Traditional Dress and Jewellery of Uttarakhand

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand: Great Indian Jewellery Tour By ZeroKaata Studio

The clothing and jewellery of Uttrakhand depict the lifestyle and culture of the people living in the hilly regions of Dev Bhoomi. To counter the cold weather of Uttrakhand, most of the garments are made of wool.

The traditional dress of Uttarakhand is beautifully complemented with apt jewellery.

Uttarakhand Traditional Dress

Garhwali Women:

Traditional Dress Of Uttarakhand

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Garhwali traditional dress for women includes a saree tied in a particular way.

The pallu of the saree goes from the front and is knotted on the shoulder, with a waistband made of cloth.

This attire makes it easier for them to carry food and does not interfere with their work in the fields as well.

Earlier, the sari was worn with a full sleeves blouse (also known as Angra) with the silver buttons. Full sleeved blouse used to protect the women from the cold. They also adorn a headscarf to carry the harvest.

People living in the upper ranges of Uttrakhand wear woolens while those living in the lower ranges wear cotton clothes.

Traditional Jewellery Of Uttrakhand

1. Hansuli:

It is the silver jewellery ornament, worn around the neck. It is usually adorned by married women only.

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-hansuli

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2. Galaband:

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-galaband

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It resembles the contemporary choker worn by the women of Garhwal community of Uttrakhand. It is designed on a maroon, red, or blue band with gold square pieces arranged on it.

3. Baluq:

Baluq is a nose ornament, worn as a nasal septum by the women of Uttrakhand. The women from rich families wear gold baluq while the poor usually don a silver one.

Traditional jewellery of Uttrakhand-bulaq

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4. Nath:

In Uttrakhand, women wear long silver or gold rings called nath (nose ornament). These are usually worn by married women.

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-nath


5. Chareu:

It is a silver necklace, made with the use of black beads.

6. Kamarbandh:

Traditional jewellery of Uttrakhand-kamarbandh

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Kamarbandh is a belly belt and is worn around the waistline by the women of different communities of Uttarakhand.

There are two types of Kamarbandh one is made of cloth and the other one is made of silver.

Kamarbandh is usually adorned by Pahari, Rajasthani, and South Indian brides.

7. Silver ornaments:

Women also adorn silver jewellery like bracelets, silver anklets (payal/pajeb), and silver toe rings (bichuwe).

Traditional jewellery of Uttrakhand-bichuwe

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Kamaon Community’s Traditional Atttire

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-kamaon women

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Uttarakhand traditional dress of women in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand resembles the attire of Rajasthani women. The women of Kumaon adorn a ghagra along with a shirt (blouse).

Rangwali Pichora:

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-rangwali pichora

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A symbol of family prosperity, fertility and happiness, Rangwali Pichora is the traditional attire of Uttrakhand women.

It is a yellow-colored garment that is dyed and made at home. It has a Swastik sign embroidered in its center and there are 4 quadrants depicting the Conch shell, Swatiska, Om and Goddess.

The Swastika is made with dots, leaves, and flowers.

This entire design is circled around with the shining borders which are made with the intricate designing. 

The Swastika symbolizes devas and devis. At the center of Swastika, there is Om which symbolizes spiritual life.

Kamaon Community’s Traditional Jewellery

There is not much difference between the jewellery adorned by Kamaoni and Garhwali women. Kamaoni women wear hansuli, naths, black beaded necklace called chareu, baruq, silver bracelets, and silver toe rings.

Traditional Dress Of Uttarakhand: Tharu Tribe:

Traditional Attire and Jewellery of Uttrakhand-tharu tribe

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A dominant tribe of Uttarakhand, Tharu people claim themselves to be the descendants of Pandavas of Mahabharat. Their style of clothing is different from Garhwali and Kamaoni women.

The women of Tharu tribe adorn very colorful Uttarakhand dress. Tharu women adorn a ghagra, a woolen coat, and dhantu (scarf).

They also adorn Thalka or Lohiya, which is a long coat usually adorned during the festivals.

Tharu Tribe’s Traditional Jewellery:

The women of Tharu tribe usually adorn the typical traditional Uttrakhand tribal jewellery which includes Hansuli, silver/gold toe rings, naths, bracelets, baruq.

Even the men of Tharu tribe wear jewellery like earrings, kadas, necklaces along with a traditional cap called digwa, made of woolen cloth.

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