Styling Polo Shirt- Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind

Styling Polo Shirt- Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind

You can wear a Polo shirt to almost all occasions, and it goes equally well at a football game or an office party.

You can pair it well with ripped jeans as a tailored blazer because its distinctive collar, breathable fabric, and buttons make it a style statement like nothing else.

While a Polo shirt is versatile, you must follow certain etiquette to underline your style and not become a call for attention.

Before we start with our dos and don’ts, here’s a concise history of Polo shirts.

A Concise History of the Polo Shirt

Styling Polo Shirt- Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind

In spite of the name by which it is currently known, the polo shirt didn’t rise out of the “game of rulers” yet from the sport of tennis. It is presently not elegant to pop the neckline of your Polo shirt back, and it isn’t probably going to become stylish once more.

You won’t have to pop the collar in the event that you apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor on your neck.

In its initial days, tennis had a hint of blue-blooded flare and was played in an outfit known as “tennis whites” — wool pants, a dress shirt (with sleeves moved up), and, surprisingly, a tie.

Thick, weighty, hot, and lumbering, these pieces of clothing clearly didn’t loan themselves well to playing a functioning, open-air sport.

Seven-time Huge homerun champ René Lacoste concluded to take care of this issue, making his own ideal tennis shirt. Made of an agreeable, breathable “pullover petit piqué” cotton, the white casual shirt shunned fastens right down for a placket of three up top and incorporated a delicate, unstarched neckline that was still sufficiently firm to flip up to safeguard his neck from the sun.

The adaptable, lightweight shirt likewise had a more extended tail in the back to keep it got into René’s pants.

Dos and Don’ts:

Styling Polo Shirt- Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind

1. Do Not Layer 

When you wear a Polo shirt, the fit should be such that it sits on you well without being too tight. It should not be possible for you to wear anything like an undershirt. Remember, an undershirt will show under your sleeve or leave you with a crumpled collar.

You must never attempt to wear two Polo shirts simultaneously because rather than appearing fashionable, it looks like you are craving attention.

2. Do Not Wear A Polo Shirt Tight

There is a fine line between a well-fitting red polo shirt and a tight one. A good test of fit is sticking a finger between the sleeve and your bicep. If you cannot stick your finger in, you should look for a bigger size.

If you find a lot of slack, you should try a smaller one. Since good quality Polo shirts are fabricated from light fabrics like cotton, they should drape well on your body without revealing too many contours.

3. Do Consider Your Height

Wearing a Polo shirt of the correct length is important. The shirt’s tail must not extend more than the middle point of your buttocks. If it is longer, it will look disproportionate when not tucked in, and crumple and show if you tuck in the tail.

You should also avoid Polo shirts with a longer back hem, known as tennis tails if you intend to wear the shirt untucked.

4. Do Not Pop The Shirt Collar 

It is no longer fashionable to pop the collar of your Polo shirt back, and it is not likely to become trendy again. You won’t need to pop the collar if you apply sunscreen with a high SPF factor on your neck.

Some say that popping the collar is juvenile and best left to teenagers trying to look cool. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, if you want to wear a blazer, you should choose a dress shirt, not a Polo shirt.

5. Do Not Wear Shirts With Large Logos

While fashion experts say it is best to avoid logos on your shirts altogether, as far as Polo shirts are concerned, a small and discreet logo on the chest is acceptable only because it has become the convention.

If you must have a logo, you should opt for a shirt that has one in the same color as the fabric, not one in a contrasting color.

6. Do Pick Exemplary Cotton Polo Shirts

The exemplary polo shirt was created in the late tenth 100 years and was the primary thing of attire with conservative necklines. This piece of clothing reformed menswear as far as we might be concerned today, so why not wear one with satisfaction?

The conventional style is fundamental for each closet and can be spruced up for relaxed and brilliant easygoing events. For the fit, ensure the buttons don’t sit too low any other way it can seem to be a Slipover.

Pick a polo shirt that suits your style and make sure to attempt an intense variety.


A Polo shirt is simple, unpretentious, yet stylish. You can elevate your style quotient and come across as a man of refinement by following the etiquette.


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