Signi Jewels: 5 Classic Jewelry Styles To Blow Your Minds

Signi Jewels: 5 Classic Jewelry Styles To Blow Your Minds

Some things never go out of style, and your jewellery collection should be one of them. If you’re looking for classic jewellery with a contemporary twist, then “Signi Jewels” is the perfect place for you.

With eight collections and 1500+ unique designs, you can find a timeless and affordable piece that has transcended time, giving your style an iconic finish.

These sparkly creations by Signi Jewels are not just stylish but also an excellent investment. Each piece is studded with 18 carats Hallmark certified gold starting at just INR 3000/-.

If you love sparkle, shine, and everything jewellery, here are 5 ultimate jewellery pieces from Signi Jewels.

1) Classic Tennis Bracelet:

Make heads turn with exquisite gold bracelets! the Classic Tennis Bracelet will give you a value that lasts a lifetime!
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A tennis bracelet is usually built with a row of diamonds and carefully placed on a sleek metal chain. Traditionally, these bracelets were perceived as ornament women would wear to high-tea and cocktail events.

These pieces’ perception has evolved into everyday jewellery essential with time. Walk with confidence as you ace your next meeting or sports screening while wearing a pair of these sparkly trinkets.

Signi Jewels offers a range of classy and chic tennis bracelets built with the highest quality of crystals and studded with 18 Carat gold at affordable prices. Their Embrace Two-Tone Bracelet is a true showstopper that you can pair with every outfit.

2) Diamond Band

Make dreams come true with the Classic Diamond Band! With over 1500 designs, you can find your perfect match.
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Whether you’re into minimal rings or stackable rings, an Eternity band is a must-have for every woman. These bands come in varying sizes and metals, from large stones to smaller ones.

Wear yours in the daytime with a relaxed top or a glamorous sequin dress; you can sport every look in style with these sparkly diamond bands.

At Signi Jewels, you can choose from a range of diamond and eternity bands. One of their best sellers is the Imperial Mosaic Eternity Band, built with 14 cubic zirconia stones at a pocket-friendly price. Plus, each sparkling piece comes with a Lifetime maintenance and a buyback guarantee.

3) Hoop Earrings:

Sweeten up your style, with Classic Gold Hoop Earrings. Each one of the pieces come with a lifetime buyback guarantee so that you never run out of style!
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A woman’s jewellery box is incomplete without a pair of hoop earrings!

They’re versatile, convenient, and super stylish. Plus, its timeless style delivers a power statement unlike any other. These earrings pair well with everything from an oversized shirt to a breezy maxi dress.

You can choose from a range of minimal and magnificent hoop earrings at Signi Jewels. Their Dayita Hoop Earrings especially is an eye-catcher.

So big or small, whatever your style is, hoop earrings will always make you take center stage!

4) Timeless Gold Pendant:

An elegant silhouette of awe-inspiring designs! You cannot miss the Classic Gold Pendant.
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You can never go wrong with a minimal and classic gold pendant. You can either dress it up by layering it with a varied length of chains or dress it down a notch by wearing the chain without the pendant.

Regardless, it is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery collection. Signi offers a range of solitaire and casual type pendants. Our personal favorite is the Daniels Solitaire Pendant from their Timeless Solitaire collection, which we think will look stunning with a basic outfit or a glamorous one.

The best part about this collection is that each piece is given a classic touch, making this range truly timeless. So gift yourself a timeless pendant from Signi Jewels and celebrate your everlasting beauty!

5) Stud Earrings:

Add some pop of colour to your daily look with these Classic Stud Earrings.
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Stud earrings are an essential add-on to a woman’s jewellery collection. They’re timeless, precious, and never go unnoticed. Whatever you pair them with, be it formal attire, a little black dress, or a cashmere jumper, stud earrings will add instant polish.

You can check out the Detachable Collection at Signi Jewels, where you can wear their stud earrings as a solitaire or mix and match from four unique frames that come with it to suit your individual style.

You can also customize the metal of these sparkling crystals to rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold to go with your preference.

While on some days ‘less is more’, on others ‘more is more’. The best part is, with timeless pieces, you can decide when to dial it up a notch or vice versa. Plus, a woman can love and treasure these classics forever.

Which of these jewellery styles from Signi Jewels did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!


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