Minimalistic Outfits and Jewellery to Try Out This Summer

summer outfits

Do you remember the feeling of stickiness when you wore your skinny jeans outside during summer outfits? Well, I do and it was definitely not worth the discomfort, why?

Because regardless of how stunning you may look in those jeans, they will crease and you WILL sweat during summers which will only increase the stickiness and the chances of rashes!

So, I came up with better alternatives which wouldn’t choke my body and neither looks bad on me!

Let’s get started!

Summer Outfits & Jewellery

White Cotton Dress With Stackable Bracelets

Minimalistic Outfits

Who doesn’t love a cute little white dress and that too in summers?

I really like such outfits because of numerous reasons,

 #1 Material Of The Dress

Cotton is the best material for any type of clothing during summers, try to stay away from all the synthetic materials and silk since our skin becomes irritable when such material is worn during high temperatures!

#2 Fit

This is another major concern during summers, airy clothes tend to be more breathable compared to the tight fitted clothes which sure look so good but trust me on this, the level of comfort you’ll get by wearing an airy outfit is unmatchable!

#3 Colour

We have already learned about this in school, lighter colours are cooler and darker colours are warmer, so be smart when picking out outfits, make sure to buy light colours and not dark (especially not black).

There are often so many choices to pick from and I know how restless we can get while shopping, but you need to remember to love your body and be gentle with it!

summer jewellery

Now coming to the accessories part of our look, I absolutely love the idea of stackable bracelets! They are trendy and give a casual yet chic vibe.

Now, there are a number of ways to create your bundle of bracelets to use as stackables, you can either stack charm bracelets with beaded or plain bracelets or you can give them a statement look by adding a brass cuff and if available a pearl necklace wrapped around the hand, trust me it looks really stunning!

You can check out our stackable collection here:

Wrap Skirt With A Solid Colour Top & A Pair Of Fashion Earrings

summer outfits

Wrap-around skirts are a great way to maintain the goodness of your outfit and your comfort. They are very versatile in terms of styling, you can wear t-shirts, formal shirts, solid coloured tops, bell sleeves, tank tops, spaghetti tops, the list is endless!

summer outfits

Since with this outfit we already have a lot going on, try to avoid heavy jewellery and stick with a pair of statement/fashion earrings or necklace, they’ll add grace and elegance to the whole look!

You can even wear stackable bracelets if you wish to, they’ll also look great but make sure to not wear too much jewellery and you’ll be fine.

You can check out our collection of statement jewellery here:

T-shirt/Shirtdress With Statement Jewellery

summer outfits

This is probably my go-to outfit during the summers and you might have seen such outfits worn by many social media influencers nowadays which is not a surprise knowing how amazing it looks!

This outfit is the literal manifestation of ‘savage, classy, bougie and ratchet’, I mean cmon, Megan Thee Stallion would be proud of us!

The best thing about this outfit is the comfort it brings and since most of such shirts are made of cotton, comfort will never be a problem with this dress.

necklace for summer
bracelet for summer

The only problem with this outfit is that it’s too plain, so to spice things up you can wear a good amount of jewellery, anything that’s unique, stands out in the crowd would be a good fit.

The ones that are in the pictures are from our brand new collection ‘Slay with Scandinavia’ and I personally love the vibe they create.

As you can see in the picture, there is a lot of jewellery but it somehow looks very appropriate.

Statement jewellery comes handy during such times since all you have to wear now is a pair of high heels and off you go slaying like a Queen!

You can check out the jewellery in the pictures here :

A Crop Top & A Long Skirt With Some Stackable Bracelets

summer outfits

Skirts work really good during summers, whether it’s mini skirts, denim skirts, wrap-around skirts or long skirts, because of the room available for our body parts to breathe!

This crop top paired with a beautiful lavender skirt looks really good to me and I sure believe that crop tops can be your best friend during summers without compromising our comfort.

I also admire the versatility crop tops have, you can probably get crop tops in every possible sleeve trend, neck trend or whatever it is that you are maybe looking for!

Summer jewellery

All you need to enhance the quality of your outfit are some stackable bracelets (which I have already raved about) and a pair of mojaris, voila! you are good to go!

Floral Skater Dress With Minimal Jewellery

floral dress for summer

Since we have already talked about the benefits of wearing an airy dress during summers, let’s talk about skater dresses.

 The good thing about these dresses is that apart from being airy, they give you definition in the waist area making it more preferable over an A-line dress.

Also, floral dresses are super trendy during summers so that’s a big win!

Summer jewellery

The most amazing thing about this outfit is that you’ll never have a problem deciding which accessories to pick because almost everything will look good with a cute dress like this, whether it’s stilettos, boots or even mojaris, everything works and it’s not only with footwear but with jewellery as well,

you pair this dress with stackables, a pair of jhumkas, a braff cuff, a statement necklace or whatever it is that you have available in the moment!!!

If you are looking for some inspiration as a  social media influencer, you should definitely try out these styles!

My one advice would be to stick with pastels as they are summer shades and would totally enhance the look of your !

Do let me know in the comment section below, your favourite pick from this blog or if you have any other ideas of fun but comfortable outfits to wear during summers!! Toodles.



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