How To Measure Your Engagement Ring Size Online?

How To Measure Your Engagement Ring Size Online?

An engagement ring is a constant reminder and symbol of your union long after the actual day.

Just like the wedding ring, an engagement ring is a symbol of the devotion and love shared between two people.

Shopping for engagement rings can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive, which is why people prefer more and more to shop online.

Online stores have been on the rise since the invention of the internet and provide a variety of commodities, which include engagement rings and other jewelry.

A problem then arises when shopping for rings online, how do you know if it will fit? How can you accurately tell whether an engagement ring bought online will be a fit to avoid unnecessary inconveniences?

Below are some tips on how to measure your engagement ring online.

Visit A Professional

How To Measure Your Engagement Ring Size Online?

The best method to acquire the most accurate ring size is to visit a professional. Most jewelry stores and designers would be happy to take measurements and tell you what you need to know.

Seeking out a professional will ensure you receive the best opinion and accurate measurements that are essential when purchasing rings online. Because you know your size and can request a perfect fit.

The size is not the only concern with buying diamond engagement ring, one needs to make sure the size translates into the band you want. 

Additionally, the width of the engagement ring will also affect the band size. A professional will give you all these details and accurate measurements it is advisable to seek help from them.

Use A Current Ring

Choose a ring that you already own, which fits when worn on the ring finger. Look for a ring size chart. Ring size charts are available on most jewelry sites. Place the ring over the circles to determine which one is compatible with the inside perimeter of the ring.  A pro tip of using ring size charts is when the ring size falls between two sizes, pick the larger size.

Measuring Yourself 

How To Measure Your Engagement Ring Size Online?

It is also possible to find the measurements yourself the following are a few different and simple homemade hacks that measure the size of the ring finger. 

  1. The method is using the paper technique.  Using a piece of paper, wrap it around your ring finger, where the engagement ring would be. Next, use a pen to mark where the parchment ends meet and then measure the size. This method may not always be reliable due to errors.
  2. Using a printable ring sizer is also a way to measure the ring size online. Most printable ring sizers are available in local shops, or you can print one yourself. They contain measurements and can wrap around the ring finger, the interconnected point will show the values of the ring finger, and from there you can access the ring size you should purchase. 
  3. Another used method that you can pull off; is making a ring outline out of a ring you own and fits perfectly. Achieve this by pressing the ring into clay or wax, let it dry, and use it to estimate the ring size.
  4. Alternatively, you can use a piece of string, wrap it around the ring finger, mark the spot where the thread intersects, and measure using a ruler. Twine is not a very accurate method since you can wrap the string either too tight or too loose, leading to false results. To minimize the wrong measurements, make sure to try several times, at least thrice, and record the values. Later on, use the average of the estimates.

Consider The Circumstances

To purchase a ring online, first, consider the circumstances of the ring-wearer.

For some women after delivery, their fingers will have a slightly lower circumference. The ring size can differ due to pregnancy and situations such as losing and gaining weight. Consider this when buying the engagement ring online.

Purchase Your Own Ring Sizer

If you have anxiety that the other methods might not be accurate and you need the engagement ring to be perfect, you can invest in buying a personal ring sizer.

The tools are more accurate as it gives the exact size, plus it will come in handy when purchasing future rings online as one will have the tools handy to perform the measurements.

You can also use the ring sizer to measure the size of a ring you already know.

This is especially handy for when you want to surprise someone and don’t want them to know, use one of the rings they already own and pass it through a ring sizer to get the measurement.

Virtual Try-On

Most jewelry stores have invested in innovative technology to increase efficiencies in their business.

Lately, the new craze in the jewelry industry is the virtual try-on feature on online websites selling rings. The process is simple and precise. On the online website, click virtual try one, take a picture of your hand, and select the engagement ring you want to try on.

The website will inform you if the ring size is a fit, it is also possible to try on different ring styles and see them on your hand to effectively access whether the style is right for you.

Engagement rings are a significant cultural symbol, and many of us strive for perfection when choosing an engagement ring.

It might be because we do not want to give our partners a reason to say no. It is also essential to get the ring size right as it avoids incurring further expenses if there is a need for resizing.  

It is also helpful to know that ring resizing is only possible when the diamonds on the engagement ring are set halfway through the band.

In the case of infinity rings, it is impossible to resize the engagement ring unless the diamonds are removed, which is potentially an additional cost.

Online stores are notorious for having non-return policies. Getting the size right reduces the chances of a loss occurring.


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