8 Men’s Fashion Trends That Have Been Staple In 2022

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

As we near the end of 2022, it brings the time to reflect on the different style journeys and fashion trends we have seen this year. We have seen some returning favorites, but we have also seen some new and surprisingly male fashion choices that we happen to see coming to light.

Perhaps you already have a few of these pieces checked off your style list for this year, but if you haven’t, there is still some time to jump on the trends and make the most of them while they are still relevant.

1. Camel Topcoat

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

One of the old but gold trends to hit the scenes as we settle into winter, the camel top coat is starting to be visible on every high street. Its formal yet sleek design not only can be used in a professional business setting on your commute to work, but it will also make you look great as you shop the towns for your Christmas gifts.

This outwear essential is not new to the scene, and it can be traced back to when every gentleman on the street wore one, but this year it is the wardrobe staple to have. Layer this top coat with a smart sweater and shirt to keep the elegant gentleman’s demeanor present.

This wooly coat will keep you warmer in a long-line style, but you can also find shortened tailored versions for more versatile use.

2. Zip Neck Jumpers

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

A fresh trend on the 2022 scene, the zip neck jumper is yet another wardrobe essential for any occasion. The quarter zip design will make you look like a fashion guru, especially if you add a variety of different colors and textures to your wardrobe.

They have been styled in summer with some tailored shorts, and in winter they look great with some tailored trousers and a leather belt.

3. High-end Tracksuit

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

Comfy fashion is officially in full swing. The post-pandemic men’s fashion trends have slowly been developing into more and more different extensions of what we were wearing.

Comfy fashion like tracksuits and homeware has made it onto the highstreets, to the point where top fashion brands are creating beautiful high-quality loungewear. Tracksuits are acceptable to wear in every setting, and styling them with some smart trainers and accessories will take any outfit to the next level.

Even some of the faster fashion brands such as Boohoo and higher-end brands such as Gods Gift and curating various styles to look out for.

4. Utility Vests

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

Street style has been a hot topic for a minute, and having a unity vest is one of the key components to mastering street style. The use of them has been seen more heavily by younger generations, but it has been breaking through into different markets such as women’s fashion, making it a great unisex piece.

Styling cargo-style utility vests with a hoodie or even a printed t-shirt will show you have a great understanding of men’s street style in 2022.

5. Varsity Jackets

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

Yet another extension of the hot street styles at the moment, varsity jackets have been on trend all year round and can be found in most trendy fashion outlets.

The wide-cut, box-style jackets are mimicking their original style when they were on trend back in the 90s. 90s fashion has been prominent this year as we have seen Y2K women’s fashion, and the varsity jackets are just another example of generational trends coming back into play.

Style one of these with some loose-fit jeans, a plain black top, and a shiny chain.

6. Knitted Vests

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

Keeping with the ’90s revamping trend, waffle knitted vests are very in right now especially as we are entering the colder seasons. The 90s showed us some of the best layering outfits, and a knitted vest was just one component of any fashionable ensemble.

Their thick, thermal qualities are ideal for any cozy fit, especially paired with a knitted beanie, a wooly scarf, and a fitted bomber jacket. 

7. High-top Trainers

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

The days of smart dinner shoes for an evening in the town are over, the shoe game is now solely focused on your trainer game and not just any trainers, high-top trainers. Smart, luxury trainers are the go-to shoe for any special evening now, and unless you have your high-end trainer game in check then you simply are not staying on trend.

Thick, chunky sole trainers are everywhere at the moment, many luxury designers are solely focusing on the production of this genre of shoe due to its mass popularity. They will not only increase your confidence but also your height!

8. Motorcycle Jackets

8 Men’s Fashion Trends Have Been Staple In 2022

Last and certainly not least, the rugged and timeless appeal of motorcycle jackets is 2022 essential for any gentleman’s wardrobe. Due to the leather nature of the jackets, they can come at a cost, however, they can last a lifetime and are well worth the investment if you are hoping to add this piece to your wardrobe.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are similar style denim jackets that are useful to achieve the same style. However, when it comes to denim jackets vs men’s motorcycle jackets, there are differences you should read up on.


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