14 Jaw-Dropping Necklace Designs By “Tanishq” That You Must-Have Look At

gold necklace tanishq designs prices

We’ve all been staying home for the past few months, given the current state.

As we are getting used to a ‘new normal’, it’s also important to look ahead and plan for the future.

And there’s no better way to do that than to bring home some gold and glitter!

Tanishq believes that every woman is worthy of celebration and that is why they create jewellery that is meant to honour women with their unique, elegant, and truly spectacular style!

However, the thing about jewellery is that though they elevate the look, the process that follows to wearing them is mightily tedious. 

Gold necklace Tanishq designs prices vary from merely 5000 rupees chain to a hefty 300,000 rupees set, this shows that these pieces require a lot of investment, and with a variety of options available to you, it might get difficult to choose the perfect one to suit your needs!

While each jewel of Tanishq is a masterpiece in itself, still if you want to know the best of them all, then we have a list of some gorgeous rose-gold necklaces that are worth indulging in!

Each of these necklaces, be it big or small, bold or subtle, will surely highlight your unique style and will make your treasure chest complete.

Gold Necklace Tanishq Designs & Prices

1. 18KT Gold and Diamond studded neckwear

gold necklace tanishq designs prices

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

This beautiful piece has been crafted using rose gold, white gold and marquise-shaped diamonds.

This necklace is a symbol of contemporary elegance and is from the ‘Swayahm’ collection.

The above-given American diamond necklace with price Rs. 2,01,110 is a must-have as it goes well with both ethnic and modern ensembles, and brilliantly captures the gaze of onlookers.

2. Glamorous Pendant in Rose Gold

gold necklace tanishq designs

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

Pendant crafted to perfection, this gem from Tanishq is inspired by the peacock set.

It brings together the perfect combination of diamonds and coloured stones, thereby creating a brilliant piece.

This gold necklace Tanishq designs prices at Rs. 39876.

This stunning pendant is made for women with a bold style, and it brings out confidence and leaves the bystanders mesmerized with its beauty.

3. Diamond Droplet Pendant

tanishq necklace design

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

This eye-catching piece is subtle yet trendy and adds elegance to your look. One thing we love about this piece is how well the round diamonds compliment the rose gold colour.

This delicate looking design would be a great addition to your work wardrobe, just wear a crisp white shirt, tie your hair in a high ponytail, pair them with a Lil’ gloss and you are all set to go.

The above-listed pieces will make each occasion a special one, be it meeting your friends, a crucial presentation with a client, or a dinner with your colleagues.

However, if you prefer to go with the traditional yellow gold, then too, you needn’t worry!

Listed below are some of our favourite gold necklaces, which you can wear or gist on special occasions.

Make them swoon with these Gold Delight!

The latest gold necklace set designs with a price under Rs. 30,000 are the pieces that you have been looking for!

4. Pear Diamond Double Ring Pendant

tanishq necklace design price

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

If you’re planning to start a new phase in your life, then it is likely that you would want to go for something subtle yet eye-grabbing.

Let your happiness shine with this exquisite piece which is now available at Rs 29339.

This light gold pendant will add on to your delight, and it can be worn for anything from buying a new home to moving to a new city.

5. Diamond and Precious Stone set with Flower Petals Design

Precious Stone set with Flower Petals Design

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

When life is brimming with overwhelming responsibilities, make sure to keep the spark alive by gifting each other surprise delights.

This charming piece of artistry has a beautiful set of diamonds and precious stones, that are crafted to precision.

This necklace is very lightweight and is perfect for everyday wear and with the affordable price of Rs. 22679, it makes the perfect present to show how much your loved one means to you. 

6.  Tree-shaped Necklace

Tree-shaped Necklace

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

This timeless necklace is a must-have if you wish to leave everyone awestruck. The pendant in this necklace is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Our favourite part about this piece is that it has a gorgeous tree-shaped pendant.

This piece is sure to add sparkle to your ensemble as it brings together the charm of diamond and the beauty of yellow gold.

With the above list, you are fully equipped with a range of options that can be worn for light occasions.

However, there are some occasions where you need to go all out and where being a little OTT is allowed!

Yes! We are talking about Weddings!

The bride is the centre of attraction at a wedding, and with all eyes on her, she must be dressed to the T. Top to bottom, her outfit, jewellery, makeup, everything should be right for D-Day.

Buying your bridal jewellery may not be the first thing on your wedding to-do list, but you shouldn’t put it as the last one either!

This is because you have a whole sea of options available, and it can get extremely taxing to hunt down just the right set to wear on your special day.

It is the day you have always dreamt of, and so you cannot just delegate the responsibilities to someone else!

We understand how big the occasion is for you, and the considerable investment you put in, and so we have listed some of the most stunning Tanishq bridal necklaces to make at least the necklace shopping a tad-bit easy for you!

For your Fairytale Wedding

1. Engagement – Precious Stones and Diamond Set

Engagement - Precious Stones and Diamond Set

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

This spectacular neckpiece with its astonishing lotus motif will enhance the elegance of your ethnic attire and will be the perfect choice to make heads turn.

