History and Significance of Jadau Jewelry

History and Significance of Jadau Jewelry

The heritage jewelry which is the oldest form of jewelry is indeed spectacular in all its glory.

Immaculately crafted with precision and accuracy, Jadau jewelry is one-of-kind and involves the craftsmanship of artisans.

Jadau jewelry has been inspired by the Mughal empire who were the believers in royalty, Jadau rings, necklaces and jewels beautify your look effortlessly.

In a world full of precious and semi-precious stones, Jadau jewelry serves the elite and aristocrat with embellished and engraved stones to personify the old-world charm with a blend of flamboyance.

Mughal empire jewellery

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Jadau work is a popular art form of jewelry and has its roots in the Bikaner region of Rajasthan, however, due to its intricate work and detailing, many parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat have witnessed the royal Jadau production.

The whole process of forming Jadau requires attention to detail and extreme precision work.

Therefore, it takes a team of about 15000 artisans to produce one single piece of jewelry. To engrave about 3-4 stones on the gold-gilded foil, it takes one entire day.

The reason why Jadau work jewelry is an intensive and exhaustive day-long job is that it takes a long time to fix a diamond or other special metal in gold.

Artists who are specialists and experts in creating Jadau jewelry are only involved in the process for it requires each one of them to take full ownership of work.

How Is Jadau Jewelry Made?

jaadu jewellery

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Step 1:

The basic primary design is called as chiterias and involves the craftsmanship of skilled artists who sketch and fundamentals of the specific task.

Each artist lays down a layout for enhancing the beauty of intricate artwork.

Step 2:

Followed up next is the embedding of stones on gold which is melted just right to make it pliable for embedding.

This is called as ghaarias. Once the gold cools down, the gemstones are fixed on it accurately.

Step 3:

Furthermore, the enameling is done on the back using the technique of Meenakari and Polki which involve embellishing stones on gold or silver surface.

Where to Buy JadauJewelry?

Jadau jewelry is known to be a specialty of regions like Jaipur, Bikaner, Gujarat, and parts of Rajasthan where the Mughal emperors often designed and curated Jadau jewelry for their royal patronage.

The authenticity and value of these prized heirloom possessions can be found in different designs, trends, and forms.

However, there are several retail outlets who cheat the customers and tourists in the name of fake Jadau pieces.

Where to Buy JadauJewelry?

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The price of composing Jadau jewels is exorbitant.

It is very easy for an Indian bride to cheated upon by the unscrupulous parties.

There are several factors that a bride must keep in mind before investing in the luxurious Jadau gems.

The weight and purity of the gold or diamond as the base stone must be the determining factors in estimating the price of the Jadau jewelry besides the artwork and intricacy of detailing and its aesthetics.

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