Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Rajasthani Jewellery Styles and Attire-The Great Indian Jewellery Tour By ZeroKaata Studio

With its glorious history, magnificent forts and a richly diverse culture, Rajasthan is the best known for its traditional clothing and traditional jewelry trends.

Famous worldwide, the traditional attire of Rajasthan and traditional jewelry of rajasthan is full of vibrant hues and it reflects the charm and warmth of the state and its people.

With a plethora of styling options available, the traditional attire of Rajasthan reflects the essence of its legacy. From the typical traditional attire of ghagra-choli to exquisite silver tribal jewellery, everything in Rajasthan has a distinct flavour.

If you’re looking to adorn a Rajasthani look then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

“ZeroKaata”, your best online jewellery store brings to you a complete guide on how to style in Traditional Jewelry of Rajasthan and with this style-guide, you can easily ace the Rajasthani look.

Traditional Attire Of Rajasthan

Gaghra Choli and Odhni

Traditional attire and jewellery of Rajasthan-ghagra
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Courtesy: Bikaner Online

Basic staple ensemble of Rajasthan, Ghagra-choli is a form of lehenga, adorned beautifully by Rajasthani women.

Choli represents the blouse while Ghagra is the skirt. Odhni is a long, usually transparent piece of cloth.

Made of a delicate fabric or material, odhni is light in weight and texture. The combination of ghagra-choli and odhni is the traditional attire of Rajasthan and is worn by both – the Hindu as well as the Muslim women.

The artwork displayed on the odhnis (dupattas) symbolises a specific caste and community. You can find a plethora of variations in the Odhnis like they can be either printed or patched, embroidered or embellished, sequinned or studded with motifs that are vibrant and full of bright hues.

How to wear it in a traditional Rajasthani style:

It is really easy to style your ghagra-choli and odhni in a traditional Rajasthani style. All you need to do is to put on some good music, take a bowl of popcorns and keep reading this article.

Here’s how to do it:

After wearing the ghagra-choli, take one corner of the odhni and tuck it inside the ghaghra (left side).

Pleat the rest of the odhni and place the end part over the right shoulder, taking it above your head in a way that it covers your entire head and tadaaa! You’re all set to slay like a traditional Rajasthani chic. Wasn’t it easy?

Did you know that this style of wearing the odhni signifies an air of authority and an aura of dignity for the Rajasthani women?


Pair your Rajasthani attire with the Rajasthani Jewellery:

Jewellery is the major part of the Rajasthani attire. If you are looking to get a traditional Rajasthani look, accessorizing in a right way is the most crucial part and to help you with that, here are some tips and tricks.

Just follow these easy to implement suggestions and tadaaa! You’re all set to slay like a classic Rajasthani chic.

There are a plethora of precious or artificial jewellery options that you can pair with your classic ghagra-choli and odhni.

But if you want to get a typical Rajasthani look then you cannot miss on certain jewellery elements. Some of which are:


Traditional jewellery of Rajasthan-borla
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

courtesy: ifairer

Classic traditional maang tika, Borla is the staple jewellery for Rajasthani women. It comes in a plethora of designs and styles. You can go for a kundan studded gold borla with the attached strands of matha patti or a simple silver jewellery based minimal borla.

Adorn it with your ghagra-choli and look like a classic Rajasthani diva.

Earrings (Kaanbali)

Rajasthani earrings or Kaanbali have gained quite the popularity. In Rajasthan, they are also known as Surliya or Jhaale.

Handcrafted with perfection and mixed with a hint of tradition and fashion, Rajasthani earrings are immaculately designed with intricate Kundan or Meenakari work.

Nath and Choker Necklace:

Traditional jewellery of Rajasthan-meenakari jewellery
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Courtesy: ZeeNews

Choker necklace is also known by the name of Aad/Rajputani necklace and is an integral part of the Rajasthani attire. Aad is basically worn by the brides of Rajasthan.

If you want to keep your look minimal, you can opt for a simple kundan aad, instead of a heavy stone embellished bridal choker fashion necklace.

If you’re in for a typical traditional Rajasthani look, you can go for a nath as well. There are two types of Naths that you can adorn

Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Courtesy: IndiaToday

The heavy one, embellished with stones

Traditional jewellery of Rajasthan-kundan jewellery
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Courtesy: iNuth

Second is, a simple nath with the minimal work and a big circle.

Tribal Look:

If the above mentioned options are too much for you and if you have a personal bias for silver jewellery then it’s okay because we have a fashionable solution for you as well.

You can opt for a traditional Rajasthani look, paired with silver tribal jewellery and here’s how.

Traditional attire and jewellery of Rajasthan-tribal look
Traditional Attire and Traditional Jewellery of Rajasthan!

Courtesy: IndianBjou

To adorn a Rajasthani tribal look, you must invest in the Rajasthani Banjara silver jewellery. The tribes of Rajasthan have a unique way of accessorizing with the tribal jewellery.

They adorn ivory/white-shell/silver bangles on the upper as well as lower arms, heavy/minimal silver necklaces, silver tribal earrings/silver jhumkis, a silver nath and a silver borla of course.

Out of these, you can adorn every type of jewellery except for ivory bangles because you don’t want to look loaded with the jewellery.

But if you can brave the ivory bangles, then go for it and adorn something unusual. And oh! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us.

Tips To Create Rajasthani Look

Comfort is the key:

It is important to look stunning but it’s equally important to feel comfortable as well.

Therefore, don’t invest in too heavily embellished ornaments because you won’t be able to wear carry them for a longer period of time.

Also, you will most likely pack them once you’re done wearing them once or twice.

Choose according to your personality:

Don’t invest in something that you’ll regret buying afterwards.

For example, before buying the earrings, find out which type of earrings will suit your face shape and then invest.

In case, you’re wondering how to do that? Don’t worry because here’s how you can buy earrings according to your face shape.

Know when to stop:

Women have a tendency to shop too much but you should know when to stop.

The idea is to enhance your look but not to exaggerate it.

Don’t wear too much of handmade jewellery because you don’t want to look super-loaded.

According to Coco Chanel’s book: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

Keep this rule in mind before you step out of your home.

Focus on one: Clothing or Jewellery

A simple outfit can look simply stunning when paired with the right jewellery and accessories and vice-versa. Either keep your ensembles minimal and jewellery heavy or vice-versa.

Give yourself enough time

It’s not just about the clothing and jewellery. There are so many other elements like shoes, hairstyling, makeup which are equally important to create an awestruck look.

Therefore, give yourself enough time. Also, avoid last minute shopping; otherwise you might end up compromising on your desired look.

Which look are you going to adorn? Drop comments and let us know all about your Rajasthani way of styling.

Till then,

Happy Shopping Fellas!



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