How To Use Your Hairdryer Like A Salon Expert

How To Use Your Hairdryer Like A Salon Expert

Don’t you simply adore the way your hair looks when it’s perfectly styled by a professional hairdresser at a salon? There’s no way you can stop touching them, moving around, and feeling great about your hair.

You attempt it at home, but what are the results? They are not even close. That’s because you can be missing out on some important things while blow-drying your hair. You may have an excellent hair supply readily available at home, which is great. To get the perfect salon appearance, you must master the proper technique and adjust a couple of your current practices.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

In this post, we will teach you how to use a blow dryer to master techniques utilized by expert hair stylists.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Make Use Of Heat Protection

If you use heat tools on your hair, you must also apply a heat protection product to avoid damage. Before using heat, it is best to spray damp hair evenly with a heat-protecting spray.

Using a heat protection cream or spray, like GHD Bodyguard Protect Spray, will help you settle your hair and keep it frizz-free, thus offering the desired look.

PS: Heat protection spray will prevent hair fall; so, don’t forget to use it.

Section/ Part of Your Hair

Blow-drying your own hair might appear to be a difficult process, especially if it is thick or long. However, dividing your hair into smaller parts might assist guarantee that every strand is fully dried.

It’s ideal to use clips (or another hair tool if you don’t have clips) to hold up the parts you’re not working on. This will keep wet hair from meeting “finished” hair, resulting in a better result.

Use The Concentrator Nozzle Provided In The Box

There’s a reason why your blow-dryer comes with a duckbill attachment. Instead of blowing your strands all over the place, the nozzle directs the airflow exactly onto the hair you’re working on.

Follow up and out with your brush to build volume at the roots, and then direct it down the length of your hair for smoothness.

Hold The Blow-Dryer Properly

How To Use Your Hairdryer Like A Salon Expert

You’ve probably seen stylists hold blow-dryers by the body, but that’s not what you want to do. Hold your blow-dryer by the handle for optimal control and smoothness, then use your brush to draw your hair away from your head at an angle, keeping the dryer handle parallel to your brush.

The concentrator attachment should face the same way as the dryer’s handle, rather than perpendicular to it. It will strike your hair exactly behind your brush this way.

It will take a few tries to grasp and comprehend this method. But once you do, you will know exactly how to style your locks into a gorgeous hairstyle.

Use The Right Brush

You must use the proper brush to achieve a well-completed blowout. Metal brushes are acceptable for regular, healthy locks, but when handled incorrectly or with too much heat, they can cause major harm.

If your hair is coarse or chemically treated, always use a natural boar bristle brush; the bristles give excellent grip while remaining cool to the touch, minimizing over-drying and breaking.

Dry Your Hair thoroughly

Leaving moist areas in your hair might cause serious heat damage if you use curling irons or hair straightener on it later. Furthermore, it might cause frizz.

It might be difficult to discern if your hair is dry since it feels hot — but hot does not always indicate dry. Switching on the cold shot setting on your dryer and swiftly blowing it over your entire head might help you detect any remaining damp areas in your hair.

Use Finishing Supplies

How To Use Your Hairdryer Like A Salon Expert

Finishing products assist prevent frizz, flyaways, and fluffiness when your hair is totally dried, which is why you should use them. A finishing spray is suggested to help seal the cuticle for a smooth finish.

Simply apply a little bit of product to your ends (essential first), then evenly spread the rest throughout. Just don’t apply too much product; using moderation will help your blowout stay longer, whereas over-doing can cause your hair to look greasy sooner.

Aside from this, if you want to keep your styled hair looking good for as long as possible while also keeping it healthy, utilize the best hair and beauty supplies for your hair. Also, for best results, make sure to follow the tips listed below.

Final Tips To Blow Dry Hair At Home Like A Pro:

  1. Apply a hair mask before styling your hair. This will prevent your hair from becoming damaged and will also make it seem more lively once you style it. You can use whichever product you choose that works best for your hair.
  2. If your hair dryer isn’t producing the desired effects or isn’t drying your hair properly, replace it. To style your hair like an expert, you must use the proper tools to avoid harming your hair and making a mess. Make sure you choose a quality hair dryer or ask a professional stylist which hair dryer would be ideal for you to use at home.


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