5 Ways to Style Leather Pants

5 Ways to Style Leather Pants-ZeroKaata Studio

Leather pants have been an integral part of fashion history for decades. Ever since rock and roll took the world by storm, the leather pants have stolen the show. We have seen a lot of celebrities wear them and not help but wish to have one too.

Whether you type leather pants men or leather pants women, google would take you to the right online stores so that you can make your pick.

Love it or hate it but, one cannot avoid the leather pants when making a fashion statement. If you own a pair of leather pants or you are planning to make a buy, here is a list that will help you make the best of the leather pants.

5 Ways to Style Leather Pants

If you are looking to buy a pair of leather pants, you can google “leather pants men” or “leather pants women” to have a plethora of options available in front of you.

The three popularly available types of leather pants are as following:

  • Skinny fit leather jeans

Skinny fits are the most popular choice for many. These pants stick to the skin and give a sleek finish to your look. You can style these pants in an endless number of ways for different occasions.

  • Leather Trousers

Leather trousers are comfortable compared to the skinny fit leather jeans as they are wider legged and are loose fit. They make a good choice for holidays as you do not have to compromise on comfort to look stylish.

  • Colour Leather Pants

There is a wide range of colors you can choose from other than black. You can get quirky and experiment with different colors that match your personality. Although these might not be a popular choice it is totally worth it to give it a try.

Once you have decided what type of pants you are going to choose you can go on to style them based on the occasion and mood.

Go Vintage

Leather pants have been a vintage fashion statement by themselves. We have seen our favorite musicians from the 80s sport the look with so much ease that we have all thought of stealing them. Why not pay a tribute with your outlook?

Pair your leather jeans with a vintage tee shirt. You can even pair it with your favorite band t-shirt and bring out the rock n roll vibes all over. You can mix your leather trousers with the vintage tee shirts for an even more casual and laid back look.

Mix it with Shirt

Nothing like mix n matching your leather pants with a drapey shirt. The shirt adds subtle sophistication to your overall outfit. A fail-proof choice for this style would be a white shirt.

Go for a high-quality linen shirt to keep things casual, you can also experiment with velvet shirts if you are going clubbing and you want to make the heads turn.

Denim Up

Nothing looks cooler than a denim shirt matched with leather pants. This look can be your go-to style for a casual coffee date or a movie night out. Slip into a pair of black leather pants and tuck in a denim shirt to give out a formal yet stylish vibe around you. You can also wear your favorite pair of sneakers to complete the look.

Add Some Layers

Be winter ready with a pair of leather pants and jackets. Be it a knee-length coat or tweed jackets,  an overcoat adds layers to your outfit and this favors the leather pants thoroughly.

You can either opt-in for a casual and comfy everyday outfit or be sporty depending on the type of jacket you want to layer your leather pants with.

Layering works well when you have a colored leather pant. Add neutral tones to your outfit to give a balanced look and even out the contrasts.

Blazer it Up

Leather pants are a very edgy style choice and nothing compliments the look than a tailored blazer. Add a sophisticated contrast to your look by choosing a white blazer or go full black with a black tuxedo variety. This adds a formal twist to the casual leather pants. You can sport this look for wedding ceremonies.

Leather pants have certainly been a controversial choice but we cannot help but be intrigued by it. Leather pants add a certain appeal to your outfit that one cannot deny. So do not shy away from buying the pair you were eyeing on or to experiment with leather pants you already have.



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