Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World

Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World

Is it possible to combine your passion and social welfare?

While some might say that they’re passionate to work towards the betterment of society, others might give a negative affirmation to this question.

And it makes sense too, simply because, the word “Passion” has always been associated with self-love and self-satisfaction.

But what if I tell you about an artist, who through her creativity, has used her passion for the benefit of people?

Well, I am talking about “Rouble Nagi”.

Here’s everything you need to know about her!

Who Is Rouble Nagi?

Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World
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Rouble Nagi is a passionate artist and a social worker from Mumbai who has been working towards the upliftment of the underprivileged through her art and a non-profit NGO for almost 2 decades now.

Unlike any other artist, Rouble has a different take on art and how it can be used to transform the lives of people. She believes that Art exudes positivity.

Taking a more creative and mindful approach, Rouble, though her NGO, has undertaken different projects to paint the slum areas of the country, with an aim to give life to them and keep them clean and hygienic.

Here’s a gist of her NGO, Rouble Nagi Art Foundation.

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation (RNAF)

Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World
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Started by Rouble Nagi, RNAF is a not-for-profit organization set up with the vision to educate underprivileged children that will help them to become caring, responsible, and productive citizens.

For the last decade, RNAF has been working in Slums and Villages of India addressing issues such as Education, Women Empowerment, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Waste Management.

How Did Her Art Journey Start?

Being an army officer’s daughter, Rouble had quite an exposure to different cultures and their beauty but her actual art journey began in Kolkata where she got the chance to experiment with different art forms in school.

Later on, she went to London and studied Art and Political Science.

What started as her passion took a really interesting and mindful approach when she took on the mission of re-making the slum areas of Mumbai and creating livelihoods for its underprivileged people.

This project was named “Misaal Mumbai” and over the years, it has spread across the nation and is now known as “Misaal India”.

Misaal India:

Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World
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An initiative born in Mumbai in January 2018, Misaal India has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the country to live in a happy and clean environment filled with positivity and endless opportunities.

What started as a beautification project for slums has now become a family with its presence in over 300 areas of the country.

Rouble and her team have not only created awareness about the importance of high sanitation and waste management, but they have also created livelihoods for the underprivileged with the help of various skill workshops and support centers, especially for women.

Their efforts have also inspired and helped thousands of children with their education.

Just like Misaal India, RNAF has launched different initiatives aimed at the betterment of the underprivileged.

One such example is their project “Rounak” which aims at organizing the camps at municipal schools, balwadis and patshala’s with an aim to encourage the children not to skip school.

Rouble Nagi: An Extraordinary Artist In The Ordinary World
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RNAF also supports aspiring artists who cannot exhibit due to financial or physical restrictions. They have supported over 405 artists in the last 13 years.

You can all read about their projects here:

You can connect with Rouble Nagi Art Foundation on Instragam as well:


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