Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

We all have a ubiquitous relationship with modern-day technology and automated devices.

With this blog, we are trying to showcase the contemporary automated assistance available to help you through your daily house chores. 

All these device categories mentioned below have one thing in common,” convenience”.

They add convenience to our daily monotonous boring household chores while providing us with time to sip a cup of coffee after a long busy day at the office. 

Vacuum Robot Cleaners

Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

These contemporary home automation bots are at the forefront to simplify ones daily chores. They are designed to clean floors automatically saving you a lot of time. Some of these automated vacuums can sweep as well as mop the floor.

On several online websites, you can order these robot vacuum cleaners in India easily.

They are equipped with modern-day HEPA filters for highly efficient cleaning while automatically sucking up anything on the floor. That’s not all these moving mops also come with additional features to keep your floors spotlessly clean. 

They can be operated remotely from anywhere using the supported android and IOS apps. The pricing is a little steep for an Indian household but for people who can afford one is a nice automated help for your daily chores. 

However, with technology making big leaps forward you can expect prices to come down shortly.

Currently, the automated vacuum cleaner space is not that crowded. The offerings are limited to only a few known international brands. Most notable being, Xiaomi or Mi, Eureka Forbes, Irobot, etc. The only thing that is a big hindrance to the mass adoption of these products is the price. 

Kitchen Dishwashers

Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

Washing clothes in a washing machine is a usual site in modern-day Indian homes. However, to reach this specific point has taken a lot more time compared to our western folks. Now with technology taking care of all our needs you even wash utensils automatically.

Remember the times when after an elaborate cooking session you’re left with piles of dishes as well as other cooking utensils. This is the time when you realize it’s better to order food online rather than cooking yourself. 

If you find yourself in such situations often then this is the time to invest in a dishwasher. These automated kitchen helping hands are decently priced for the work they do. 

Dishwasher has a simple job to clean your spoiled plates and utensils. Some of the most notable consumer electronic brands such as IFB, Voltas, Bosch, LG, etc sell kitchen dishwashers. 

Dishwashers do an amazing job of cleaning and sanitizing your utensils. But you need to be careful before buying one. Extensive research is advised before you go ahead and buy one. Because some dishwashers require you to pre-rinse utensils before you load them. 

That’s not the ideal thing to do when you have to burn calories. Invest in one where utensils can go directly from the table to the dishwasher. And another important thing is check for is a jet sprinkler system. 

A final piece of advice would be to set a budget, do a lot of research, compare, check the after-sales services in your city and buy one.

Home Delivery Apps For Shopping Of Grocery 

Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

Out of all the technological offerings mobile applications are the most important as well as crucial for contemporary human life. With millions of apps online there is one for everything that you can imagine. 

There are apps available for completing a simple task like basic calculations to remotely operate home devices. And this is just the tip of the iceberg below there is a lot more happening with each passing day. 

With the pandemic still on, home deliveries are crucial for the survival of businesses. Thus with lots of people stuck at home deliveries have seen a substantial spike in recent months.  

From raw ingredients to freshly prepared food, one can order anything that their heart desire. Additional discounts and strict monitoring of your monthly expenses adds further convenience of ordering from an app.

However, one thing that these apps cannot provide is the experience of shopping in a physical space. Although with the current pandemic is it also not advisable to go out and shop. Shopping lovers for some time rely on these online catalogs on your phone rather than risking your lives for the experience.  

Smart Speakers Or Smart Home Hubs:

Top Gadgets In India To Automate Your Housework

All the modern-day electronics from home bulbs (lights) to AC to TV to a geyser. Everything these days comes equipped with WiFi to further enhance their connectivity. Thus instead of controlling each one of them via a physical switch invest in a smart speaker.

A smart speaker can help you control all your devices using only voice commands. These smart speakers are intelligent, reliable and amazing devices to hand over these simple tasks.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook all make a plethora of speakers to make it accessible to everyone at any given price. However, don’t invest in one if you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker.

As they don’t sound that amazing and that’s not why they are built. Their primary goal is to answer your queries, place orders, call a cab, order food, play music and control other smart devices in your home on just voice commands. 

Some of them also come with a functional touch screen to view content, cameras to make zoom calls and security. These are excellent devices to create a home ecosystem of your own. 

Electric Kettle:

Tea and coffee are one of the most consumed beverages in the whole world. For a great coffee or tea, hot water is one of the crucial ingredients. Thus for coffee and tea lovers, an electric kettle is a must-have piece of equipment.

An electric kettle is one of the most efficient and easy ways to boil water. Once you own it you’ll forget boiling water on a stove or microwave. To make it an even better deal modern-day kettles come equipped with water temperature controls.

If you’re a coffee or tea expert you’ll know the importance of temperature control. Along with the auto shut down feature you never have to worry about it. Additionally, it boils water in no time, doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and starts at a very inexpensive price.

Before you want to buy an electric kettle. Assess your needs, research, compare and then buy one.  


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