How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring?

How to take care of your Engagement Ring?

The most prized possession of every woman, her engagement ring is what unifies the eternal bond of the two souls together.

The wedding bands and engagement rings are one of the most easily affected and distorted property due to constant exposure of external environment.

These demand special care and timely renewal to help store and protect your engagement rings.  

Here are some of the tips which will help you:

Engagement Ring Care Tips

Get an Insurance

Get an Insurance

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Just like your car and home, this is also a lifelong asset for you which calls for an insurance.

The sentimental and monetary value attached to it will compel you to add a jewelry rider to your homeowner or renter’s insurance.

Some aspects like weight of the stone, metal description, and its cut, as appraised by the certified independent jewelryprovider shall be provided before setting up your jewelry insurance.

DIY Clean your Ring

DIY Clean your Ring

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Jewelry experts believe that engagement rings can be easily scrubbed, cleaned at home.

All you need is a mild dishwashing solution and soak the ring in the mixture of lukewarm water and solution.

To keep your ring sparkling like ever, you must regularly clean it, remove the skin oils, lotion stains and everyday accumulated dirt.

Diamond rings can be soaked in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour and let it air dry.

Get Regular Fixing

Get Regular Fixing

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Just like your dentist sitting, it is recommended to go for a jewelry sitting to get your engagement ring or wedding band repaired in case of any dislodged stone or metal.

Let your lovely engagement ring look new as ever by taking a good care.

Protect from Chemicals

Protect from Chemicals

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Don’t let the harsh chemicals take a toll on the shining lustre of your engagement ring.

Practise doing your household chores without wearing the ring for it can react with the chemicals and lead to dullness and abrasive surface.

Swim sans ring

Swim sans ring

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Never ever take your engagement ring for a swim for cold water shrings your finger which might lead to knocking off your ring in the middle of the water body.

Store it safely.

Store your Ring at a safe place

Store your Ring at a safe place

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Don’t just leave your ring resting off on a ledge or on the edge of the sink lest it might slip through. Store your engagement ring safely in a drawer or traditional jewelry box to retain its shine and luster for as long as it can.

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