ideas For An Accurate Renovation

Looking to decorate the new apartment or villa with the trending home interior design?

Then, you must have already searched through Instagram or Facebook feed to get thematic inspiration. But, let us make it clear that you might find plenty of interior design style whilst browsing through the internet.

However, choosing the right interior design can be nerve-wracking sometimes. Without the assistance of an interior designer, it’s completely impossible to point out the key features of each and every design.

When it comes to home remodeling, deciphering the different unique home design ideas is quite essential. Basically, during this process, the interior designer opts for the elimination of unwanted elements. Each interior design consists of exceptional elements such as different light fixtures, art pieces, color palettes, and even furniture designs.

Moreover, in this face-paced world, home decor ideas are also continuously evolving and coming up with significant changes. Enhancing the visual appearance and house value has become relatively easier with the incorporation of different home design ideas.

An interior design mainly showcases the homeowner’s traits and his/her basic preferences. So, if you are planning to intervene in a home renovation project, make sure you have listed the elements that you have the urge to include. Ultimately, that’ll be beneficial in rendering an innovative design in your house.

But, if you don’t have adequate knowledge about interior design, here we are going to include a few worth-mentioning home decor ideas. So, let’s proceed!

Industrial Style

Yes! You must have heard about this interior design before, don’t you? Basically, after the 1990s, industrial design started to acquire massive embracement, especially in North America. It’s quite easy-to-assume that the inspiration of this design completely came from the old manufacturing buildings and warehouses.

Based on this home design idea, instead of covering or removing the remnants of brick walls or electrical wires, the interior designers keep those items exposed. Beams, columns, pipes, ducts, and flanges are primarily emphasized in this type of interior design.

Want to know what are the key elements of this most popular interior design? Here, we are providing a list of the elements that mostly the leading interior design companies in Dubai consider incorporating:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Utilitarian objects
  • Rustic light fixtures with metal finishes
  • Vintage and unique art pieces are also included
  • Large sections are the main configuration
  • Usage of Mostly wooden and metal surfaces
  • Gray, neutral and rustic colors are used as a color palette

Alongside, industrial design, dangling metal fixtures, high ceilings, stripped back floorboards and sparse furniture pieces are core elements. The majority of interior designers tend to include striking statement lighting fixtures for the utmost utilization of the indoor space. Some of the professionals also consider installing abstract artworks and photographs to add a bit of class in the living room.

Eclectic Design

Nowadays, an on-going trend to get eclectic design in the apartments with relatively bigger rooms is being noticed.

Basically, this sort of home decor design showcases the contrast of unique elements including colors, furnishings, and materials. But, likewise, the other interior design, to bring perfection in this design, you will need professional guidance.

Because, sometimes, the combination of different elements can get out of hand, especially when you have inadequate home design skills or knowledge.

When it comes to invoking personal preferences without any sort of boundaries, eclectic design is anytime best for that. Simply, join hands with an experienced designer, spend a few AEDs for obtaining a cohesive and eye-soothing design in return. Want to know more about eclectic design?

Here, we are mentioning the basic configuration of this home decor idea for your better understanding:

  • It provides the top-most emphasis on symmetry and balances the color composition perfectly.
  • Basically, as per the eclectic design, the designers decorate the living room with comparatively large artworks.
  • A multi-colored rug and stylish mirrored wall play an imperative role in increasing the beauty of the living room.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, brown tiled backsplashes look absolutely perfect with the white kitchen walls and stainless steel appliances.
  • You can also consider including a built-in cooktop, under-mount sink, and gooseneck faucets.
  • For a classic dining room, consider buying velvet tufted chairs and round dining tables. Do you know what sort of lighting fixtures goes with this setup? Yes! A fancy crystal chandelier looks absolutely stunning with this home decor design.

Additional Elements

Add brass candle holders and a well-designed flower vase in the dining room, that will be a great approach. Thinking about what to do with the bathroom? Well, mostly, in this type of interior design, a rectangular mirror and floating shelves are one of the prime elements. You can also consider including a towel rack inside the bathroom for utilizing the remaining space.

Contemporary Design

When it comes to home renovation, the renewed interior designers mostly recommend opting for the contemporary home decor style. Though, the homeowners tend to confuse modern design with this one, as it shares a few common attributes.

But in reality, the contemporary design completely differs from modern design. It comes with open spaces, straight lines, unusual layouts, and plenty of lighting fixtures and glassworks. Along with that, you should definitely consider adding the following must-have elements:

  • Neutral Colors such as black, grey, ivory, and shades of white are implemented.
  • Light or dark wood tones will look perfect with a neutral color
  • Additionally, you can go with textured and natural fabric to enhance the elegance of the house.
  • In this interior design, lighting designs primarily act as an artistic statement.

Though contemporary design is pretty self-explanatory and has become a prevalent trend by undergoing continuous evolution. This sort of interior design mainly assimilates the recent and trending home decor elements for rendering an exceptional look.

Nowadays, professional interior designers also consider including unadorned furniture designs to get a decluttered and classic appearance. If you are looking for a design that will be more fluid and instinctive, then contemporary design is absolutely ideal for you.

Minimalist Design

You must have acquired a rough idea about this particular home decor from its name. As its name implies, minimalist interior designs are relatively simple and unfussy. Therefore, interior designers mainly thrive on the principles of simplifying the best modern designs that are now top on the list.

During the twentieth century, minimalist designs mainly started to acquire recognition. This home decor style is mostly inspired by simple and delicate Japanese designs. Minimalist designs mainly contain ultra-clean lines and streamlines furnishings. Also, the usage of a neutral color palette is one of the striking features of this type of interior design. We would highly advise you to opt for the implementation of black or white color to get a sense of warmth.

Is It Important To Hire A Professional Interior Designer?

Yes! Without the involvement of a professional interior designer, the end result might not be as it was intended to. Interior designers have the capability to utilize the functional space of the room. Along with that, these professionals have wide knowledge about different latest textures, color palettes, furniture, and other interior accessories.

A well-trained and skilled designer thoroughly understands the accurate color or lighting effect that will suit the room size. Also, without the implementation of the right tools and tactics, it’s impossible to decorate the house properly.

So, simply, search for the nearby authorized interior designing company and schedule an appointment with them now. Don’t forget to consult with them before choosing the right home design for you.


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