What Are Reflection Cards And How To Use Them?

What Are Reflection Cards And How To Use Them?

Let’s face it; life is hard.

Random ups and downs, unexpected turns of life events, and constant changes in relations sometimes tamper with our mental peace. At times, we are too busy to spend time with the dearest ones or spare for ourselves. However, this can make one feel lonely, chaotic, and disturbed.

That said, it is not the end of the world. If you are set back for a while, you have to take time and invest in yourself. Meditate alone, spend time walking in nature, and do something that makes you feel peaceful to revive yourself. Most people prefer these standard ways, while a few look for out-of-the-box solutions.

Trying out self-reflection cards is one of them!

Let us burst the bubble and know what self-reflection cards are in reality?

Say Hello To Self-Reflection Cards

We assume you might have understood the basic idea by reading the name. To elaborate, self-reflection cards are unique cards used in therapy sessions to deliver psychological value to an individual or group. The self-reflection cards contain hundreds of questions that can be asked to your family members, friends, students, or yourself.

Most people place an order of cards in a deck online, which is okay. However, a few individuals prefer making self-reflection cards on their own. We appreciate it as making self-reflection cards is an excellent creative activity for the human brain.

Now that we know what self-reflection cards are in reality, let us deep delve into their uses and the benefits of using them.

How To Use Self-Reflection Cards?

Self-reflection cards are a little different than affirmation cards. Affirmation cards consist of affirmations that we repeat from the cards. It helps us become what we want to be eventually. It is basically a manifestation routine. You repeat the affirmations from the card to create the possibility into reality one day.

However, the deal with self-reflection cards is slightly distinguishable. You have to answer the questions written on the cards by saying out loud or writing them down on paper.

Using self-reflection cards requires critical thinking and self-analysis. You answer the questions in self-reflection cards truthfully to learn about yourself better and deeper.

Benefits Of Using Self-Reflection Cards

We learned that there is no rocket science behind using self-reflection cards. It is as simple as dealing cards by yourself or in a group and answering the questions in it.

Now, let us learn about the chief benefits of using self-reflection cards.

You Know Things Better

As we established earlier, life is unpredictable and full of unknown adventures. That said, reflection cards help you know things better in life and get perspective on it. For instance, answering “career-wise, where would I like to be in five years?” can help you know your professional life better.

Similarly, when you answer “What are five things that are very important to me?” you get to know about your likes and dislikes. The bottom line is that with self-reflection cards you can understand things better on all four levels in your life, i.e., mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You Know Others Better

Self-reflection cards can help you better understand the people around you, just like they help you know yourself well. A few self-reflection card decks come with 100+ thoughtful questions revolving around min-provoking themes like creativity, adventure, and resilience.

Playing these cards with friends, family members, and coworkers is the perfect opportunity to know their thoughts and overall approach toward life. These cards boost emotions, inspire story sharing, and build better relationships between you and surrounding people.

A study supports that reflection cards prove an excellent open activity among a group of people. Therefore, self-reflection cards might help when your bond with a friend or sibling is tampered with and needs a little fixing.

You Overcome Your Fears

Did you know you can use a self-reflection card while writing a journal?

The chief advantage of it is that you get a deeper introspection into your personality traits. Answering a question like “Which fears are dominating my life right now?” might help you discover your darkest side.

Moreover, you can add essential prompts about it in your journal. Later on, you can work on yourself to overcome your shortcomings and replace them with positive ones.

You Identify Your Brightest Side

While playing with the self-reflection cards, what if your partner highlights your finest quality on your date night or anniversary evening?

Maybe for this, a card with a question like ” Which one thing that I do makes you the happiest?” could help you out a lot. When your partner answers it, you know your brightest side.

This way, you can keep practicing the thing that your partner feels the best in you more and more repeatedly.


Sometimes the thought of knowing ourselves scares us from the inside out. However, to become the best version (or rather, as we say, the better version of ourselves), we must explore deeper within.

Self-reflection cards in whatever setting (group or individual as you prefer) can help you with this immensely.

Remember that sometimes we are the best counselors for ourselves. Hence, try self-reflection cards super soon without any second thoughts!


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