8 Precious Diwali Jewellery Gift Ideas For Women

8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio

The festival of lights, Diwali brings together families for a moment of happiness, joy, and never-ending laughter. The day follows some timeless traditions and rituals which bring us close to our roots. The day is considered to be auspicious and marks new beginnings, it is said to bring with itself peace and prosperity.

One ritual that has been followed for the longest time is the tradition of gifting and to make this year’s gift special, we have some amazing Diwali gift ideas for you.

As we all know, to match the razzle-dazzle of the festival, everyone, big or small, dresses up, wears new clothes, and adorns some beautiful pieces of jewellery. The sparkling day requires some shiny jewellery to complement itself.

If you want to go the extra mile with the ideas for Diwali gift, this year to bring excitement and joy in the eyes of your loved ones, then we’d suggest you go for some stunning jewellery pieces.

With the wide variety available, it might get a little exasperating to search for the perfect jewellery gift and so we advise you to start hunting as soon as you can.

To make your hunt easier, try the below-given ideas for Diwali gift, they will help you plan and will make the shopping for the perfect gift a tad-bit easy for you.

These Diwali gift ideas have been tailor-made for all the beautiful women in your life. We understand that you cannot go for the same gifting ideas for these special women, each one requires a special Diwali gift to make her feel loved.

We have categorized the gift ideas separately for your mother, sisters, wife, and fiance. Be sure to check them out, to make your gift shopping less tiring, and to get done with the shopping on time.


Diwali Gift Ideas For Women


We have two gorgeous Diwali gift options for you when it comes to jewellery. These options will surely make your mother shed some tears of joy and the pieces that we’ll suggest will surely be considered precious to her for a long time.


The ‘Rivaaz’ is probably something that your mother holds close to her heart. She tends to ardently follow them and the way she has nurtured you, she expects you follow them as well.

Well, this time for the Diwali gift, give her something from the Tanishq’s collection that goes with her rivaaz.

The above-shown set will surely resonate with her and will act as an add-on to your celebrations. It encapsulates all the rituals and traditions that Diwali stands for and most of all, it makes for one of the most beautiful ideas for Diwali gift.

These incredible sets will add a bright gleam to your mother’s outfit. They are a part of the Virasat range. These necklaces are a great Diwali gift option when it comes to buying jewellery for your mother on Diwali. A good look at these pieces will help you see the exemplary artistry that has been done on them.


For the backbone of your life who has made you who you are today, a special Diwali gift is necessary.

Express your gratitude to her with an eternal temple jewellery set. This will act as an unforgettable memory for her which she will always cherish and hold close to her heart. Take reference from the image shown and get the right Diwali gift ideas for your mother.

8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

One jewellery which has both a gorgeous design and a traditional look is the temple jewellery. It holds a special place in our heart because of its mesmerizing looks.

The above-shown piece is elaborate rani haar which makes for the perfect Diwali gift. It holds a special place in our hearts because of its beautiful combination of the pink and gold, plus what adds to its beauty is the Laxmi Goddess motifs all over it.


If you’ve been thinking too much about the best idea for Diwali gift, your girlfriend, or fiance, then we’d like to assure you there is no idea for Diwali gift that can be better than giving a ring.

A ring is a true symbol of the love and affection you feel and we guarantee that it will leave that special person completely surprised and ecstatic.

Now, if you’re thinking of gifting rings as a Diwali gift, then you have to check out Tiffany. We have listed two of our favourite collections below. Make sure to browse them to get the right Diwali gift.


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio

Tiffany has broadened its iconic bridal range with the launch of its collection of rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands, these pieces are symbolic of how a marriage should be filled with harmonious companionship and love!

The Tiffany Harmony Ring- Rose Gold has a vintage feel to it and is flattering against all skin tones. It makes for a beautiful and unique idea for Diwali gift because it doesn’t come in the traditional gold and silver.


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.theweddingscoop.com/]

The patented mixed cut of the Lucida diamond is what makes us love this expensive engagement ring. Unique visual patterns are created by the diamond here, this is because the square-shaped diamond utilizes the emerald-cut on the crown part and the brilliant-cut diamonds on the pavilion part.

It sits handsomely in a four-prong setting and it melds into a block of smooth platinum or 18 Karat gold band.

If you’re planning on proposing this Diwali or if you want to make your fiance’s heart melt, then be sure to use this ring as a Diwali gift.


If there is one person who will always have your back, then it has to be your sister.

From listening to your endless rants to cooking your favourite dishes to protecting you from your parent’s scoldings, your sister has done it all. For such a special person, the idea for a Diwali gift must be equally special.

If you want to see that instant smile on your sister’s face, then we’d suggest you scroll down below to get just the right gift idea that will help make this festival special.

PS: Combine your gift with Diwali gift items such as chocolate hampers to make it even more special!


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.miabytanishq.com/]

The Rosey rose gold designs are the new things in fashion and are much in demand for young women.

These pretty jewellery pieces are the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

The best part about them is that these bracelets can be worn with both western wears and light Indian wears. Get your hands on this mesmerizing bracelet to ensure you have the best Diwali gift for your sister.


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.anuradhaartjewellery.com/]

If your sister is fond of long hassle-free earrings, then we have some awesome ideas for Diwali gifts for her.

The long shoulder-touching earrings will help her rock her Diwali look. These slender earrings give a very colourful and happy vibe.

They are also perfect as a Diwali gift as these pieces are quirky and fun as your relationship with your sister.

Take inspirations from the images given above and give your sister the perfect delight Diwali gift.


Lastly, we come to Diwali gift ideas for your significant other. When it comes to exploring ideas for Diwali gift for your wife, you want something that is precious and symbolizes the love that you share.

The perfect Diwali gift has to be something precious and personal and nothing fits this description better than jewellery.

The jewels that you give her as a Diwali gift are symbolic of the moments you treasure and with this thought in mind, we have listed some timeless pieces for your better half.


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://www.tanishq.co.in/virasat]

The above-shown enigmatic necklaces are the right choice for a Diwali gift for your wife. The stunning allure of gold is further made to look captivating with the pink hues. These stunning necklaces are from the Virasat Collection of Tanishq, you can explore more such pieces from their collection.

These regal pieces will make this Diwali gift extra special, if your wife is a fan of diamonds like us, then you too should opt for these pieces as they are encrusted with diamonds to further add wonder to these jewels.

We guarantee that these spectacular pieces will make for excellent ideas for Diwali gift.


8 Precious Jewellery Diwali Gift Ideas For Women-ZeroKaata Studio
[Image Courtesy: https://jaipurgems.com/]

If you wish to go for a piece with a major focus on a diamond, then you have to check out this dazzling diamond necklace by Jaipur Gems. These precious and timeless pieces will be a beautiful Diwali gift for your wife.

The Polki diamond pieces when worn with saree or any other traditional wear will surely make your wife sparkle and will make her outfit look more extravagant.

We are done with the list now! Show your unconditional love to these beautiful women in your life with the perfect Diwali gift.

Remember to share which jewellery you like the most with us in the comments below.




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