Throwback To Skill Development Programs By Jewellery Brands


Skill barely holds any boundaries. With sincere and advancing efforts skills can be polished in all aspects and different fields and jewellery is no exception.

With a lot of focus around the skill development programs under the bandwidth of skill India there have been immense spurt in the considerations towards the artisans with an aim of bringing a better and improved technique in their hands and getting them the required exposure and experience with training.

The amplified steps have been bringing out a pleasant change in terms of both employment opportunities and the uplift of art.

To introduce you to the similar world of skill development we have the following recent instances

Skill Development Programs

IGI School of Gemology conducted training program for Malabar Gold & Diamonds

skill development programs
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The IGI School came forth with a 5 day training session for the sales team of Malabar Gold & Diamonds providing them a fulfilling view of the diamonds beginning from their evolution to its physical properties; everything was taken up in the session.

They also guided the sellers on how to make intelligent moves while persuading customers.

All in all it was beneficial for the customers as well as the retailers and manufacturers.

Sanjoy Pramanik held second position in Worldskills France

Proud moment for India as Sanjay Pramanik bagged the second position in the WorldSkills France 2018 National Competition.

Equipped with the right knowledge and training he was able to craft a design within the stipulated time which got him the accolades around the globe.

GIA India offers seminar in Jammu on “Allure of ruby

An education seminar was organised to ensure the public trust in gems and jewellery. More than 40 members of the Sarafa association marked their presence to gain the efficient information about the major gemstones.

As shared by the members the experience was enthralling and impeccable in its entire means.

IGI organised know your diamond workshop

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The International Gemological Institute spearheaded another seminar for skill development in Jodhpur with an approach more comprehensive than witnessed before promoting the sole aim of spreading awareness and enlightening the participants about the core aspects that facilitate in enhancing the beauty of diamond and also threw light upon the factors that determine the price of diamond.

It was purely information infusing seminar that left people more inquisitive than before.

Time and again the government and also certain organisations indulge in fuelling seminars and sessions with respect to the skill development project.

There have been quite impressive enhancements amongst the artisans and also the customer base chooses to wilfully attend such events.

You must also attend such events because nothing stands better than being informed.

To know more about when such events are going to take place in the near future, stay tuned!


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