10 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Jeans-2023 Version

#OhMyDenim: 10 Sassy Hairstyles For Jeans

Jeans have to be the most versatile wear when it comes to western outfits. They are extremely common nowadays and complement every style be it everyday casuals or for party wears.

Likewise, when it comes to the hairstyles with jeans, they are equally versatile and can be used for various styling purposes.

Our love for jeans is the reason for the blog today. We have prepared a list of fabulous hairstyles for jeans that you can use for different purposes and events.

Scroll down below to get a list of some simple and elaborate hairstyles on jeans top that will make you look gorgeous.

PS: I’m sure that you’ll find out the perfect hairstyle for jeans for you on this list.

The list of hairstyles on jeans looks that we have prepared are everything from cute to stylish and from trendy to effortless and the best part we have categorized them so that you can easily find the dreamy hairstyle for jeans top that you were looking for!

Pick The Perfect Yet Simple Hairstyles For Jeans and Top:


jeans top hairstyle girl
[Image Courtesy: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/trends/party-hairstyles.html]


One of the most common and effortless hairstyles that you can opt for is the open hairdo, all you gotta do is just let your hair flow with the wind.

Perfect for girls with fine hair, this open jeans hairstyle can easily be suited to several women.

Also, if you’ve recently had a haircut then we’d suggest you let go of all the constraints and just simply let your hair loose.

We’d suggest you not to put on any clips, hair bands, rubber bands or clutches and just let your hair sway.


jeans hair style photo
[Image Courtesy: https://mocah.org/]

Just brush your hair well and leave them as it is, this evergreen hairstyle will never disappoint you. If you are someone with naturally straight hair, then this super casual hairstyle for jeans will help in adding the pretty factor.

Even if you have a little wavy hair, you can opt for this hairdo by simply straightening your hair, it hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes, combine this with a little gloss and you’re ready.


jeans hair style photo
[Image Courtesy: https://www.thehealthymaven.com/]

You needn’t worry if you have curly hair, this hairstyle for jeans looks will also work for someone with a curly hairstyle.

We’d suggest you go for a little eye shadow and be all set for this trendy look.

We are sure that once you try it out, this will surely become your go-to hairstyle for jeans mainly because it hardly requires any time and still manages to make you look good.


You can leave your hair open this way for a casual lunch, sudden movie plan or even for a family night.


hair style on jeans top
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]


The timeless hairstyle for jeans is perfect for every season- be it summer, winter, spring or fall.

They are perfect to get the never give up vibe right. As they say, if you don’t succeed at first, then just fix your ponytail and give it a shot again.

Trust us when we say, your ponytail will enable you to do just that!

The regular ponytail hairstyle for jeans looks great for your everyday attire, however, sometimes this routine style just doesn’t cut it, you have to add a bit of glam to it and we are here to help you achieve just that.

Read on about the different styles of ponytail given below and get ready to dazzle.


hair style on jeans top
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

These have been our favourite right from the time we discovered them. This style creates an illusion of longer hair because the high ponytail and low ponytail are toppled here together.

This simple hack of stacking one ponytail on top of the other makes your ponytail look fuller- both length and look-wise.


Divide your hair horizontally into two sections, tie the top section in a rough bun and the lower part in a low ponytail.

Now, for the top part, backcomb the crown section and tie it in a ponytail as well, just above the other one.

Fan out the top one and your look is complete.


hairstyle for jeans and top
[Image Courtesy: https://www.luxyhair.com/]

If you’re planning to jazz up your look while maintaining the minimalist vibe then you cannot be wrong with the giant wrap ponytail.

What we love about this hairstyle for jeans looks is that it instantly makes you look more pretty and it brings out the delicate features of your face.


Put your hair together in a ponytail, next, take a chunk of your hair and wrap it around the base with bobby pins.

All you have to do is wrap them in a circular manner around the place where the rubber band was and ensure that they remain in place. Loosen a few strands from the front side and this pretty look is ready.


hairstyle for jeans and top
[Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/]

If you are someone who is looking to experiment with a chic and casual hairdo, then we’d suggest you give the bubble ponytail a fair shot.

These trendy hairstyle for jeans is celebrities’ favourite because of their fun look and their easy-peezy nature. As the name suggests, this hairdo creates a bubble effect in your hair to give it a total icon look.


Pull your hair in a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Next, take another band and secure your hair in another ponytail, a little inches away from the first one.

Grab your hair which is between the two elastic bands and pull out gently, thus creating a bubble. Repeat the steps until you reach the end of your hair and your sassy look is ready!


You can use the double ponytail and giant wrap with your everyday professional looks and you can use all the three for dates, casual evening parties and movie nights.


hairstyle for jeans and top
[Image Courtesy: https://www.extrapetite.com/]


One of the most popular and common hairstyles amongst girls is the bun. The bun hairdo is extremely versatile, you can use it on a lazy afternoon when your hair is giving you trouble and even in an evening party to shine like a diva.

Especially in the lockdown days, the popularity of this hairstyle in jeans look has hit the sky, well obviously, the jeans have been replaced with pyjamas but our point is loud and clear.

Even right now, we can say that with a guarantee that most of you have put your hair up in a messy bun.

Well, if you are someone who does not know what to do of her hair or if you are tired of repeating the same old look, then you have come to the right place.

With the styles listed below, you will be a bun expert in no time.


hairstyle for jeans and top
[Image Courtesy: https://www.tashiara.com/]

Girls! We don’t expect you to go to the parlour every time you have to go out on a dance, or for prom night and well after you learn this stunning and easy hairstyle, you wouldn’t have to either!

After all, looking beautiful is your birthright and at least for this easy hairstyle, we don’t want you spending a single dime.

The above-shown elegant bun hairstyle for jeans looks way too intricate, but in reality, it is very simple to achieve. Just follow the steps given below and shine like the beauty that we know you are!


Brush your hair and divide them into two vertical sections. Do a middle parting till you reach the nape of your neck.

Now, hold each section and tie them into a single shoelace knot. Twist the hanging tail section on the right side till the very end and roll it into a circular bun.

Repeat the process with the left section, just make sure that you go the opposite way and secure them both with the help of bobby pins. Spray some hairspray and your bun is all set to flaunt.


hairstyle for jeans and top
[Image Courtesy: https://therighthairstyles.com/]

French braid hairstyle for jeans is timeless, classy, elegant and glamorous. These stunning hairstyles look picture perfect and instantly up the glamour game of your hairstyle in jeans look.

From casual relaxed occasions to the evening parties, these hairdos will compliment your every mood and will ensure that you look no less than a pretty Disney princess.

We have reserved the best for the last, this super striking hairdo looks extremely chic when paired with a casual tee and a small pendant. Follow the pointers mentioned below and master the technique of making this beautiful hairstyle.


Free your hair from tangles by softly brushing them. From the dominant side of your temple, take out a chunk of your hair and split them into three sections.

Put them in a french braid till you reach the back of your head and gather all your hair in one hand. Roll them into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Loosen the braid by tugging at sides and pull out some hair from front to finish the look.

We hope that you were able to find the dreamy hairstyle you were looking for.

Share the hairstyle for jeans you liked the most with us in the comments below.



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