6 (Affordable) Gift Hampers That’ll Say Happy Diwali For You

Diwali gift packs and diwali gift items

The festival of lights, Diwali is counted amongst the most important festivals for Hindus. On this day, people tend to clean their homes, light them up with lamps, draw rangoli, adorn new clothes and jewellery and meet up with people they love to celebrate the joyous day.

One more tradition that has been followed for aeons is the giving of gifts. The gifting ritual still holds a prominent way of expressing the love and respect you have for different people in your life.

However, with the array of Diwali gift packs available, it is difficult to select the right Diwali gift items.

Different people hold different meanings in your life, you have your immediate family, the extended family, your friends, your colleagues and many more. So, it’s important that you get the right Diwali gift items for them!

To help you out in this quest, we have some awesome Diwali gift hampers suggestions for you, we have tried covering various types, so that you are able to choose the right ones that can fulfil your needs and requirements when it comes to gifting!

Scroll down below to get your hands on the list of Diwali gift items that will render your festival special and will ease your task of selecting the perfect Diwali gift hampers.

Diwali Gift Items:


6 Affordable Diwali gift items and Diwali gift hampers-ZeroKaata Studio
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Exotic fruits make for wonderful Diwali gift items. Loaded with minerals and vitamins, they make for a perfect healthy option, rather, we can also say that there are only a few other options available that are as healthy as the fruit gift pack.

We’d advise you to go ahead with the fruits hamper this year and to add a good twist, mix up this Diwali gift hamper with different kinds of seasonal and exotic fruits.


6 Affordable Diwali gift items and Diwali gift hampers-ZeroKaata Studio
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Dry fruits are classic Diwali gift items that always hit the mark! These tried and tested Diwali gift hampers are liked by all and have been long used by a lot of Indians for gifting purposes.

These Diwali gift hampers are usually sent to all the close members of the family during the festival. Dry fruits are a healthy alternative to sweets and their packaging has a unique and beautiful design, which makes them all the more appealing.

Lastly, these Diwali gift items do not rot or get spoiled and so they are ideal even for long distance purposes!

Suggestion- We just have one thing to say here, try going for a variety instead of sticking to one dry fruit. We are sure the assorted dry fruits mix would be much appreciated by all as Diwali gift packs.


6 (Affordable) Gift Hampers That'll Say Happy Diwali For You 1
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Who does not love chocolates? One thing that is universally loved by all is chocolates. They are ideal for family, employees and even clients as they never disappoint and add the perfect flavour of sweetness to the festival.

Plus, they come in a wide variety, you can get dark and milk chocolates, or you can have fruit and nuts chocolate.

The best way to for the Diwali gift hampers when going with chocolate is to go for a range of assorted chocolates, unlike the traditional mithai boxes, which might be passed on, chocolates do not do so. (especially because the kids won’t let you!).

These Diwali gift packs come in some beautifully designed boxes and can be used to gift everyone, whether they are in their 50s or 20s.

PS- Add a personalized message to these Diwali gift hampers to make the occasion extra special!


6 Affordable Diwali gift items and Diwali gift hampers-ZeroKaata Studio
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One traditional gift that has been used for decades are Indian sweets. They make for the perfect Diwali gift packs and they are ideal for those wanting to stick to their desi roots!

Thinking about Diwali gift items, you can select from the range of Soan Papdis, Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas, Kaju Barfis, and many more! Mithai conveys the traditions well and they are symbolic of happiness and joy.

Other than that, they are also a popular choice because these Indian sweets are available at almost every nook and corner pus theft are available in everyone’s budget as well!

Plus, they also make for a great option of Diwali gift for employees.

PS- The best way to go on about these Diwali gift hampers is to combine these boxes with an idol of different deities.

According to us, you cannot send good wishes in a better manner than by gifting a beautiful idol along with the traditional sweets.


6 Affordable Diwali gift items and Diwali gift hampers-ZeroKaata Studio
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There can be no other way of celebrating the festival of lights than by going with gifting some pretty diyas or lamps.

These Diwali gift items make for the most apt gifts for the occasion and can be used for decorating the house. You can find these Diwali gift items in various designs and colours and lamps.

To make your near and dear ones feel extra special, you can also combine these lamps with some delicious sweets, thereby making them ideal Diwali gift hampers.

In fact, if you want, you can also go for customizations with these Diwali gift items, like you can write a personalized message on the lamp or you can even move a step ahead and go for those new-age lamps that change the message whenever one lights them up!

However, if you want to try something hatke and want to move away from the traditional, then we have the perfect Diwali gift items for you to experiment with!

Look for some cute-sy LED candles and brighten up the festival by gifting these to your special ones.

You can shop for such Diwali gift items online at Amazon.


6 Affordable Diwali gift items and Diwali gift hampers-ZeroKaata Studio
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If you wish to go for something fresh this year, then we have the trendiest idea for you! Tea hampers are the new ‘IT’ thing given as Diwali gift hampers.

They are perfect if you wish to move away from the tried and tested sweets formula and they allow your gift to stand out from others.

Apart from that, tea hampers are healthy as well, you can go for the speciality teas or some likewise infusions.

You can also opt for the green tea pack and add an Indian twist to it by adding Tulsi, Masala Chai, Jasmine, Lemongrass and even Mint tea!

We hope that you liked this list!

For more such ideas, visit our site- https://www.zerokaata.com/zerokaata-studio/ and share the Diwali gift items you are surely going to add to your cart in the comments below!



  1. This diwali I would refrain from gifting my loved ones fruits or sweets as such. But I would definitely love gifting the diyas and lanterns. Some home decor items also can be gifted liek scented candles!

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