Garnet: Discover The Beauty Of January Gemstone

Garnet: Discover the beauty of January Gemstone

Garnets are a formidable seed like stones that share close resemblance to pomegranate.

It is the January gemstone which marks the milestone of 2nd year of the marriage.

In earlier times, the women used to wear small garnet beads infused in a thread to give a look-alike of a necklace.

This gives us the idea of its durability and hardness.

The garnets get its name from the Latin word “Garantaus” meaning seed-likein reference to pomegranate.

Garnet: January Gemstone


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History of Garnets

The King of Saxony in Czechoslovakia is believed to possess the heaviest of garnet weighing about 465 carats.

Plato, the popular philosopher and thinker of the Green period had his portrait engraved on the garnet by the engraver.

Bohemia, a small place in Czechoslovakia is known to be the grand mining place for garnets, cutting, polishing and mounting was also involved making it a rich industry.

Bohemian castles and churches were ostentatiously decorated with garnets on the walls, tapestry and to brighten up the interiors.

Garnets are a solid and complex compound with stones tightly joined to each other.

In the 18th and 19th Century, garnets were highly popular and used by the Victorian women to adorn themselves with it.

History of Garnets

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Garnets are believed to be little brittle with more or less transparent red silicate mineral and has a vitreous lustre.

It is one of the most rarely found semi-precious stone and the gem quality garnets can be found in many countries which are preserved and treasured for over 5000 years ago.

Garnets are associated with the myths and legends in the ancient times. Hebrew writers included garnets in one of the Aaron’s breastplate, Noah is believed to use garnet to illuminate the ark through wet days and nights.

In Greek tradition, garnets safeguard the kids from drowning and in Quran, it is believed that garnets illuminate the Fourth Heaven of the Muslims. Christians consider the blood-red garnet as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice.

Significance of Garnets

Garnets are extremely therapeutic as several researchers have confirmed that use of garnets is beneficial for easing the stress and overcoming depression.

It is said that a garnet with a lion’s figure engraved on it is considered to bring honor to the wearer followed by curing the wearer of all diseases and protecting them from the perils in traveling.

It is believed that if the garnets lose their luster or shine, they would eventually lose the essence of its charm and invite danger. The garnets hold a close affinity with warrior tradition.

Garnets offer optimistic approach to the wearer and instil in them love, passion, empathy, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion and faith for friends and family.

The garnets were earlier not worn but kept at a special place to create a healthy aura around you. It is also considered to endow feminine forces which compel this stone to be very compassionate and a giver.

It helps nurture and foster sex drive too.

Garnets can help renew your vision as it aids in public communication and can act really useful for people involved in business and meeting new people everyday.

It is extremely helpful for people moving to a new city.

Garnets are one of the few untreated gems with a plethora of benefits and amazing properties attached to it.


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