Women Who Changed The World

Women Who Changed The World

It is good to acknowledge who did great.

Women who went out of their way to make sure everyone has a better life.

Here is a list of the women from EZ who changed the world to be a better place.

Marie Stopes, 1880-1958

She was the one who brought about the use of birth control and was also teaching about sex. She did a good thing that helped people have planned pregnancies.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1122-1204

She was one of the wealthiest women and was an eligible bride too. Her husband was Louis VII of France, but they later divorced. She had a prestigious position in medieval history.

Virgin Mary, 1st-century Before Christ

She was the mother of Jesus Christ. She was and is still the most famous woman on the entire planet.

Jane Austen, 1775-1817

She was exceptional in British history. She wrote the best novels that have impressed many people.

Diana, Princess of Wales, 1961-1997

She became the wife of Charles in 1981. Their wedding was viewed all over the world by a total of 700million people. She was in the limelight even after her ceremony but got divorced in 1996. She was well known for the valuable work she did of making life better for other people.

Amelia Earhart, 1897-c1937

She started aviation at the young age of 24 years. She broke the record the next year when she rose at a very high foot. The first woman to ever fly a plane across the Atlantic and broke a record for five years straight. She was the first person to travel the world in 1937. She disappeared in July and did not get found.

Queen Victoria, 1819-1901

She remains to be an icon in the United Kingdom. After she got crowned, she did the best she could to make the UK a better place by making positive changes.

Josephine Butler, 1828-1906

She fought for the rights of prostitutes claiming that they are the same as the men sleeping with them. She was against sex trafficking and the prostitution of children.

Mary Seacole, 1805-81

She traveled from Jamaica to Britain to offer nursing services. It was during the Crimean war that happened between the year 1853-56. Since she was a mixed racial, she had to go through a lot but remained strong.

Mother Teresa, 1910-97

She lived in India for most of her life. She was the founder of Missionaries of Charity that was able to have so many sisters. The institution played a vital role in helping people all over the world. They played a crucial role in making sure that people lived a better and comfortable life.

Mary Shelley, 1797-1851

She was the daughter of a philosopher and a feminist who worked hard to make herself famous. She was a talented novelist whose work was appreciated by many people.

Catherine the Great,1729-1796

She was a leader tat ruled for a long time. She was able to see the country grow and become powerful. The things she did made her become an influential leader.

Vera Atkins, 1908-2000

They migrated to Britain in the 1930s. She was able to get a good post in the SOE through hard work and dedication. After the second world war, she went looking for the SOE agents only to find them all apart from one agent.


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