How To Walk Gracefully In Heels: 7 Runway Secrets

How To Walk Gracefully In Heels: 7 Runway Secrets

Have you always dreamed about walking gracefully and stylishly while wearing heels? You’re not alone.

While women’s heels are beautiful and fashionable, many find them quite tricky to walk in, especially if it is their first time.

If you have struggled for a long time, below are some valuable tips to help you walk more gracefully in high heels:

Tip #1:

Make sure your shoes aren’t too big for you. If the shoes do not fit perfectly, you will have an awkward step, and it will feel like a struggle every time you walk. Your foot will also slip inside the shoe, which can cause blisters and other problems.

If you want to improve your walk or are a beginner at wearing heels, you will be safer starting with shoes your size. While the bigger ones will make walking tasking and awkward, it is also vital to ensure that they are not too tight. Otherwise, they will be uncomfortable to wear, restrictive, and hurt your feet.

Tip #2:

Wear a heel that matches your shoe size. A common mistake first-timers make is not shopping for shoes based on their feet’ shape. If you have narrow feet, you can try a pair with a narrower heel; else, if you have wide feet, it is best to go for a wider heel.

If you buy carefully, you can avoid bruising from the shoe while it rubs against your foot whenever you walk. You can ask for expert help from the store to pick the perfect shoe shape and size and always insist on wearing well-fitting shoes.

Tip #3:

Wear socks with your heels if you will be standing for long periods. Not many people know this trick, but doing this can help prevent blisters from forming on the balls of your feet.

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The socks hug your feet and create cushioning inside the shoe to stop the friction between the inner lining and your skin. They can also serve as additional support to make the shoe fit better if they are slightly larger and, in turn, help improve your walk. 

Tip #4:

Stand up straight!

Keeping your back and entire body straight is a runway secret to looking graceful whenever you walk. Doing this will help keep pressure off a particular part of the foot and distribute it evenly across all of the bones in your feet. The weight distribution will make walking more comfortable and less painful.

Tip #5:

Walk slowly when wearing high heels. If you are wearing them for the first time and are practicing in your room, you don’t need to rush at them. You can take slow steps at your own pace until you get it right, gradually increasing the pace.

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When you leave the house next time, you may find it easier to walk faster, but still, you don’t need to rush it. The shoes are meant to be worn while walking slowly anyway, and rushing in them may not be graceful. Besides, it can be risky if you fall, twist your ankle, or hurt your feet.

Tip #6:

Try walking on tip-toes for a few steps. Designers create heels to make the wearer look taller and more elegant, hence the raised arch in shoes. You can train your feet to get used to the raised pairs by boosting your heels, even with flat shoes.

It will help engage your muscles so that it feels more natural and comfortable when you return to walking flatly. It’s also helpful because it helps keep pressure off your heel, which can cause pain if you walk too much in heels with pointed toes.

Tip #7:

Put most of your weight on the balls of your feet as you walk—not just one foot or the other.

If you exert more weight on one side, it will wear out more than the other side. Consequently, one foot will feel heavier whenever you lift the foot.

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If one side feels heavier than the other or if one shoe feels different from another (like maybe one shoe has been worn down more), then adjust accordingly before putting any pressure. The heels should be even, or your walk will look and feel awkward.

Walking gracefully in high heels takes practice and skill, so don’t give up on wearing them just because they may initially feel slightly uncomfortable.

As with everything, with the proper preparation, tactics, and practice, wearing heels will become more comfortable, enjoyable, fun, and safe while walking in heels!


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