10+ Ideas For Nailing The Stage Decoration In Indian Weddings

10+ Ideas For Nailing The Stage Decoration In Indian Weddings

India is famous for its tradition as well as the ethnicity and closeness of families towards one another. This warmth is prevalent in all the traditional celebrations as well as the ethnicity of weddings, and their stage decorations. Now, the biggest struggle at weddings is understanding what stage is suiting their needs.   

Leaves Set Like A Canopy

A wedding stage decoration like this is perfect if you have less space indoors. This wedding stage design can be made more authentic with over overhead rose canopy and white and red rose backdrop.

This style is traditional yet eye-catching and one of the most eye-catching wedding stage decorations with a pop of colors provided by the flowers.

Flower Garlands

Flower garlands are pivotal for traditional weddings. They hold a place of prestige and a part of the decor of the wedding trousseau and of various ceremonies such as the exchanging of vermalas etc.

Jasmine flowers, a palette of red, green flowers, marigold flowers can be used to create a floral curtain that can be used for pathways. Garlands can be used in different ways for the mandap decoration based on your creativity.

They have been associated with certain values and have a special connection with Indian culture.

Hanging Puppets

Kathputli or puppets is a traditional yet classy DIY hanging decor idea for wedding decors. They undoubtedly create magic for your dream wedding. Hang them on trees or under umbrellas coordinating with the theme. Just move with this plan and watch your guests as they appreciate the idea.

Kites & Papers

Kites and paper decorations are very much on trend these days. They are considered as an aesthetic element to add to a wedding venue. This is a simple decor idea that can brighten up your d-day. They can be usual paper kites or even made with strings of thread or wool. Kite decoration works best during day time functions.

It also works with evening functions too but only with the right lighting. You can easily go with this plan as it is much affordable and it represents freedom which matches the idea of love and freedom.

Tassels & Dream Catchers

Tassels and dream catchers are favorites among any age groups and are personally loved by everyone and if this idea is put into a wedding stage decoration, it is a treat to watch.

There are many ways you can use tassels. You can create a tassel backdrop in the seating area or have tassels from the ceiling. You and your guests will surely fall in love with this for sure.

Lanterns & Fairy Lights

Nothing else is needed for this magical and classic theme wedding stage decoration. Sparkling lanterns with stunning fairy lights, shimmery golden strings, silver, and white hanging adornments, this whimsical aura of this stage is unparalleled.

Also, a few candle lights will bring more life to the stage decoration. You can be more creative and hang them from a height that will surely impress your attendees. 

Add Some Quote Boards

Using love quotes for your wedding is the perfect opportunity to put that board to use and express your love for one another. There are endless options for these ideas.

You can go for framed prints, chalkboards, edibles such as in wedding cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies, you can also use in wood palettes, mirrors, wine bottles, and many more. It is one of the innovative and creative ideas to put through in your wedding decor.

Umbrellas & Sheds

Suiting perfectly with both subtly elegant decor and rustic decor with white or transparent umbrellas have a captivating charm and will make your wedding look amazing.

They can also be used for photoshoots and are a great addition to any wedding stage decoration. They can turn around the entire look and feel of the decor and surely give a dreamy vibe.

Embarking the difference between the mundane things at a wedding and the detailed extravagance of a themed wedding function. The key points for organizing a proper theme wedding is somehow handled with 


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