Get this gold and diamond necklace to bring out your charm and make you shine like the radiant beauty you are!

2. Mehendi- Ethnic Necklace

14 Jaw-Dropping Necklace Designs By "Tanishq" That You Must-Have Look At 1

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

This artistic necklace captures beauty and elegance that is characteristic of Mehendi Function.

The stunning streaks of diamond and green coloured stones make the perfect combination for the to-be-bride.

The lightweight nature of this piece enables the bride to move around freely and given that the Mehendi ceremony is an important day leading up to your big day, it is a good idea to go for this set.

This is because its light nature will help you relax and unwind in this ceremony so that you can shine on the D-day

3. Reception- Diamond Set

Reception- Diamond Set

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

For someone as rare as you, we have got one of the finest diamonds jewellery sets that will bring out the magical charm in you.

This intricately designed Tanishq bridal necklace with beautiful flower pattern designs are sure to make you look ethereal!

Perfect for reception, this striking set will leave everyone starstruck with its simplicity and grace and will help you find a piece that you will treasure for a lifetime.

4. Wedding day

Weddings are the beginning of a new journey, and having only one option to choose from, does not seem fair.

So, keeping this in mind, we have a list of Tanishq bridal necklaces that have a unique blend of traditions and the new age fashion

Temple Jewellery:

This timeless gold piece with its red and green stones will be the perfect addition to your wedding celebration.

The Goddess Lakshmi motif in this Tanishq bridal necklace symbolizes prosperity and luck.

This set reflects the blissful beginning of a new chapter in the bride’s life and makes her day a truly unforgettable one! 

temple jewellery

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

Multi-Layered Necklaces:

Multi-Layered necklaces are on the trendiest list this year.

With their truly captivating beauty and unmatched artistry, these necklaces personify opulence and elegance.

The gold beaded Malas add timelessness to this set and deliver a truly captivating sight.  

multi layered necklace

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]


These trending pieces are truly captivating and make the bridal look more extravagant.

This necklace exudes old-world charm and the exquisite gold artistry, with red stones makes it look all the more regal and breathtaking.

Chokers add a brilliant luminosity to the bride’s outfit and ensure that attention stays on them.

chokers gold necklace

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

If you are a bride-to-be, then you should check out the above-listed options before looking elsewhere.

These evergreen pieces will help you attain an aesthetic appeal and will make you shine like the diva you are!

We have seen a lot of different jewellery styles above, however, if we are talking about Tanishq, then it is imperative that we also mention our two favourite collections, that every woman needs to check out!

These two are the Tanishq Padmavati collection and Tanishq utsava collection. Known for their magnificent looks, you should consider adding some pieces from these two collections in your jewellery box.

Even if you can’t buy happiness, you can buy something close to it- Jewellery

Tanishq Utsava Collection

Tanishq utsava collection

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

Let your heritage complement your glamour with these stunning pieces from Tanishq Utsava collection.

They are perfect for contemporary women who adore heritage and want to go for a little edgy yet trendy style.

They can be worn in both wedding ceremonies as well as festivals, given their perfect amalgamation of heritage and modernity.

Launched in the festive season of lights, the campaign for this collection showcases the rich culture of our country and perfectly captures the essence of Diwali.

Bold form of jewellery is proudly showcased in this collection, and these jewels make for excellent statement pieces that can be passed from one generation to another, thereby making them excellent keepsakes.

The above-shown gold necklace Tanishq designs prices start at Rs. 30,000 and the set is now available in most of the Tanishq stores in India.

Tanishq Padmavati Collection

Tanishq Padmavati Collection

[Image Courtesy: http://blog.tanishq.co.in/]

Magnificent craftsmanship has gone behind the creation of the stunning pieces in Tanishq Padmavati Collection.

These pieces are rightly called the epitome of handmade jewellery.

Queeta Rawat, design manager from Tanishq, who is responsible for the stunning creations, reveals that extensive research has gone for their making to ensure authenticity.

To stay true to the era they have visited multiple museums, read dozens of historical books, and have referred to many jewellery books.

In the actual designing part over 200 craftsmen have worked for about 600 days molding 400 grams of gold to make these majestic ornaments.

A lot of effort has also been put in to ensure that Deepika creates a real impact and gives off the queenly vibe.

She can be seen wearing multiple necklaces, huge earrings, and many other accessories all in one look.

Her look makes for a complete guide for new brides, who want to go for an awe-inspiring vibe.

Treasure these timeless troves!

Every occasion brings with it a new possibility to shine and that is precisely the reason why we have created the above lists that are timeless and unique.

Tanishq has been around for more than 25 years now and they are still evolving every day; constantly trying to surprise their customers with something striking.

Though many other jewels deserve to be in the list above, we have selected a chosen few to help you find the perfect piece.

If you liked the blog then be sure to click the like button and leave us a comment below sharing that one piece that you are going to add to your e-cart!


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