Traditional Jewellery Of Jammu & Kashmir

Traditional Jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir

From snow carpeted mountains, skiing, beautiful lush orchards to rippling lakes and extravagantly beautiful culture, Jammu and Kashmir has it all.

With grandeur beauty, enchanting serenity, and rich traditional culture, Jammu and Kashmir has the cultural heritage of exquisite artisanship among the people, making the handicrafts, especially its traditional jewellery being famous worldwide.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the traditional jewellery of Jammu & Kashmir.

Traditional Jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir :

Semi-precious Gems:

traditional jewellery of jammu and kashmir

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Known as the jewellery crown of India, Jammu, and Kashmir has its own unique way of accessorizing with the jewellery.

The ornaments in Jammu and Kashmir are designed with immaculate precision and require skilled craftsmanship.

Srinagar is the house of semi-precious gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, Agates, and Amethyst.

The precious stones are studded in the jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir, which increases the aesthetic appeal of the ornaments.

Kashmiri dress & jewellery is famous not only in India but worldwide. Jammu and Kashmir attract a lot of tourists every year and whoever visits J & K is mesmerized by its traditional dresses, jewellery and culture.

Read everything about traditional jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir below.

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Gold and Silver Jewellery:

The ornaments in Jammu and Kashmir are usually made of Gold and Silver. The technique of making gold and silver jewellery is old and traditional; therefore the jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir has a unique style that is difficult to copy.

Jammu Jewellery:


The rural people of Jammu and Kashmir adorn circular earrings called Kundalas.


These are the anklets worn by the rural women in Jammu.

Chaunk Phool:

The women of Rajouri district adorn a silver cap or crown known as chaunk phool. It is worn on the head under the veil.

traditional jewellery of jammu and kashmir

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Tika, Balu, and Kada:

The tika is adorned on the forehead. Balu is the nose ring and band/kada is a fine gold filigree wrist ornament/bangle, usually adorned by the women of Jammu.

Kashmiri Jewellery:

traditional jewellery of jammu and kashmir

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Head Jewellery:

Jiggni and Tikka are the types of Kashmiri head jewellery.

These are worn on the forehead, are generally triangular, semi-circular, and circular in shape.

These are made of gold and silver and are fringed with hanging pearls and gold leaves.

Ear Jewellery:

Check out the famous Kashmiri earrings name and everything about them below!


Bala is studded with a turquoise stone attached to a fringe of hanging gold leaves and balls.


One of the most popular Kashmiri jewelry styles, Alka-hor is a type of ear jewellery that rests over either ear and is connected by a chain running over the head.

Women in Kashmir pair Alchor with the Kashmiri traditional dress.


Deji-hor is a type of traditional Kashmiri earrings that hangs on a silk thread/gold chain and passes through holes in the ears pierced at the top end of the ear-lobes.

One of the most famous and most worn Kashmiri wedding jewellery styles, deji-hor symbolizes the marriage status of Kashmiri women and is mostly worn by Kashmiri Pandit women.

traditional jewellery of jammu and kashmir

Atta Hor:

Atta-Hor is another ear ornament that makes for an important part of Kashmir jewellery trousseau.

It hangs over the ears of the Kashmiri Pandit married women on either side of the head, connected by a golden chain running over the head.


Made of gold and silver, Kana-door is studded with red, green stones and pearls. It is usually worn by young girls.


Kana-vaji, a type of Kashmiri earrings, is studded with small pearls. Worn as a symbol of marriage, kana-vaji is adorned by women on a daily basis.

Neck Jewellery:

traditional jewellery of jammu and kashmir

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The necklaces in Kashmir are usually the triangular pendants made of silver and gold and are suspended on a black cord.

Halaqband is a traditional choker necklace studded with the mirror pieces, rubies, emeralds, and precious gemstones. It has the interlocking sections joined together with the help of a thread

Wrist Jewellery:


Gunus is a thick bangle made of gold and silver.  It has a snake/lion head embossed at either end.

Jewellery of Ladakh


Sondus is a shoulder ornament, fixed on the left shoulder. It has a few gold or silver discs connected by a number of long silver strands. Sondus is not just a piece of jewellery, it is given by a mother to her daughter at the time of the marriage, therefore has a sentimental value attached to it.


jewellery of ladakh-perak

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A Perak is a headdress worn by Ladakhi women. It is studded with large turquoise and other stones (between 20 and 200) set across a wide leather piece.

These were some of the beautiful and magnificent traditional jewellery of Jammu and Kashmir.

Which type of jewellery did you like the most? Drop comments and let us know about your favorite pick.

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