Slay With Scandinavia-The Art of Bracelet Stacking

Slay With Scandinavia-The Art of Bracelet Stacking

Jewellery stacking of all kinds has gained popularity, such as wearing a variety of rings together or layering several neckpieces. Given how you can blend jewellery pieces to produce your style, you do not want your wrists to miss out on all this fun.

Though wearing a few bangles and bracelets together is nothing new, today’s fashion icons have taken it a notch higher by stacking bracelets from their collection.

The trend of stacking bracelets has gained a strong following and is here to stay. So, mastering this style of bracelet designs for girls is bound to come handy.

What Is Stackable Bracelet?

It is the art of wearing multiple and distinctive bracelets together, also known as layering. When these different bracelet designs for girls mix, they create a unique and eye-catching look you cannot get with just a single bracelet.

When we talk about stackable bracelets, it can also include Fitbits, watches and even allergy bracelets. Anything you wear around your wrist. 

One reason stacking bracelets is a popular trend nowadays maybe because a lot of attention is drawn to our hands due to our use of smartphones and other devices. 

“Get more attractive with your bracelet collection by mixing and matching them.”

How To Style Stackable Bracelets?

Once you have collected a variety of bracelet designs for girls from simple oxidized silver ones to, chunky colourful stone bracelets, its time to master the art of stacking them to create stylish looks.

Check out these interesting stackable bracelet styles curated by Social Media Influencer, Nabeela for some inspiration:

Aqua Tones

bracelet designs for girls

Nabeela has teamed her white jacket with stacks of silver and beaded pieces. She has perfectly mixed shades of blue that blend in with oxidized silver. 

These boho bracelet designs for girls is a mixture of metals, beads, porcelain and glass.

Since her stackable bracelet is doing all the talking, she has kept the rest of her jewellery to the minimal with just a few simple rings. Doesn’t it give you major Beach vibes!

Neon Bracelets

bracelet designs for girls

She has combined different textured bracelets of vibrant colours. The combination of the delicate beaded band with threaded friendship bracelet along with the adorable turtle studded piece gives a bohemian and playful look.

This look is for people with a free-spirited and creative mind who like to experiment with their style.

Colourful Mix

bracelet design for girls

Nabeela has generously stacked up beaded charm bracelets with dangling oxidized silver pieces.

The colour combinations of peach, red, royal blue and orange are proof that mixing the right colours will never look gaudy.

These stackable bracelet designs for girls is perfect for the summertime. The order of arranging the bracelets is also on point as the coloured charms are well balanced and not cluttered together.


bracelet for girls

For this look, Nabeela has kept it to black and silver charm bracelets with a subtle statement ring. Her jewellery looks fresh, elegant and trendy. It is the go-to look for people who are just starting with stacking and want to keep it simple.

Delicate With Silver

bracelet design for girls

Stacked up a couple of delicate silver bracelets to complement with her eye-catching neckpiece and bold jhumkas. Her entire look from jewellery to attire screams tribal.

All the photos are from our new collection “Slay with Scandinavia” that is all bout minimalistic jewellery and comfortable fashion.

You can check out the collection of our stackable bracelets here:

Complete Guide on Stacking Bracelets:

Start Stacking

Firstly, you need to choose the bracelets that you want to stack on your arms. There are two ways to go about is- choose one bold statement piece and combine it with complementary pieces, or wear several equally striking pieces. Both ways will look perfect as long as it is done right.

If you are a newbie at stacking, keep it simple. You can mix a few different bracelets with common traits such as different shades of the same colour, or the same style of bracelet for (instance a bangle) in different sizes.

As you get comfortable, start being more experimental. Try different colours, shapes, and textures. Keep trying the combinations until you’re satisfied with the style.

Mix Materials

Forget the rules of styling when it comes to stacking bracelets. Mixing different textures and materials makes the most striking looks.

When choosing material, consider the outfit and overall mood you want.

Match leather with colourful beads for an edgy look or opt for gemstone bracelets with sleek metal ones for a dressy bracelet design for ladies. For a more casual look, pair different metals with a few colourful pieces.

For women who love wearing watches as much as bracelets, it can get irritating to choose one or the other.

Many believe in wearing a watch on one hand and bracelet on the other. But if you stack the watches up with bracelets of complementary materials and colour then you can get an elegant and classy look.

Order Of Stacking

Stacking bracelets are more than just slipping on many bracelets together. The order has an impact on how it looks. Deciding the order requires experimenting and re-arranging them until it’s perfect. One way to get the right order is to space out the sizes and types of bracelets.

For instance, placing to thick bracelets together will look cluttered and unbalanced. Instead, place a few thinner between them.

Consider the type of bracelet too. Two thin bracelets that get tangled easily should be kept separate. Keep the balance of colors, metals and texture in mind when you decide the order of bracelets.

Consider Comfort

Not only should you want your jewellery to look good but also want a comfortable fit.

Consider the activities you plan to do before you wear stackable bracelets. A huge stack of bracelets may get in the way if your are typing on a computer or doing some physical activity. If you are a right-handed then wear it on the left arm and vice-versa.

Know When To Stop

If you wear too many bracelets or very heavy ones, it will look overdone. Make sure you don’t fill more than one third or half of your forearm. If you wear bracelets on both arms then keep the bracelets to the minimum.

Do let us know in the comments section below, the style of stackable bracelets that you liked the most.


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